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A growing metropolis on the West Coast! Gleaming skyscrapers to suburban sprawl, this CJ will be sure to keep you entertained!

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Update 12: Hampshire



TowerDude: Thanks!

MamaLuigi945: Those pics?! No way, I did not draw those. But I agree with you about the development.

Mikeaut1: Thank you!

Schulmanator: Thanks! Where was the pic taken?

keder: Thanks!

Simoleman: Thanks, I always love to hear opinions.

Bugs Bunny: Green~Development Sadly the green is running out.

Zulu2065: Thanks! The town is trying to add more parks to balance out the development.

jakeroot: Haha, great opinion!


Bwow123: Thank you.

10000000000000: Thanks for helping!

Also: Thank you to everyone who voted on the last update! The rating is now up to 5! Together we stand united against trolls!

This update is about the small town of Hampshire. The population last year was 277, and is estimated to be at 400 by the end of next year. It is located on Fox Island, across the river from Bartlett. Much of the town is covered in forests or farmland.


Can you believe this same highway goes through Cambridge?


This is the river that divides Hampshire and Unincorporated Cambridge County.


These are two model homes being built in a new subdivision. The development will start in about 6 months.


Last update, Fox Island Forest Preserve was mentioned. Much of it is near, or in Hampshire. It has some nice hiking trails and hills.


Comment and rate! :O I'd love to hear what you think!


Is there another troll?

This morning I went to check my CJ. Then I saw that my most recent update was rated 3/5 stars, when yesterday it was 5/5 stars.


So by the looks of this(2 votes),one person voted 5/5, and then either late last night or early this morning someone just cam along and voted 1/5.

I remember escilnavia having problems like this too. :( It's sad that this happened.

So just beware, I think there is another troll on the loose.




MamaLuigi945: Thanks! Take any one you'd like! 8)

10000000000000: Thanks!

NMUSpidey: Thanks, I was actually going to include that in the update, but decided to save it for today.

Schulmanator: Thank you, the economy is much better in Licenta, my perfect little world.

GreekMan: Thanks! I'm a big fan and lurker of Auburn!

burnzie_16: Thank you! Glad you think so!

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pielover94: Thanks!

Welcome back to Cambridge! As you can see from the different from the usual picture above, it is a special update! If you read the last update you would know about all the southern development. The Randall Road Project Construction Comitee has been facing some tough legal charges, petitions, and crazy environmentalists.

Recently the RRPCC has been cutting down trees and developing land into residential and retail space. This has attracted the attention of the many people driving by Randall Road including environmentalists that believe the land should be left alone. The trees are being cleared for development.


Green Groups are trying to stop the project and get the building license taken away. The builders are defending the project. RRPCC Chief of construction stated,"There is no need to stop the development. The outcome of the project will do nothing but good!" The argument has been taken all the way to Ellington State Law Center in Bartlett, which is the highest court in the state.


The session will start shortly.


The plaintiff, head of the Cambridge Green Group, opened with a statement, "People of Cambridge, I am hear today because I feel that the delicate ecosystem of southern West Cambridge should not be disturbed. But the life there is being chopped to the ground and replaced with spreading suburbs." He nods at someone holding a remote control and a clip is projected into the court.

(You may want to turn on your volume)


"Now just imagine," he says, "what would happen if all that was gone." He sits down.

"Mr. Hansen?" the judge says. A man stands up on the defendant side.


"Your honor, I find that video irrelevant and time wasting. Most of the animals shown in the clip are not living anywhere near West Cambridge, and are not, nor will not, be affected by the Randall Road Project..."

"Objection!" yells someone on the plaintiff side.

"Sustained," replies the judge. "Go on Mr. Hansen."

"Thank you, your honor," Hansen, the Chief of Construction says. "Because of Cambridge Green Group, the project has been put to a halt, causing disruptions to the jobs and traffic in the area. If the project were to continue, the jobs, economy, and population of West Cambridge would increase. There is no need to worry about the wildlife. I assure you that the animals in the area will be moved somewhere safe."

