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About this City Journal

A long way from Waterbridge and Stone, Calma is Gaelic in origin, Adonian by Birth and has a little bit of everything.

Entries in this City Journal



I took a trip to the City of Grevinster, in the Grevinster Province (thats the provincial flag, not the city's flag) above and wanted to show you how it was. Grevinster is a small metropolis of 150,000 along the southeast coast of Calma Domhain.


This afternoon I was in downtown and couldn't figure out what this really loud commotion was so I kept searching around and found out that the two local teams. North Grevinster and Grevinster County, were facing each other in the big game around here. It happens twice a year because of Premier League Scheduling. North put up a good fight but kept making deep defensive mistakes and lost out 3-0 to County.

Grevinster Stadium was built in 1967 and holds 18,000 people. It is owned by the Province but is operated by Grevinster County FC. North Grevinster used to play at a stadium north of town but they felt that it would be more economical to share Grevinster Stadium with County.


I decided to drive out of town and explore the mountains outside of town and came across an interesting site, known as Richmond Cliffs, lets just say I decided I wouldn't find out how far the drop is :)


On my way back I came across a few switchbacks I later found out are part of Rally Calma Domhain. Specificallly the "Richmond Special Stage."


But then I came across a gravel road, which I had yet to see, while heading back up the windy roads and drove onto something that I couldn't figure out what it was, but then there was a man who informed me that it was a rallycross track, a professional one which hosts professional racing :) And then flying around a corner came Riley Luke who i had a nice chat with over racing, his father and alot of other stuff which was good. Luke, of course, is the son of six time Calman Touring Car Champion Joel Luke, and Grandson of the owner of that team, John Luke. Rumor have the youngest Luke running part time in the CTCC along with his father next year at the age of 17, a rather typical age in Calman motorsports seeing as you can get your license at 14 if you meet all the regulations. Luke has been winning Calman Rallycross races since he was 13, mostly behind the wheel of a Challis Mion (a bit ironic since Luke Autosports races CAG models). As a comparison, CAG.v.Challis is like Ford.v.Holden in Australia.


Then I figured i'd head back into town and I came across alot of people standing around (1,000-1,500) a baseball field, so I got out and asked someone and they said that it was the Huntsferry Knights practice, who moved midseason from Davis Park. Now you may or may not know but the Knights are one of the top teams in the STSL, making the playoffs as the best team in the Erica Byrnes League with an 18-6 record (second best behind the Linktoria City Fire in the league) 3 whole games clear of the Davis Park Irish Ladies.


The Headquarters of Grocer giant Groseair.


Home of the CBL Southeast Ballers, CHA League 1 Grevinster Sharks and BBOC Premier Division East Coast Chargers, its Provincial Arena.


Heading back West on Richmond Ave., we pass the Knight's home Stadium, Ware's Stadium, sponsored by Ware's Corner Shops.


Then at Schools Street, we turn south and pass GCHS, Grevinster City High School, home of the Titans, who play at Titan Stadium... btw, free presidential/royal car for the first person that can tell me what street is photoshopped :)


Going back to Football... Training grounds of Grevinster County FC of the O'Briens Premier League.


And as usual, city/downtown/region shot :)





Movie Name: Cuando Empecé Pensar (When I Started to Think)

Lead Actors/Actresses and Roles:

Nicolas Escano as Tito Hontiveros

Maria Ferdinand as Alana Hontiveros

Victor Olivo as Don Capel

Freddy Lucina as Vilhelmo "El Lobo" Vulpo

Director: Martin Vallecillo

Plot Synopsis:

An original screenplay by Martin Vallecillo, Empecé Pensar (When I Started to Think) is the story of Tito Hontiveros, a aspiring young member of the Insulonian Nationalist Party from Omata in 1982. However, as he moves of the party hieracrchy he realizes the truth about his government that had been hidden from the people of Insulo for years. The film details his desperation and guilt, his eventual relationship with Insulonian national hero Don Capel, and his intrumental role in overthrowing the government he once believed in and the crucial support and help of his wife Alana, whom Don Capel introduced him to, through it all.

This film has been certified by the Historical Film Society of Insulo as historically accurate.

Action Shot:


For Judging: Yes

Run Time: 225 minutes


Movie Name: What Really Matters

Lead Actors/Actresses and Roles: Désirée Jocelyn as Ariana Dankov, Clare Percy as Sofia Auro Colette, and Maximillian Ogden as Mikhail Dankov

Director: Tristan Lucas Hughes

Plot Synopsis: Based on the bestselling novel, What Really Matters is the story of Ariana Dankov, heir to the Throne of Carpathia, who experiences the loss of her parents, and then has the responsibility of being the Princess, during war, thrown in her face. The film highlights the resilience of the Posilliponian people, and that the country's best days are not over.

