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The cradle of Europe.

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Continuing on with my tour of Ancient Greek sites, Olympia is situated 120km north-west of Archaea and is famous for the Temple of Hera as well as the historic Agio Pantelimon church built in 1200AD out of ruins left on the site from the destruction of an ancient temple and treasury house by the invading Turks.

Today, the area is popular with tourists as the secluded beach offers clean and warm waters to enjoy in the summer and tourist accommodation is located just 3 kilometers away in the town of Naxi.




Archaea is a historical region in the south of Laconia, located between the previously featured monastery of Thira and the large cosmopolitan city of Erosa.

Due to the present day rugged nature of the terrain, the historical site of Archea Polis which was an important cultural and religious spot in the late centuries BC has no real public access and can only be viewed by the nearby bay or mountain tops or close up by trekking through the wilderness which currently surrounds the site.




Thira is a Greek Orthodox monastery nestled on the cliff face of the Meni peninsular in the south of Laconia. It is a sacred location with over 2000 years of history and access to the monastary by the general public and tourists is forbidden.

Many cruise ships however dock in the bay of Meni for days on end and provide passangers with the chance to bathe in the warm (26C) waters of the bay with views of the cliffs, the church and the historical windmills.




Elionias is the economic and political capital of Laconia. Compared to older cities in the nation such as Erosa, Elionias is rather young, having only been settled in the mid 15th century by Venetians.

Today the city has become the capital of the nation, with legislative arms of government governing from the Parliament building in the centre of town.


Below is the financial centre of Elionias with the skyline reaching out between the northern and southern banks of the river.




Erosa is a city founded on the flat and fertile plains of the Attican basin. It is considered the most multi-cultural city of Laconia due to its large population of foreigners, in particular muslims from the east and to a lesser extent, the increasing number of migrating Asians.

In ancient times, the lands of the region were used for cotton farming and within a few centuries, the city had flourished into a vibrant centre of trade and commerce.

In more recent times however, the region was annexed to Laconia in the early 20th centuries and since then, it has for the most part lagged behind the growth of the rest of the country, especially its larger counterparts of Lymesos and Elionias.

Because of this, and due to the proportion of foreign residents, the city has garnered the reputation of being run-down and slightly unsafe compared to other cities of the country. In statistics from 2009, the Greater Metropolitan Area of Erosa, with a population of 1.3 million, had the second lowest GDP per capita of the nation at $21,000 (27,000LACs).

Still, the city enjoys some of the best weather that the nation has to offer, with a warm Mediterranean climate and more sunny days than any other region in the country.

In 2011, ECUP, the Erosa Commission of Urban Planning has suggested that the city re-brand itself as a premier summer destination by redeveloping the waterfront, in particular the lower dockland areas to make way for private investment in the way of hotel, resort and various other entertainment precincts. A proposal has been put in place however there has been no official word from the nation government and sceptics believe that they are hesitant to invest in this neglected area.






I hope you enjoyed the first URBAN update of my new CJ. :)


Kalithali is the popular secluded beach on the southern coast of Laconia, 68kms south of the nations capital, Navarino.


The name Kalithali is Greek meaning literally, 'good beach'. The location is also famous for its 2 shipwrecks just off the coast.



A land with a recorded history spanning 3000 years, Laconia is situated on a remarkable peninsular in the Mediterranean basin, known as Boetion. Historic towns are nestled between rolling hills and the warm Aegean waters carefully lap at the coast of this once influential, almost mythical nation.

Although a powerful city-state in ancient times, the nation has suffered countless civil and external wars since the turn of the 20th century including a crippling military coup in the 1980s. In modern times however, the nation is slowly awakening from its almost dormant end to the last millennium into a multi-faceted and interesting destination for tourists, scholars and locals alike.

Today, the nation enjoys a record number of tourist arrivals, a prospering economy and an increasing global influence in both manufacturing and banking.

Your journey has begun with the arrival of Ionic Air Flight 833 into a wet and miserable day at Elionias International Airport. Flying around the nation on the national airline, Ionic, you will enjoy the sights and history that this country has to offer.



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