"What do you mean the project has been put to a halt?" asks the judge. The guard hands him a file folder with a picture in it.


"The neighborhood shown should have been expanded farther than it is now. We are way behind schedule now," says John Hansen.

"I see," says the judge. "And where will the animals be taken?"

Hansen looks nervously at someone on the defendant side. "To the Fox Island Forest Preserve near Bartlett," he replies.

"Mr. Hansen you may be seated. Do you have anything to say Dr. McGreen?" says the judge.

"Your honor, I would like to ask all members of the jury, all the people of this court, what they think is more important. Increasing residential and retail space to make some money. Or making sure that the wild animals that originally lived in West Cambridge, can live an undisturbed, natural life. Please, Don%27t%20Cut%20Down%20The%20Trees.jpg"

"Has the jury reached their verdict?" asks the judge.

"We have your honor," says the head juror.


"We have voted in favor of the Randall Road Project."

"Very well," says the judge as he bangs his gavel.

"This is not the end," says Dr. McGreen.


The Licenta Flag

The Republic of





Just a little flag I made for Licenta (The country Cambridge is in)

:) I should be updating soon!



MamaLuigi945: Thanks for the great tip!

NMUSpidey: Thanks! The crowds I imagine are quite huge!

legomiles: Thanks!

shoko: Thank you for the comment and the nice smiley!

sythib: Thank you x3 (For the three compliments)

bwong: Thanks!

alkk230: I'm not sure I know what you mean. But I'm sure your answer is in the forums.

This update is about West Cambridge! Now let me explain, West Cambridge is it's own town located south-west of Cambridge. It is a very suburban community and it is expanding the sprawl rapidly. Right now a subdivision building company called "Ryland" is creating a new neighborhood by Randall Road. This is part of a project the town has created called the "Randall Road Project". It is creating new stores, subdivisions, and strip malls along Randall road.

As you can see from this picture, the town is expanding Randall Road into the Southern Nothingness. A few sparse trees and some ponds are pretty much all that is there. Later on, a forest begins.


A grocery store has been built and the houses will start being built right after the roads are paved.


There are many new subdivisions being built. But the project is not even close to being done yet. It is estimated that in ten years, the Randall Road Project will have increased the population by 5,000 people! However some are against the sprawl continuing South into the forest. But it is the only alternative to homes taking over the eastern farmland.


West Cambridge is a very middle class suburb. But it does have some rich parts.


A rich neighborhood in West Cambridge.



With the help of the great real-estate market(Not even close to life right now), the upper class neighborhood of Providence is booming with sales. Looks like a big house is being built here.


Hope you like this entry and all of the sprawl! Rate and Comment! 0:)




Retep Molinari: Thanks!

MamaLuigi945: Haha, a new Walmart actually just opened by by on I think the 22nd!

Benedict: Thanks, Ben. Sad story about that below...

escilnavia: My little CJ?! No wayy. I have gotten to that level of skill yet!

Simoleman: Check the "Questions about things in Pictures" entry. Long Live Licenta!

quizlers1: Thanks!

DAB_City: Thanks and Indiana Joe just answered your question ;)

Indiana Joe: Thanks! +1 rep (Thanks for giving him a link)

kajjrem: Thanks! It is called the Union Bank Plaza. Check the "Questions about things in pictures" entry.

Bugs Bunny: I am using the SFBT Street Tree Mod. It's on the STEX. And yes, that is a seawall.

pielover94: Thanks!

All right! Let's get on with the update!

First, I have some good news and bad news about the new region. The bad news is something went wrong when I was experimenting with the extra cheats. If you would like to know what happened click here. I was going to make a CJ of that city, but sadly I can't. Click here to see a picture.

Now the good news: I will be starting over and creating a new city with the same name (Genoa). It will be an imaginary city in the North-Eastern U.S. So make sure you take a look at it when it comes out!

Ok, now back to Cambridge! This update will be about Northern Ellington University, conveniently located in a town just north of Cambridge, called Northland. Ellington is the state in Licenta that Cambridge is located in. The university is one of the best in the country!

The (American) Football stadium is being completely reconstructed before the season starts.


