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The end of an era...

Well, how do I put this? As several of my cities are built over the tutorials in Timbuktu (think both Simfords, Norock, Midlow and Greater Timbuktu), they were always going to be prone to bugs or glitches... Unfortunately, that happened today. The tutorials were reset unintentionally, and I have not been able to recover the lost cities. 45.gif

I do back up my computer, but I haven't done so for a while. Since a lot has changed since that vital copy was made, and I have been feeling like jumping to something better, I will not be continuing with the Timbuktu region, and so this journal ends... But not yet!

Over the coming time, I will consolidate what photos I have taken, and so the Region Diary will be finished properly. I will transfer my attentions to my new region, New Francisco, which focuses on the story of the San Francisco region in California after it is mysteriously wiped clean. This is another default SimCity region, but I hope this announcement has grabbed your attention!

And for the few readers who have shown an interest and taken their time to read the Timbuktu Region Diary... Thank you. I hope that you will continue to follow my projects in the future. 43.gif

Update: I have been thinking a lot more about this recently, and unfortunately, I have reversed my previous decision, so I will not be continuing with a new CJ. This is due partially to an increase in the amount of schoolwork/homework and so on, and probably just my sheer lack of motivation to continue... Furthermore, I would like to spend what spare time i have working on a number of SimCity mods and buildings, so I hope you will understand. Thanks.


Simford Airport High-Speed (SAHS):

As you may have noticed, there is a (relatively busy!) railway line along the back of Simford International Airport. You may be wondering, what is this? Well, this airport was built partially on top of a former railway freight depot. It fell into disuse many years ago, but some bright spark in the transport department (sorry, it has to be me! 2.gif) came up with an idea for the first high-speed railway in the region. The possibility of reusing some of the old track became apparent, although the trackbed and rails making up the high-speed section would need to be relaid.

This idea has since been taken up, and so the HSR track that you now see running along the back of the airport is the new Simford Airport High-Speed (SAHS) railway. See the route map below for further details on the high-speed line:


I have also posted this map on the Show us your city, road or transit maps thread. (The image does not want to embed, see this link for now! 33.gif)

As you can see, there are only two high-speed lines operating on the route. The railway junction that you can see on the right of the picture is the Widened Airport Approach, the restored ralway running alongside Simford International Airport. The express service, as detailed, stops at Simford International Airport (Station) and Greater Timbuktu (Central) only, and then continues along an existing, upgraded route to a residential area, Terrainian Hills. The local line stops at all stations aside from Terrarian Hills, but instead branches off through a tunnel to Terrain Naught, a four-platform terminus interchange. There is a limited service on the local line carrying on to Canal Depot West, running on standard tracks; there is no room or requirement for a high-speed upgrade.


Looking at Simford International Airport (Station), SFD-IAS from the east.

The original plan for this brand-new station was to have two platforms for local services (WST and SARSS, which I will explain later), two for terminating services and two for through services (TR and SAHS). However, the plans have since been modified, and so there are now two for SARSS alone, two for WST, two for SAHS (through and terminating) and three for TR. The station will (would have!) probably be remodelled again in the future, with two more platforms for WST, and several more for SAHS. SFD-IAS would probably end up looking like this eventually:



|SARSS | SARSS towards Airport South (including WST link)




|WST | WST towards Airport




|WST/TR | WST connects above, TR connects below...




*1 |TR | TR towards Stansted Interchange




*2 |SAHS | SAHS towards Simfordian Hills




|SAHS | SAHS connects above



*1: TR towards Canal Depot (West Station), Simford West and Carriage Sidings

*2: SAHS connects to TR above; limited service to Canal Depot (West Station) only.


The west side of SFD-IAS. From bottom to top, at the left side of the picture; towards SFD-CSW, westwards to planned industrial city, siding numbers 1, 2, 3, 4.


The T-Junction between the West Canal Railway and the Simford Airport branch. The curved track carries a part-time high-speed extension service from SFD-IAS to SFD-CSW. The two west tracks are sidings, along with the four at the top-right.


Entering Canal Depot (West Station), SFD-CSW. The curved railway at the top (west of the station) leads from SFD-IAS.


