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About this City Journal

== See Updates a Week Earlier at bit.ly/Montpellier ==

Entries in this City Journal


Thanks again everyone for the kind replies! And if you didn't reply but you still enjoyed the update anyway this smiley is for you: 43.gif



Welcome Back! So this update actually took quite a while because I had a lot of things on. I finally made some progress on my region, took some screenshots and had some free time this Saturday, so I was finally able to make an update. Anyway, apologies in advance for the lengthy time it took for this, I promise that if I'm busy I'll at least come up with a mini-update in the future.

Just before we move on to Montpellier,

here is something I did in my spare time. Turns out the neon "Toys R' Us" is missing dependencies. 18.gif

Update 3

Well quite a bit of Montpellier has been updated. First, I have started working on the farm to mountain transition near Montagnac. However, there is still much to do in terms of a fluid transition from mountains to farms. I also worked on border transitioning quite a bit, however, there is still alot of room for improvement.

Second, a new city has arrived in Montpellier! The municipality of Marseille! This city is actually quite an old one which has kept much of its history and historical architecture up to date creating a fluid modern - historical city.

Third, a new farm village "Blanche" has arrived in Montpellier, however, it is still quite bare (not to mention boring 30.gif) which is why its not showcased in this update. Future update perhaps? we'll see. 2.gif

Lastly, I have fired our national weather service members. 11.gif17.gif (see 111222333444's reply...)

Okay, enough rambling. On to the pictures!

3.1 "The River" - Welcome to Marseille! We will first start with a tour of the rural surrounding area.


3.2 - "Rural Suburbs" - Because of the limited amount of space and required farm production. Marseille's suburbs are very compact with the surrounding farm area with some houses bordering the farm area.


3.3 "Industry in Marseille" - The industry in Marseille takes care of hydro, power and garbage disposal for local citizens. As you can see in the far right corner, Marseille burns garbage for energy. Not to worry however, as the city filters the air as required by the "Montpellier Environment Act".


3.4 "Entering the Suburbs" - Here is a typical suburban neighbourhood in Marseille. Both close to down town and close to Marseille's rural areas.


3.5 "A closer look in Suburban Marseille" - Marseille spends quite a bit of money on recreational programs for its citizens. Because of this Marseille is the healthiest city in Montpellier.


3.6 "Football" - Montpellier's most popular sport! These fields are everywhere!


3.7 "Downtown Marseille" - Marseille is a historical city in Montpellier with a lot of interesting sites. Its fairly quiet today because its Sunday morning.


3.8 "Narrow Streets" - Some parts of Marseille are quite narrow. Typical European styling of a city layout.



3.9 "Le Grand Café" - This café is famous for its

delicious pastries. Its a definite stop for a tourist visiting Marseille.


3.10 "The Boulevard" - Rue Bayard is a nice street with a lot of cafés and local restaurants.



3.11 "City train Station" - This area forms the city train station which connects Marseille to areas all over the Montpellier region.


3.12 "North Bayard" - The northern area of Rue Bayard features a metro connection and a small Liberal Arts College which is one of the most prestigous in the region.u311.png

3.13 "Marseille Library" - This is the main city library which actually grows its own coffee beans in the roof greenhouse for the café downstairs. 10.gif


3.14 "L'ecole elementary" - An elementary school in the downtown area. Students can take the metro before and after school hours to anywhere in the city.


3.15 "Parc de Marseille" - Marseille's central park with its famous and iconic fountain in the middle.


3.16 "Marseille" - Our final picture, which consists of the entire view of the region. 9.gif


Well, thats everything for this update! More comming soon. Stay tuned next week when I fire more civil workers! 3.gif

Cheers! 9.gif

-Element. 40.gif




Hello everyone! Welcome back to Montpellier! So this will be my last update before I go on vacation. I haven't been able to do much with Montpellier this week because I've been working pretty hard on my studies. Anyways, I managed to fit in some spare time and I've come up with a small update for this week.

Next week I'll be in France for vacation, should get some great inspiration for my City Journal while I'm there. :golly:

Update 2

This week I've worked on quite a bit of Montpellier and updated the region quite a bit. A new sidewalk mod which I find quite nice has been put in place. As well, I've decided to use a different water mod and I've worked on the surrounding mountains of the South - Eastern portion of Montpellier. Finally, I've added the village of Montagnac which I hope to expand on in the future.

2.1 "The Region" - We still have a flat and boring region. What can we add?


2.2 "Creating Mountains" - This area should liven up the region quite a bit if we were to add mountains.