University Street is also being expanded so the road is capable of sustaining the traffic before and after games. It is open to local traffic only, while being reconstructed, for students living in a dorm at the college.


After about 2 months, the construction is finally done, and football season starts soon!


It's about 7:00 P.M., the sun is lower in the sky, and residents are starting to drive to the stadium!


Here's a picture of the whole NEU campus. Sorry about the little square in the middle, a photoshopping mistake. :boggle:


Almost all of Northland is covered by single-family homes. Many big, high priced mansions too.


Here is Northland's small, friendly downtown. Much larger buildings can be seen in the Central Business District.


Lastly, this is Northland's CBD. This area has a lot of traffic issues during the day.


Hope you liked this update! Make sure you rate and comment! 0:)




MamaLuigi945: Haha thanks!

simfreak1998: Thank you!

NMUSpidey: Thanks!

Sorry, it has been a while since my last update. I haven't been able to get on ST, it just wouldn't load. And then my internet wasn't working. And I've also started working on a new region while I play on the Cambridge Region too. So I will try to keep making updates, at least once a week!

The proposal for a new building in downtown Cambridge has just been approved! An old building built in the 1930's has been demolished to make room for a new skyscraper.


There have also been some other new buildings downtown built in the past few months. Here is the new skyline:


In the suburban areas, a few new shopping centers and stores have been built. this is a new Walmart on State Street.


And I just thought I'd show you a picture of a city in the new region I've been building.


Rate and comment! :)


Update 7: Hanover Park

Hey look a new title header thing!



NMUSpidey: I'm glad you think so :) In my imagination, if Garbaz was elected, he would try to improve the poorer neighborhoods and try to save the city some money. Waldron was more interested in making the city look richer and nicer.

testuser1234: Thanks!

mertzigzag: It is somewhere on the STEX. I just searched City Hall and found it.

Finkle: Thanks! I'll put it on the top now!

RobertPutnam: Thanks!

Terring: Thanks, glad you think so!

This is downtown Hanover Park. You can see it has a cruise ship port. If you looked at the map in Update 4: Bartlett, you could see that Hanover Park is directly on the Ocean, not in the Licenta Bay.


This update is going to be the most photoshopped :lol: ! If you read Update 2: you would be familiar with the Licenta 02. But I will explain anyway! The Licenta 02 is one of the most used highway in the Cambridge Metropolitan Area. It runs through downtown Cambridge going East and West. It starts far in Eastern Licenta and ends in Hanover Park.


Some suburbs in Hanover Park


This is Hanover Point. It is a very rich area in Hanover Park. The mayor of Hanover Park lives in Hanover Point in that last house at the end!


This is Hanover Park's financial district. Many big businesses have their headquarters here.


The Licenta 02 ends on a street called Ocean Avenue. Right after the T intersection of the Licenta 02 (Known as Cambridge Street after it stops being a freeway), Ocean Avenue turns into a highway that goes through Hanover Park and Streamwood.


This is Hanover Hill. It is a big hill with a large forest and a lookout tower just like the one in Cambridge.


And finally, the most photoshopped picture of the update! This is a beach neighborhood in the West side of Hanover Park.


So rate! And don't forget to comment! :bunny:

Do you likee.png Cambridge? Click the like button :)


Well I had this update all planned and ready but then I closed out of my browser. :'( So this update came later than planned, and it is not as good as the first way I did it. :cry: Well, here's the entry anyway!



ehs: Wow you're a fan :lol: thanks!

MamaLuigi945: Thanks!!

hahei: Thanks and please check the "Questions About Things in Pictures" entry.

NMUSpidey: Thank you!

k50dude: Thanks! And actually no, they are by Marrast.

Termite: You will!

skyscraper241: Thanks! Even though only the downtown was really planned :lol:

Lots of events happening in Cambridge this month! Make sure you read the newspaper!



For this entry, I will post the captions on the top not the bottom! Tell me which way you like better. :read:

*2 Weeks Later*

The New City Hall is done! It is much larger than the old, crowded city hall. The new one has hundreds of offices and a large parking lot.