Simfordian Hills [P+R], SFD-HLS. The first station on the site, serving a limited [P+R] route along SAHS. WST lines will soon meet here, and the dirt road at the right of the picture is a safeguarded area for a future upgrade to Ferry Avenue Parkway. This upgrade had been completed before the closure of the tour.


Hello, and welcome to another entry in the Timbuktu Region Diary. Today, we shall be taking a closer look at several great transport ideas, which are currently being implemented in the Stansted area of (Greater) Simford. A major international airport is currently being constructed in the area, serving the central Timbuktu population, and these other transport developments will be closely linked, bringing travellers from near and far.

Simford International Airport - Background (Plan 1):

Originally, the plan was for a central international airport to be constructed in Greater Timbuktu (see the hovering arrow!). Unfortunately, land space within the capital has been becoming even more cramped and valuable, and the effects of the air pollution could stall the explosive growth of the city. Furthermore, Greater Timbuktu would not be able to sustain the costs of such a large airport. In the end, the idea was downgraded to a basic airfield, in order to open up more land space, but even as the plans were formally downgraded, terrain levelling in the area had already been completed (see Greater Timbuktu after the Airport).

Plan 2 - Relocating the Airport:

After the collapse of the initial plan, Timbuktu authorities decided to relocate the planned airport. The Camford suburbs were considered too small and valuable for such an airport, Sealook Bay would never accept an airport and areas further north would not be central enough for effective use. Therefore, several different sites in Simford were considered, before a decision was made to locate the airport to the Timbuck River bank, at the west of the extended town. This site has been chosen because A) the area was a brownfield, run-down industrial estate, B) the site is just downstream from Greater Timbuktu, and C) the residential area is far enough away to be mostly unaffected.


Simford International Airport, with the terminal building under construction. In the background, behind the site, is a reused railway line, which I will explain next time.

Greater Timbuktu after the airport:

After the airport was relocated, the original planned site was instead reused for a smaller airfield. The rest of the site is instead to be used as extended commercial land, along with a small railway terminus, which I will also explain later. The site, owing to the former hills (which still exist to the west), was nicknamed Terrain Naught.

(BTW, I will not be considering a modular airport... Please don't ask me! 5.gif)


I have decided to include a list of the various government departments and local councils within Timbuktu, as well as a short glossary on the various terms and abbreviations that I am using (for example, the British terms for various transport methods are different to the American ones!). Please take a moment of your busy life to read this through carefully. If there's anything else you don't understand, please ask. However, I still run the game using (American/Continental) RHD! 37.gif

General Terms

  • Motorway: Freeway
  • Single Carriageway: A road with one tarmaced length (eg. RHW-2)
  • Dual Carriageway: A road with two tarmaced lengths, one in each direction (eg. RHW-4 or RHW-6)
  • Mass transit = Public transport = Railways, buses etc.
  • Railway/Rail: Railroad
  • Automatic Train Operation (ATO): System which allows train vehicles to be driven without a driver. A computer instead processes all functions, and keeps traffic flowing. Within the region, both CARS and SARSS use this feature (see below).
  • (Borough) Council: A smaller government division, controlling an area within a region. (e.g. Huntingdon is a town within Cambridgeshire, run by the Cambridgeshire County Council, which is a part of the East Anglia region.)
  • District: An even smaller area within a borough.
  • Central Business District (CBD): Aka "Downtown", this is where many commercial businesses are located, within the centre of a settlement.
  • Suburb: Commuter residential areas surrounding a major city or capital. Residents travel to work by car or use public transport.
  • Commuter: Person who travels a (long) distance to their workplace.

Timbuktu/Diary-Specific Terms
  • STLP: Short Term Local Project
  • STRP: Short Term Region Project

  • MTLP: Medium Term Local Project
  • MTRP: Medium Term Region Project
  • LTLP: Long Term Local Project
  • LTRP: Long Term Region Project

Timbuktu Government Departments/Divisions

  • Timbuktu Region President: "DAB"
  • Business/City Planning: Neil Fairbanks

The local councils are organised within this department.

  • Finance: Monique Diamond
  • Utilities: Jonas Sparks
Various areas within the region have been set up as infrastructure providers, which sell power, water and/or landfill space to towns.
  • Public Safety: Sam Armstrong
  • Health & Education: Bettina Dean
  • Transport: Jamil Herd

As one of the main aims for the government is to connect the region with transport links, this is a very important department, where all of the design 37.gif, research 42.gif, construction 17.gif and implementation 44.gif takes place. And if you haven't guessed it, the author of this City Journal (me!) wishes to work in transport design in the future...

