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About this City Journal

Explore semi-realistic Asian cities by visiting various points in time, from the 1900s into the far future.

Entries in this City Journal


Tokyo, Japan - 1965





The mid/late-1960s in Japan are usually referred to as the 'Golden Sixties', representing the continuation of an great economic growth which had started in the 50s. Japan had rebuilt its cities, industry, infrastructure, and technology with astounding speed after the Pacific War. The year before, the Summer Olympics were held in Tokyo, bringing Japan into the international limelight once again. Electric billboards and mid-rise offices spawned by new business and commercialization are beginning their early stages in these years, as you can see.


A small retail district with a few apartment buildings.


A large view of the business district. The new highway was built to accommodate the tourists of the Olympic Games.

(Click the image to enlarge)


The business district at night.



Another small retail area, a few electric signs light up at night.


Tokyo, Japan - 1919




Our journey begins nearly 100 years ago, in Japan. The period between 1912 to 1926 is known as the Taishō era here, named after the Emperor Taishō who reigned during these years. After the Meiji Restoration, (a historic political and industrial transformation), Japan experienced an era of great prosperity. Government was becoming increasingly democratic, power was shifting to the National Diet (a sort of parliament). Industrial and modernizing advances were still progressing with as much speed as ever. Electrical wire-grids were constructed, in larger cities tram systems were on the rise...


Railways were common in many towns, as was cramped wooden housing. (Click to enlarge)



From top to bottom, you can see the following sights: A water mill generating electricity for the neighborhood, A kabuki theatre (kabuki was a popular form of acting/dance), a small water plant, a bridged canal.






After months of delay because of an accidental deletion of all my SC4 Mod files, I have recompiled most of my old plugins and can now finally begin working on this journal.


This City Journal is not a typical one, I'm not actually going to be using the vanilla game to build a city from a region. For me, what matters most is the outcome, what you the viewer/reader will experience. I want you to feel like you are reading a captivating picture-filled story or history book. If you are looking for a Journal where you watch my in-game zoning and building, this is not for you. In order to make this seem realistic, no in-game features will be shown (as much as possible).

Each Entry will consist of a series of photos of a particular city or region in Asia. This will be mostly China, Japan, and Korea, but will eventually come to include Russia, India, and any others that I can think of. These entries will all have a specific 'theme', being both a place and a time, sometimes an event. This will make the reading experience very enjoyable, for you, the adventurer, will get to travel from the early 1900s, to the far future, back to the time of the Pacific War, or to the economic boom of the 1980s.

I have collected the only the most high-quality modifications and plugins for your scenic pleasure. The image-editing program GIMP will be used , but moderately for after-effects and touch-ups. I will accept any questions, and attempt to answer all of them. Votes on what the next Journal-Entry should comprise of will be put in place if a large-enough number of people begin to follow.

Now that you have been introduced, please check my journal for updates later this week, and enjoy this small preview image!



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