The new City Hall still has the park behind it.


The new City Hall again, it's hard to see through all the buildings!


If you didn't read the newspaper than read it! These pictures won't make sense without it!

Here is a high wealth area where most of the people voted for Waldron.


Here is another rich near the golf course.


But this is a low wealth area. Most of the people here were in favor of Garbaz, who promised to improve their neighborhood. The people in these parts generally don't care about city parks, statues, and city halls.


A little teaser for Hanover Park!


Remember to Rate and Comment!! 8)




NMUSpidey: Thanks I try to make it as realistic as possible! And thanks for nominating Streamwood to the Weekly Best!

MamaLuigi945: Thanks! And plus 1 rep for commenting on all of the updates so far!

nico15821: Thank you for the nice rating!

evanm1487: Thanks :ducky:

Topgun232: Lol yes that is where I got the names for the cities. I live in Elgin so I just looked up "Suburbs of Elgin" on google and it showed Hanover Park and some other cities. But Streamwood, I just think is a great name for a suburb.

Simoleman: Yes that happened in one of the cities. Something about city spread means trouble ahead. I just ignored it :lol:

Mikeaut1: Thank You!!



The Cambridge Tribune is a newspaper that is delivered to subscribers in the Cambridge metropolitan area. It's offices are in the Bank of Licenta building downtown.


Bank of Licenta Building.



The City of Cambridge Parks and Recreation Department has built a statue in honor of the city's mayor, Jeff Waldron. He has been re-elected twice and has made the city a better place.



Here is a picture of Old Town, Cambridge from the back.



It is a hot day in Cambridge, over 85 degrees!



The Cambridge major league baseball stadium.



Here is a lookout tower on a hill by the ocean. The builder tried to make the outside look exactly like the clock tower in Old Town, Cambridge. But on the inside, instead of a clock, there is a long staircase leading to the top.


The next entry will be Update 6: Events in Cambridge and Random Photos #2. Talking about who won the election and new things happening in Cambridge. Ciao! Rate and comment! :ducky:


Update 4: Bartlett


Replies: (Wow 13 comments! Thanks everyone!)

MamaLuigi945: Thanks you are always the first one to comment :lol:

sim_link: Yep, girafe's trees are the best!

nico15821: Thanks!

hahei: Yep, lots of rich people!

NMUSpidey: Awesome thanks for the good rating!

kvongpuikin: Thanks and yes it is a Vancouver map.

Sylvio Jorge: Wow I just noticed that :lol:

Koenieboy997: Check the "Questions about things in pictures" entry. Your answer is there. :ohyes:

0864mojo: Same as above :ducky:

wenter13: Same as above :lol:

General Stubbs: Thanks!!

pielover94: Glad you like it!

randomuser2349: Most people have jobs inside Streamwood. But about 20,000 people commute to Cambridge using the highway. Streamwood really right now has about 85,000 people but only 50-60k jobs. Cambridge has enough for everyone!


Here is an updated map! All the city borders are shown. You may have noticed that Cambridge extended its borders significantly. Bartlett and Streamwood have gotten larger too.



Here is a picture of a suburban area in Bartlett on a cloudy day. Many people would prefer to live in Bartlett more than Cambridge or even Streamwood. It is a very quiet(in most parts), nice town. It does not have its own school district, so its schools are in the Streamwood school district along with West Cambridge and Hanover Park.



Here is downtown Bartlett. It is not much as you can see. It is located on the Fox River, Right before it meets the ocean in West Cambridge. You can see State Street in the back. It is a major road in Bartlett and West Cambridge.



Here is State Street in the Eastern Part of Bartlett. It gets really back up at intersections in rush hour.



Here is a little industrial area on State Street across from a subdivision.



A little subdivision called Randall Ridge near State Street.



As you can see I take a lot of pictures of State Street.



A business district on state street. (All grown of course :lol: )



Some 'burbs.



A high school and a large stadium near the beach.



This is the State of Ellington Law Center on State Street. Some serious court cases are held here.

