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About this City Journal

Tracking a nation born as mockery to another and the dues it had to pay for its independence.

Entries in this City Journal

Sergeant Wupass

Vendelie is a city of beauty, built after turpitainian Sim's caught word that another country Vienna, founded by the guy that made those little canned sausages had such a city. The Turpitianians didn't want any nation to endanger their tourist industry since its a staple of the economy so several mega corporations banded together and dug out a canyon, built up a tall foundations, integrated a huge purification system, and filled it up. People were astounded by this engineering feat and the properties in the city sold like hot cakes at a fat camp. The result is shown here:


City blocks are basically islands.



Somehow a wealthy businessman also managed to buy the Eiffel tower, as strange as it was nobody was about to complain.


Theres a lovely residential section for the richest sims in the nation.

Its needless to say the Vienna sausage guy wasn't too happy

Sergeant Wupass


Rivanna is one of the 2 premiere resort destinations that fuel turpitainia's massive tourist industry. It spares no amenity in its pursuit to satisfy every Sim's indulgence no matter how exotic. Gambling is legal, so are most forms or "exotic" entertainment, drugs like marijuana, mushrooms, and other natural psychoactive herbs are legal and to protect people they are only dispensed at government sites, prostitution is legal and heavily regulated, no STDS are spread... ever. Thus destroying any organized crime efforts in the city. Everything is legal so what could a crime lord make money off doing? This results in a low crime rate and a guaranteed good time to any tourist visiting.


Pink sand is the name of the game on these beaches, maybe take ride on the water? Or just sit back at the hotel pool and relax.


The entire city is built on a chain of islands and as a result super deep and connected foundations support the sky-scrappers that tickle the bottoms of the clouds.

The cities waters stay relatively clam do to a large natural breakwater outside the city, not much fun for surfers but it comes in handy if a storm rolls through.

Sergeant Wupass


The capital city metropolis, over 2.5 million people crammed into buildings extending ever farther into the sky. Its truly a bustling city, mostly business and residential districts, its got a small industrial area but an in-congruently large port. The reason being that metropolis is so large that the port is simply there to import goods for the city, and the industrial sector is just a giant repackaging operation. This greatly cuts down on the cost of goods since the port is right next to the city. It also insures that the citizens get fresh produce from other countries!


The port is always bustling with new arrivals!


An overview of the city, its easy to get lost in the metropolitan environment, luckily there's always a Starbucks around the corner if you need a place to relax and get your bearings ;)


The entire city is powered by 2 large nuclear power plants. Two of them just to power one city!!! Sims also take advantage of the ever present void to "efficiently" dispose of waste.

Metropolis is the New York, Chicago, and Detroit of Turpitainia all rolled into one, its makes and breaks Sims everyday, though its a bit more forgiving than most people would like you to think. Due to a small army of policemen its relatively safe as well. City hall decided to place more smaller hospitals around the city and instead of several huge sprawling complexes to make emergency services quicker and to make the hospitals more friendly and less daunting so Sims would be more encouraged to visit before things get nasty. Next up, the resort of city of Rivanna!

Sergeant Wupass

Now for Turpitainia, the largest SimNation on SimEarth(haha!) Anyway it has a population of over 7 million Sims and is very densely populated in cities and sparely populated in the countryside. This entry is to describe the nation, its government, and a few interesting tidbits to try and make this city journal interesting.

Turpitainia has a cross between a Democratic and Republican Government. The President stays in office for 8 years and is elected solely by the people, no electoral college. In a day and age where Sims can communicate instantly through massive communication infrastructures an electoral college is useless.

Next there is the national assembly, the Sim's version of congress. The president can kick any delegate of the assembly off for just cause however the national assembly can remove the president from office.



The center of government resides in the city of metropolis which is also in the center of Turpitainia. It is by far the largest city in the country holding over 2.5 million Sims. The people of this country are fiercely patriotic given the fact that the government has not strayed in serving its people. This means that an invading enemy would have a 2 million Sim militia to fight if they wish to take capital.

An average Sim enjoys a trove of government programs:

Appropriately adjusted taxes, the rich pay a lot more than the poor causing some unrest but the economic prosperity of the nation more than makes up the difference.

Nation healthcare: every Sim receives free healthcare no matter how poor or wealthy

Impeccable educational system: The Sims are very well educated.

Socialized Utility Providers: Non profit utility companies mean prices that Sims pay are only breakeven prices to cover costs.

Solid Welfare and Social Security System: Sims enjoy lovely retirements.

And a lot more but it would get boring to read ;)

Its easy to see why the Sims of Turpitainia are very patriotic, as a result Turpitainia boasts a very well trained, motivated, and equipped military. Finally from a young age Sims are encouraged to pursue their dreams and are taught to work hard to achieve them through progressive social programs, so the fortune 500 list is always booming with new corporations changing the way Sims live their lives and as a result Turpitainia's economy is booming.

That's all about the country, now time to show off some cities!!

Sergeant Wupass


The first nation I'll introduce is Maldonia. Its no spectacular feat of civilization, but instead a nation I created strictly adhering to the original game rules and buildings. Its Not a huge nation at only 600,000 sims but it is a leading industrial center. So here we go:


An overview of this small nation, it has huge industrial sectors and exports quite a lot of finished goods.


Heres the main commercial center of the country. Most people commute to the city Dublin and as a result the city's crime rate is relatively low due to its low population. It is however a lovely place to live, if your wealthy enough that is, its limited residential areas are filled almost exclusively with rich Sims.


And there's Plymouth the Capital city, heavily populated and well served by an amazing civil service system. It and Dublin are the gems of Maldonia, most other cities are developed to serve the industrial sectors and the quality of life in them typically shows it.

There's not too much to show now as Maldonia isnt important until later. However i hope your impressed with my mod and cheat free work!

Sergeant Wupass

This is my first city journal so please be nice haha. Im still working some things out so sorry if its not too impressive at first. I'll try to make up for it by creating a good story. Just remember that lots of comments and suggestions will help me enrich the story ;) I've been playing Simcity 4 for 7 years now and its still not old so in an effort to keep it from getting old I stopped just making cities and started making nations! So the next few posts just have an overview of each nation involved in this little story.

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