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Large Region On The East Coast Of Canada, Bordering The United States

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Hey Everyone!

Just thought I would give you another peak at development of my region. I am trying to keep things relatively consistent and update the entire region as it grows (not just one particular section), so you will notice that things are still relatively spread out.

We now move to 1810 when the region is slowly starting to gain residents and a following as a large agricultural region. Approximately 6000 people live within the region to date.


The two main areas that have experienced the greatest amount of growth are the city of Cooksville and city of Campbellton. (Sorry for the small detail on the map!)


Campbellton has seen a slow but steady increase in farming traffic and residents in the last 15 years. The population has risen to about 900 people in the immediate town centre with a few thousand living in nearby villages. Businesses have slowly started to creep their way slowly towards Fort Campbell as relations with the neighbouring Americans remain friendly.



The city of Cooksville also experienced large growth in it's farming community and residents. A small downtown core can now be seen creeping from the docks and heading west. As more residents move to the area, it has also prompted some development in neighbouring Jamestown.


Sorry for the short post guys. Hopefully I will be able to ramp up the posts a little bit more as we move into developing the regions rail system.

Thanks again!


Hi Again Everyone!

My apologies for not getting another CJ entry in here sooner! Thank you again for coming by to check out the development of the region. If you are new to my CJ, welcome and I hope you enjoy what I will be creating and sharing with you.

In my first post I gave you a sneak peak at the region I am working with. We are going to fast forward a few years into development as people begin to inhabit Campbellton County.

The first image I will share with you is the "map" of the region with all towns that are currently part of the region. As you can see, early development has resulted in the residents setting up their homes and work along the main river and ocean. To the far south you will see a portion of the United States (as Campbellton County boarders it and the Atlantic Ocean) and as time goes on, I will develop this region as well. My second image will show you a little more detail within the region as you will see where some of the larger towns are starting to form.



With that, I now want to share three of the main towns that I will be focusing on in the next while.


Founded: 1787

Population (1795): 128

The town of Campbellton was the first town founded within the region and has played a vital role in the evolution and defense of the region since prior to it's establishment in 1787. Fort Campbell was constructed prior to the city being founded and has protected the waters around the region for some time. The area is predominately a farming area but has capacity to grow and continue being a main shipping area for the region.



Founded: 1793

Population (1795): 152

Willowbank is for all intensive purposes one of the regions up and coming farming communities. The city was founded with the hope of providing much needed food to troops in Campbellton while also providing an additional port for increased commercial activity.



Founded: 1794

Population (1795): 72

Although Cookstown is a relatively small town today, it has been said that the city has the potential to become the fastest growing area and potentially one of the largest. The town has an advantage by being a gateway city to the Logan River which it stands next to. In addition, ample farming space and further distance from the American border allows Cookstown the ability to prosper.


There you have it guys. These are three of the newer towns that I plan to use as key building points within the region. I apologize for some of the props being slightly ahead of their time but I promise they will fit in better as the region moves into the future.

A quick thanks for everyone who left a comment on my last page. When I am playing this game I try to pour a lot of effort into what I create. I hope I keep meeting your expectations and come up with something you guys will enjoy.

And just so I am giving some credit where credit is due, the map was not initially made by me. If you would like to use this map, do a quick search on the STEX for Eaton by Jhipolito. I modified the rivers very slightly and gave the map some greenery but the initial design absolutely needs to be credited to him.

Thanks again guys, talk again soon!


Hi Everyone,

This is going to be my first CJ and what will hopefully turn out to be a fairly realistic looking region.

I present to you the region of Campbellton County.


Campbellton County is located on the eastern coast of Canada and borders the Atlantic Ocean and the United States. The county was founded in 1795 and has an approximate population of 1000 people. The county currently has 6 small towns which blanket the coast line. The area was originally discovered in the early 17th Century but has only recently started to see some development of small farming communities.

More details about the region and it's towns are to come. I hope you keep coming back to see what is in store for the future of Campbellton.


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