Did you like Bartlett? Rate and comment!!!!! 8)




10000000000000: I thought about saving it as a jpg, but for this one I wanted it to be a higher quality. But thanks! I'm glad you like the city!

MamaLuigi945: Thanks! More suburbs in this entry and a map too!

bwong: Haha the last one was supposed to look like that! :lol:

Fox: Yep that was my intention! Thanks for the comment! :)

keder: Thanks, I edit the photos to make it less blurry looking. It makes it look much better :)

Today I will be showing you Streamwood, Cambridge's largest suburb! Streamwood is located about 15-20 minutes from downtown Cambridge, depending on how bad traffic is that day. :angry:


Here is a map showing some of the Cambridge metropolitan area. The thick dashed lines around Cambridge show the present city limits. But the city is starting to expand its borders and annex nearby land. (Also the arrows above Stoneville and Alendale are just showing that the towns are really more to the east than shown)

The thinner dashed lines represent the state border. Cambridge is in the State of Ellington on the South side of the Licenta Bay. And some other suburbs are in the state of Vermillion on the more mountainous, north side of the Licenta Bay. I had some trouble with adding a compass so I hope you know your directions! :)

As you could see from the map above, Streamwood is directly to the West of Cambridge.


Remember to click the pictures to enlarge! This is Downtown Streamwood. It has a lot of expensive condos and hotels, some with a view of the ocean. Streamwood has some very expensive homes, great schools, and many beaches.



This is the marina and shipping port of Streamwood. Many rich people like to bring their boats here.



Here is a closeup of a rich part of Streamwood. It has a private beach for the hotels and the condo complex. You can see the Rifleman Hotel which is a chain of hotels in the Cambridge area.


Another rich part of Streamwood



Here is a developing area of Streamwood with big hotels and beach condos. The condos near the beach can get very expenisve.


As we go farther away from the ocean the hotels stop and suburbs start!


Streamwood is Cambridge's largest suburb with a population growing very fast.



Here is a park located in Eastern Streamwood.



Some more suburbs along that one road.


That was Streamwood! I hope you liked this one! And no one rated the last entry! I want to know if you like it so rate and comment! :read::blush:

Link to next update.


This is a nice little page I made to answer any questions about things I am using. So if someone asks me what I am using in a picture (example: Nice Seawalls! Where did you get them?) I will post it here. So if you have a question about something you see please comment on the entry you see it on, and it will be posted here. :party: On the replies section of the next entry I will refer the asker to this post. :ohyes:

dchotzen-hartzell19: (Asked about seawalls) They are by Marrast on the STEX.

Lachlan99: (Freeway colors) The highway textures I use are here.

jcooper3105: (Asked about a football field) That football field is on the LEX just search for football field :)

Koenieboy997: (Asked about straight coastlines) I use a method similar to the one shown in a tutorial.Tutorial Link This is also useful.

wenter13: (Asked about avenue textures) I use this mod.

mertzigzag: (Asked about the city hall in update 6) It is on the STEX but I don't remember what it was called. I searched city hall and found it.

Bugs Bunny: (Street Tree Mod) It's by SFBT here.

kajjrem: (Asked about the big Union Bank Building) what you are looking for is here.



Replies: (Really?! Only 3 comments?!!)

MamaLuigi945: Thank you for that comment! :)

Schulmanator: Thanks I'm glad that you like it.

Ee99: Yeah that's one of my favorite buildings too!

Welcome back to Cambridge! This is an update I made to show you Downtown Cambridge and some other areas.


Here is a picture from the back. The Three Tallest Buildings are the Aon Building, the Union Bank Headquarters, and the Elgin Watch Regional Headquarters.



This is a shot of downtown from the east. Click the pic for full Resolution!



This is the City Hall and the County Courthouse. All the city laws are made here.



This is the stock exchange. Here you can become a millionaire, or lose everything.



This is the soccer stadium and the public beach. It is nice on a hot day which is very common in Cambridge. In Cambridge's neighboring suburbs there are some expensive beach/hotel complexes.



This is the Licenta-02, the busiest road without stops in the Cambridge Metropolitan Area.