  • Environment: Camille Meadows

Timbuktu Local Councils:

  • Greater Timbuktu City Council: In case you haven't worked it out, this is the council for the region capital! Also controls soon-to-be developed areas to the north and west.
  • Camford County Council: The district of Camford. Includes partial control of the power/waste storage provider "Orbingford", and the water producer "Aquarius" (sells water to the Camford Industrial Estate, to avoid the environmental department shutting the pumps down!). Planned to extend south to a proposed industrial port (further plans TBA)
  • Simford County Council: The towns of New Simford and Greater Simford, as well as further land around the area and several islands, including Sealook Bay and "ChubaChubaLand".
  • Midlow County Council: Midlow and planned nearby areas.

Transport Organisations and Departments:

  • Timbuktu Rail (TR): Intercity railways throughout Timbuktu, station buildings and a universal ticketing service. All railways are built with electrification currently (25kv AC Overhead).
  • Capital Transport Authority (CTA): Light rail within Greater Timbuktu, partial reach to suburbs:
  • Capital Metro (CM): Tram and underground system, running throughout the CBD, an industrial area and nearby suburbs.
  • Capital Automated Rail System (CARS): Automated light rail shuttle, similar to the Docklands Light Rail system in London. Runs from Greater Timbukzoo to Terrain Naught (SAHS), and continues west.
  • Simford Airport High-Speed (SAHS): First high-speed railwy in Timbuktu. High-speed tracks between Terrarian Hills, Terrain Naught (?), Greater Timbuktu Central and Simford International. Limited services continuing on standard rail either end. See the soon-to-be released entry about the service.
  • West Simford Tram (WST): Tram line in the Stansted area of Greater Simford, just north of Simford International Airport. Services begin at SIA-Station, and split up after Simford Airport Junction (SAJ). Five different lines, see the soon-to-be released map and entry for more details.
  • Simford Airport Railway Shuttle Service (SARSS): Not officially part of the WST, but it is shown on the map, and the system uses identical vehicles, albeit with ATO in use. Begins at SIA-Station (connects to WST for access to depot), and dives underneath the airport. Further stops are Simford Airport Hangars and Simford International Airport (Terminal), where it provides transfer to the WST Airport Parkway Loop.
  • There are also several historic and presevred railways, including around Sealook Bay and "ChubaChubaLand", which I will describe soon.

  • Simford International Airport (SIA): Runs the eponymous (same-name) airport. Owns the land, and also runs Simford International Airport (Station), SIA-S, Simford Airport Hangars (South), SIA-HS and Simford International Airport (Terminal), SIA-T.

Station Names and Abbreviations:

  • Greater Timbuktu (Central) - GTB-CTR
  • Greater Timbuktu (Terrainian Hills) - GTB-TRH
  • Greater Timbuktu (Terrain Naught) - GTB-TRN
  • Greater Timbuktu (Canary Wharf) - GTB-CNW

  • West Camford (SAHS) - CFD-WHS
  • West Camford (TR) - CFD-WTR
  • Camford Central - CFD-CTR
  • Simfordian Hills - SFD-HLS
  • Simford International Airport (Station) - SFD-IAS
  • Airport Hangars (South) - SFD-AHS
  • Simford International Airport (Terminal) - SFD-IAT

More to come...

If anyone is interested in creating semi-professional logos for my transport companies, routes etc, then that would be very useful. Please let me know what you think.


New Simford is what now exists of the first Timbuktu settlement. Although located on the same city area as the "Getting Started Tutorial", the two are in no way related, as after a major financial disaster several years ago, the citizens regrouped and rebuilt a brand-new town together. More will be revealed soon, but for now, I will be showing off a simple, quick upgrade projects, involving the terminus of a major artery in the midst of a large farmland area.



