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About this City Journal

Art Deco everything! Well, almost.

Entries in this City Journal


As I've said before in the previous entry, redevelopment is one of the concepts of Newville. Some changes were massive (two new islands!) to small ones. The earliest redevelopment pre-dates the Year 24 law against contemporary design.

One of the first is in this section of Downtown Newville close to the beach. It was left inexplicably vacant as the town around it grew.


As you can see from the buildings around it, the architecture was very "old school". The town wanted this area to contain a large park. After construction however, the new area became a slum.


However, the slum didn't last long. General prosperity across Newville encouraged developers to build around the park. The city in general saw an explosion in Art Deco buildings even before the law was adopted.

The green area is where the Newlife Insurance Building will be built in the future.


Golden Hour in Newville.


That area today actually contains the state Capitol. The Capitol was built as the smaller governmental spaces around Civic Center ran out. Note that the buildings around the former park are now high-rises.



I built the city with a few concepts in mind:

  • California-style development - Newville is a North American city.
  • Pre-war buildings almost always - There's a handful of contemporary designs and they're there for the backstory :D. Huge areas are designated historical buildings.
  • Minimal freeways and rail - Subways and buses are present however.
  • "Elegant density" - To create a city that is dense at certain areas yet maximize the aesthetic appeal of the spaces in between.
  • Redevelopment - Nothing stays the same for too long.

Quick Newville Facts

Population - Currently 185,000, 160,000 commercial jobs, 800 industrial jobs.

Geography - Flat coastal peninsula surrounded by 3 outer islands comprised of Gateway Island, Tetons, and Ile Bernie.

Neighborhoods established before the Y24 Act: Old Town Newville, Newville Beach, Newville Circle, Civic Center, Downtown Newville, Seasort, Commerce Center, Scholar Square, Newville Heights, Newville Hills, Pierpoint and Gateway Island. Metromall Peninsula was the only new neighborhood until current era.

Neighborhoods today: Middleville, Superblock, Copurino, Rockefeller Tomb, Roradania, Tetons, Westile, Pier Addition, Mansard Peninsula, Ile Bernie.

After the ban on contemporary buildings were imposed, developments did not stop.

The first skyscraper of this type, the Newville Life Insurance Building, freely adopted from Art Deco masters to create an imposing iconic building.

Gateway Island also saw its first commercial building rise up. Soon, the area around the Newklyn Bridge will be packed with tall buildings.

The other significant development is the gradual elimination of industrial areas around the Metromall and the construction of the now-known as "Newville-type" condos and commercial buildings.




This is a story of how this city


turned into this city


Newville was settled by pioneering Sims who have fled from their overcrowded and massive City (Journals) 134 years ago. Just 24 years later after its founding, Newville was starting to become just another Sim City. City founders were seeing their charming little city starting to become a nascent megalopolis crammed with modern high-rises, freeways and rail.

It took the construction of the Brutalist Metropolitan Mall (see pic #1) for the City to adopt a stringent design review of ALL buildings in the city. From now on, only buildings designed to look like pre-war buildings were to be built. That meant heavy reliance on Art Deco styles and European-inspired architecture. The law is called Comprehensive Design Mandate Act Year 24, (Y24 Act for short).

Despite this restriction, Newville has more people than any other city in Newville Peninsula. BUT as you can see, its buildings are dwarfed by the economic powerhouse of the adjacent Bundok city.


Newville today at night


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