A few minutes from downtown, the suburban sprawl starts. Cambridge's neighborhoods have townhouses to single family homes to mansions! I decided to heavily photoshop this image :P



Here is the mouth of the Cambridge River which was mentioned in the last update.


WARNING: This picture may take a while to load!


Another mosaic.



Here is a nice beach community on the North-east side of Cambridge. There are a variety of hotels and nice condos and aprtments in this area. The beach here is the largest beach in Cambridge.



Here is a teaser for Streamwood, Cambridge's largest suburb which will be in the next update. :ohyes:

Rate and comment! Only three comments last update! :read: I decided that I will not make another update until at least 5 comments!

LINK to next update.



Welcome to the City of Cambridge! This is a city journal about a city located in a bay near the Pacific Ocean. It is in a fictional country called Licenta. Cambridge has a large metropolitan area, beach communities, and great transportation networks.


Here is downtown Cambridge. The tallest building here is the Union Bank Headquarters. The people of cambridge our proud of their skyline that can be seen from miles away. But the first settlement wasn't here.



The people of Cambridge first settled way back in the 1800s on the Cambridge River. The area is now known as "Old Town" and has some tourists from Cambridge visit to see what it was like in the 19th century.



The skyscrapers of Cambridge today.



This is Mt. Cambridge City Park. It is the source of the Cambridge River. It isn't very much of a river, though. It is less than 2 miles long and about 20 feet wide, and it is pretty shallow at most parts. It's mouth is at the bay near downtown Cambridge.



This is the shipping port. In the mid 1900s the area around the port was mostly industrial but now commercial office buildings have taken over the area.


Thats the first update! And Remember that this is just an introduction so more is coming in the next update. I hope you liked it-comment! :read:

Link to Update 2


Update 1: City introduction

I accidentally posted this entry twice! Here is the right link. Sorry about that!


Welcome to the City of Cambridge! This is a city journal about a city located in a bay near the Pacific Ocean. It is in a fictional country called Licenta. Cambridge has a large metropolitan area, beach communities, and great transportation networks.


Here is downtown Cambridge. The tallest building here is the Union Bank Headquarters. The people of cambridge our proud of their skyline that can be seen from miles away. But the first settlement wasn't here.



The people of Cambridge first settled way back in the 1800s on the Cambridge River. The area is now known as "Old Town" and has some tourists from Cambridge visit to see what it was like in the 19th century.



The skyscrapers of Cambridge today.



This is Mt. Cambridge City Park. It is the source of the Cambridge River. It isn't very much of a river, though. It is less than 2 miles long and about 20 feet wide, and it is pretty shallow at most parts. It's mouth is at the bay near downtown Cambridge.



This is the shipping port. In the mid 1900s the area around the port was mostly industrial but now commercial office buildings have taken over the area.


Thats the first update! And Remember that this is just an introduction so more is coming in the next update. I hope you liked it-comment! :read:Update 2 is done! Link


The real thing is done. Please go to Update 1 :)

I always looked at city journals and thought Wow, I will never make anything that good. But today I am going

to try to make a realistic North-American Metroplis. And its name will be Cambridge. This is just a preview

and the real thing should be done soon (I really have no idea how long it will take).

So here is the downtown:


The tallest building is the Union Bank Tower. It is one block away from the casino which is handy when you bet

your entire wallet on a bad hand!

Here is the beach on the North Side. (Sorry there is a little glitch on the top!)


The beach charges $2 dollar admission, $1 for kids! :)

This is a picture of a suburban neighbourhood in Cambridge.


With all of these people commuting downtown each day the Freeway gets pretty busy!

This is the baseball stadium. Parking here can get pretty crazy!


The cotton candy here is very pricey too.

This is the North Side of Cambridge.


The area used to be filled with trees until the roads were extended and businesses and apartments were

built. Now it is one of the most popular places in Cambridge to go boating!

This is the "Big Bridge" as they call it in Cambridge.


The bridge connects the West side of Cambridge to the East Side.

Well that is the preview of Cambridge! I will make more updates when it is done!


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