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A bustling city somewhere in America....

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Welcome to Canterbury, the city of commerce! Located near the James River in a very distant country, Canterbury was famous for its scenery, but unfortunately heavy industry polluted much of James River, forests have been cut down to make room for more residents and businesses, which eventually lead to the endangerment and gradual extinction of a unique species of llamas that only exist in Canterbury, and also the region of Haddensfield called Francheska's Llamas (Lama Francheska) People all over the world came to Canterbury to see those rare llamas. Francheska's Llamas lived in the region of Haddensfield in piece for 100,000 year. But all that changed in the 1970s when a ruthless mayor, Grant Polhemus overcome with power and greed gave big businesses and industries tax breaks, and even gave dirty industry the permission to dump their toxic waste into the James River. To make matters worse, unregulated deforestation was rampant, environmental protests were of no use, The mayor managed to turn the citizens of Canterbury against environmentalists. To make matters even worse, Grant embezzled city funds, make deals with Italian AND American mobsters. Near the end of his second term, he was arrested and brought to court and impeached for charges of corruption, obstruction of justice, abuse of power, bribing, double parking, and improper use of a croquet mallet. After the trial he mysteriously disappeared. Many mayors tried to undo the damage caused by mayor Grant Polhemus, with very little success. Luckily in the early 2000s a new mayor was elected, and was the first mayor in several decades to turn Canterbury around. Tax hikes for big businesses and tax cuts for the little guy. Crime has gone down drastically, mass transit systems literally popped up overnight, and once again, Canterbury is now once again famous for its scenery. Standard of living has gone up, education is through the roof. The citizens of Canterbury were so proud of their mayor that they made a holiday and erected a statue of the mayor. He is the only mayor in the history of Canterbury to have a statue erected for. His name is, Christian Alvarez...

The Tour

Like I said in the "History" section, Canterbury is a hub of commerce. Large skyscrapers dominate the Canterbury skyline. Ever since Christian has become mayor, the city has expanded, almost double its original size. Heading east, on the other size of the James River is where most industries are located.


Thanks to Mayor Christian, the CTA (Canterbury Transit Authority) has built dozens and dozens of rail and light rail stations, as shown on the following picture. (Note, districts and points of interests begin and end with a dash, [e.g. -Oakwood-] and train lines begin and end with an asterisk. [e.g. *Peterson-Castle Pines Line*])


After fixing up the damage that Mayor Grant caused several decades ago, the city of canterbury had more than enough money to fix up the James River. Now the river is clean enough to fish off of, and swim in. Mayor Christian had a little slice of Paradise built on its shores. This piece of paradise is called Wrighton Beach.


Canterbury is home to a wide variety of different cultures. Where there's different cultures, there's bound to be different religions. In this photograph, there's a Greek Orthodox Church on the bottom. Right above that you can see the Canterbury Mall.


The famed Canterbury Mall. People all over the region flock to this slice of shopping heaven! Next to the Canterbury Mall is a CompUSA, where most people buy computers and computer equipment in Canterbury. Canterbury Mall began construction in the early to mid 90s, and was finally completed in 2000.


Further north, you'll stumble upon a high wealth district called Castle Pines. One of the nicest places to live in all of Canterbury. This place was constructed shortly after Mayor Christian came into office. Castle Pines is home to hundreds of retirees.


The CTA (Canterbury Transit Authority) light rail passes through Castle Pines, the Peterson-Castle Pines Line goes through here. The Peterson-Castle Pines Line makes stops at the South, North, West, and East Castle Pines. At North Castle Pines you can transfer to the Davison-McKinley Line. This line is currently in construction, and will be eventually drop the "McKinley" from "Davison-McKinkey".


One of the businesses thriving in Canterbury is this local supermarket, called "Cub Foods" Great place to shop, always fresh food in stock, relatively inexpensive, and the employees are kind, which is the reason why people always go to shop there. After shopping, why not grab a bite at Red Robins?


Canterbury downtown as I said earlier is dominated by skyscrapers. You can see Canterbury's skyline from miles away. For some reason, Canterbury built its own version of the Eiffel Tower. Because Major Christian once said, "Why travel hundreds of miles to France, if we can have a piece of Paris here in downtown?"


Here's a CTA train in action, near Castle Pines. When the CTA came into commission, they had to deal the issue of where to find metro trains in such short notice. Luckily some distant city upgraded their trains, and heard about the dilemma CTA was facing. So that distant city sold their old trains at a reasonable price to CTA. "These trains are only temporary," said the chief executive of CTA. "We are currently developing the next generation of CTA trains. Hopefully in the not too distant future we will scrap these old colorful boxes and put in service CTA's new generation of metro trains!" Here's a photograph of CTA's current trains that are in service. CTA is expected to put the new generation of trains in service no later than August.


In this photo, the CTA train has the ability to turn back into elevated rail trains. CTA also noted that the current trains don't work very well as light rail due to the fact that some parts of the light rail system has sharp turns, and accidents tend to happen, and they will address the issue in their new trains.


Here's another photo, it's an Amtrak train going through Canterbury. People from all over the region travel constantly to Canterbury by train, so don't be surprised if you see trains branded from other cities, like for example you see a Chulaville Area Commuter Trail in Canterbury and so on. CTA does not have regional trains, but CTA manages and maintains those railroads leading out of Canterbury. So in other words, you can't take a CTA train out of the city, so instead you have to use the other city's train instead. 7 of 10 people surveyed in Canterbury were confused by this.


Well, that was my brief tour of Canterbury. Stay tuned for more updates. :)

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