<<< North

As you can see, the upgrade is located at the terminus of International Avenue, a major west-east dual carriageway (west is at the bottom of the picture). It runs underneath the Simford International Airport, disects a residential and a commercial area, and after passing through the pictured farmland, it finally terminates at a ferry terminal. This road, along with several other avenues, dissects the extended town of Simford. However, due to a lack of funds, the road towards the east terminus had to be constructed as a single-carriageway road. This hasn't affected traffic flow particularly yet, as the avenue ends in the midst of some farmland, but thanks to the generous funding of a nearby farm, the upgrade has been allowed to proceed. Traffic on the route has been slowly growing, and so the upgrade will future-proof the route. The tunnel under the railway junction was constructed from the start as dual carriageway cut-and-cover, so that the railway wouldn't have to be torn up in the future.

When constructing the road, the Simford Council thoughtfully left the space for an upgrade, which has meant that this project will not involve destroying any farmland! The project will thus only take a short amount of time. The motorway close to the avenue is the East Simford Orbital Motorway, funded by a group of farming, commercial and residential developers. It is primarily used by freight traffic and long-distance commuters, which allows for good connections to the neighbouring cities. The single-track rural railway alongside is also used to deliver freight goods.




These images show the new lane being paved over. Thanks to the space left by the council, this takes no time at all...



The upgraded road is now complete. It now serves a growing amount of freight traffic, and has good connections to Greater Simford in the west (bottom of the picture), Sealook Bay in the north and a new industrial zone to the east. It also connects to the East Simford Orbital Motorway and a similar north-south avenue, in a junction slightly to the west. (I will detail that junction very soon, I'm proud of it!)

Well, that is all for now folks. Thank you for reading, and stay tuned... I will be showing off the rest of New Simford soon, as well as some more surprises! 19.gif


This is the [FORMER] Timbuktu Region, located somewhere to the South-East of the USA. A mountainous area formed around the delta of two large rivers, the first settlement was found in between several islands, originally on the mainland. Now found as the current "New Simford", the residents of the town regrouped and rebuilt after a disaster several years ago. The region has since expanded, with several larger settlements expanding outwards. Today, the region is nothing like the template issued to all SimCity users (a.k.a. Maxisland).

The capital of the region is "Greater Timbuktu", chosen by a large red arrow hovering over the land (caused by a glitch with the tutorial cities!) This is where the region government is located, and is where all the major decisions are made. The different towns and cities have recently agreed to, over the coming years, connect the region with a number of roads, motorways (highways; be prepared for me to use British localisations!) and railways (heavy/light railroad), in order to make it easier for residents to commute and travel. They have also decided to construct a number of seaports and airports to be used for long-distance travel.

Here are several views is a view of the developed area of the region from the skies (transport views to come when I finally sort my road and rail networks into a half-decent state!):



• Connect the region by road, motorway and rail (heavy/light).

• Construct a number of seaports/airports.

• Form several more infrastructure cities, run directly by the respective utility departments, to provide for the rest of the region.

I will also soon upload several data maps displaying the borders of the region councils, as well as a transport map and other images...



Hello everybody, and welcome to the Timbuktu Tours. I'm Neil Fairbanks MP, the General Advisor to the Timbuktu Government and its President "DAB". Over the next few days (or years, in the case of the journal!) I, along with several other MPs, will be showing you around the exclusive Timbuktu Region, its various different towns and cities, as well as the rapidly expanding transport networks. We at The Timbuktu Tourism Division hope you enjoy our exclusive tours, taking you closer to the heart of the region. You can pick up your hotel keys after dinner! 35.gif

Some of you may easily recognise where I have found the original the region file, but however, the region I am working on, when finished, will be nothing like the "template". Also, I will usually have restricted time available for SimCity, especially as my study workload increases, but I will attempt to update my journal regularly, perhaps as a public diary of Timbuktu's evolution. As I write, much of the motorway network is being rebuilt (default Maxis to RHW), and my region is slowly expanding... I wish to create a region-wide highway/road and heavy/light rail network, but owing to my perfectionism, this will take time! 44.gif

But anyway, please read through my entries, enjoy the fruit of my labour, and let me know what you think. 29.gif

UPDATES - 1: As I was writing, Simtropolis had been messing me about, and I didn't even realise that this entry had been posted!!! 21.gif

UPDATES - 2: I have also decided to include a short glossary on the various terms and abbreviations that I am using in my journal. This can be found on the next entry, but if there's anything else you don't understand, please ask. 37.gif4.gif

UPDATES - 3: I have finally created an official Timbuktu Region Album over on ImageShack. Visit it now for all the latest images from the Timbuktu Region!



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