2.3 "Rhône-Alpes" - And this is the result of what I've worked with. But still looks quite bare. Is something missing? :uhm:


2.4 "Rhône-Alpes" - Ahh, this looks much better. CP's trees are great for a region like this.


2.5 "Rhône-Alpes" - Great views of the surrounding landscape from the top of the mountains.


2.6 "Mountains in the South-Eastern Region" - Doesn't this look much better? It's still quite bare but I eventually hope to fill the entire area in with farms, towns and villages.


2.7 "Creating Montagnac" - Rhône-Alpes still needs to be filled in with farms and villages. Let's see if we can create a village on the base of the mountain area...


2.8 "Creating Montagnac" - Okay, now we just need to add some residential areas surrounding the roads.


2.9 "Creating Montagnac" - The result. Just a click of the "play" button and we have a village! Great views too, especially with the mountains in the background. :D


2.10 "The Village of Montagnac" - Okay, so now for a personal tour of Montagnac. Here you can see the local town buildings and "Café Bleu", a local café known for their great assortments of coffee beans.


2.11 "The Village of Montagnac" - Our final picture. Here we have a small neighborhood of French rural houses. Its a Sunday Morning here, which is why the street is very quiet.


Well that's everything for this week. Hope you enjoyed this update! :D


Edit: By the way for the next update, the image sizes will change to a much larger size. I'm using 800 x 450 because of my monitor. So next update expect 800 x 600 images or larger.




Update One

This is some of the stuff I've been working on this week. The areas shown here are Lledia and Le Crès. This area in the South East of Montpellier will be quite rural so don't expect any tall buildings here. So far only a few a villages have been created and I plan to keep this area relatively quite in order to allow space in the center of the region for large cities and urban areas. Although relatively lifeless, between these to areas is Alagnon. A small town which acts at the major urban area of the South - East region.

1.1 "The Region" - You can sort of see where the region is starting off. Pretty dull at the moment. Hope to add more mountainous areas to the region at some point.


1.2 "South - Eastern Region" - It's a work in progress so far. You can see where the areas of the region are located. Alagnon also stands out as the largest urban area within this region. A great highway system connects everything together to make traveling to different towns and villages quite easy for these sims.


1.3 "Le Crès Village" - This small town here is possibly one my best work so far in Montpellier. A small bridge crosses the stream to allow travel to the Le Crès Rail Station.


1.4 "Le Crès Sky Photo" - Shows the entire general view of this area. You can see some of the small villages along the roadways.


1.5 "Lledia Town Centre" - Lledia is so rural that this ust happens to be the most urban part of the area. Small hotels and cafes are located around here as well as small food shops where locals can buy groceries.


1.6 "Crossroads" - I used the FAR puzzle pieces to make this. My goal in Lledia was to make it with least amount of blocky-ness as possible, meaning I needed to use the curved road puzzle pieces.


Anyways, this is just a taste of what I have in-store for Montpellier. Hope to showcase some mountainous areas in the next update.

Cheers! :D



Table of Contents

  • Montpellier | Page 1
  • Recent Region Photo | Page 2
  • Table of Contents and Introduction | Page 3
  • Update One | Le Crès and Lledia | Page 4
  • Update Two | Les Alpes and the village of Montagnac | Page 5
  • Update Three | Marseille | Page 6


Hello Everyone!

As you may have guessed, I have decided to start a City Journal with the content I have so far. I thought through it a bit and quite honestly I love to make City Journals so regardless if this turns out terrible I will keep posting just for fun.

You: So What is This? Why am I here?

Well sir, you have come across my new City Journal "Montpellier", a city journal inspired by the region south of France. This will probably my first attempt at a "REAL" european City Journal. My last CJ "Simsbury", where I tried to mix both styles of American and European Designs, turned out to be more American than anything else. So get ready for something new! I hope to produce very high quality photos with this City Journal and keep everyone entertained (who said CIty Journals couldn't be humorous?)

You: Okay, so anything else I need to know?

Yes. If you're wondering what perspective this City Journal will be at, it will be at the perspective of where I try to recreate the region of Montpellier instead of showcasing a "prebuilt" region. Almost, no work has been done so far and the region is quite boring at the moment so I'll probably post some progress tutorials or something similar while I'm working on it.

You: Why can't I find this latest update in the City Journal Section at the moment?

I will be posting new updates in the forums first. You can see the latest updates here. The latest update will be posted two weeks after being posted on the forums.

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