Action Shot: PrincessAriana.png

For Judging: yes

Run Time: 124 minutes


Movie Name: Attack of the Killer Parrots

Lead Actors/Actresses and Roles: Jake Horace Jones as Park Paerrt, Theresa Mathilde as Collette Marquez, Andy Norman as Tommy la Fon, Miles MacDonnel as Eddie Barstead, and Paulo Kameina as The Scientist

Director: Kyle Grant

Plot Synopsis: Hundreds of thousands of years ago, a mysterious artifact fell from space and landed in the midst of the Ruterian jungle. No one knew exactly what it could do, if anything...

It was January of the year 2020. A large, metallic, perfectly spheroidal object had been discovered in the Ruterian jungle, not far from Uxmal. Intrigued by this discovery, scientists took a survey of the area, discovering it to be quite full with exceptionally large parrots. After the survey of the surrounding area was complete, it was arranged for some specimens of the parrots to be sent to every major scientific nation, to help in studying this new and unusual species, while the sphere was removed to Merida, the capital of Ruteria. Not long after the sphere's removal, however, all communication with the site was mysteriously cut, followed one by one soon after, by the various ships, trains, planes, and trucks transporting the parrots. All attempts at regaining communications failed. Only a couple of hours after the first plane mysteriously went out of communication, one of the missing planes, out of nowhere it seemed, crashed into the Royal Palace of Ruteria, in what was apparently an attempt to assassinate Queen Lucia. The attempt failed, however. Other mysterious aircraft crashes, truck bombs, train wrecks, and shipwrecks occured soon afterwards, nearly all of them involving one or more of the disappeared vehicles.

New Friscian detective Tommy la Fon was assigned to one of these crashes, which had occurred only a few hundred meters off the coast of the New Friscian capital, Lamare. It wasn't long before the bodies of the crew were recovered from the wreck. All of them had severe cuts that, upon examination, had not come from the crash. It was evident that they had died long before the aircraft had crashed. There was no trace of the parrots that were in the cargo bay, but this was not too surprising, as the cargo bay had been almost completely obliterated in the crash. A few days after this, the residents of Uxmal were going about their business, when suddenly, like a million colorful hornets, huge parrots flew into the city and started killing everything in sight. The police were called in, but soon they too were in retreat. After several hours, the parrots left Uxmal as mysteriously as they had come. Not too long after this, a threatening letter was found addressed to the International Assembly of the USNW, requesting "the immediate return of the Great Silver Sphere" within 48 hours, upon penalty of more attacks like the one on Uxmal. The letter was discarded. Not too long afterwards, one by one, the large cities around Uxmal were attacked by parrots, but this time, they didn't dissapear. Only then was the connection drawn between the letter, the different crashes and bombs, and the parrot attacks.

Despite the best efforts of the coalition which was fighting the parrots, by August 2022, nearly all of tropical Itzamna had been taken, barring a few of the largest cities, such as Merida, which was subjected to constant air raids by the parrots. Merida, and southern Itzamna in general, was in for what would probably be its darkest days...

Action Shot(s): KillerParrot.jpgplanecrash.png

For Judging: yes

Run Time: 207 minutes


Movie Name: Mystery in Erikkson

Lead Actors/Actresses and Roles: George Arnold as Phillip Andrews, Margaret Brooke as Sally Moffat, Marco Fernandez as Felipe Sanchez, and Anna Shmidt as Ruth von Dellwick

Director: Sam Brian

Plot Synopsis: When prominent Erikkson citizen Raquel Sanchez is murdered, the family calls on the Adonian Private Detective Agency to help solve the mystery. The APDA sends two of their novice detectives, Phillip Andrews and Ruth von Dellwick, to solve the case. Little do they know, however, where this case will lead them, and what discoveries they'll make...

Action Shot: Set-Dance-Ball-m.jpg

For Judging: yes

Run Time: 114 minutes


Movie Name: The Time

Lead Actors/Actresses and Roles: Eliza Rabay as Fernanda Jimenez, Roberto Marcos as Professor Richard , Mikel Binner as Alexander Tuntle.

Director: Jaime Aragon

Plot Synopsis: When Dr. Richard creates a Time Machine, her younger daughter, Fernanda discovers the Machine, she accidentally turns it on and starts travelling around all the ancient times of Adonia, aswell of the future...

Action Shot: thetime.jpg

For Judging: yes

Run Time: 128 minutes

Awards Being Handed out towmorrow:

Golden Fabhcun: (best actor)

Golden Iolar: (best actress)

Golden Ceannaire: (best director)

Best Film: Overall

Best Film: Romantic Dramas

Best Film: Military Films

Best Film: Documentary

Best Film: Nature

Best Film: Conquering

Due to crowds, the Closing ceremony will now take place at Jackson Square instead of inside the Convention Center.


I did some more on Calma today, worked on Larnach Town, Capital of the Larnach Province, and based on the recent Wiki Articles I've been working on (hit random page and you'll probably find something on the Calman Touring Car Championship or the Calman F2500 Championship). Anyway, Larnach town is a pretty sleepy town but has 3 clear claims to fame, first it's the capital of the Larnach Province (already covered that but oh well), second it is home of OPL side, Larnach Town, who play at, you'd never guess where right, Larnach Stadium.


and third claim to fame, the Larnach Circuit, 2.284 kilometers, 1.42 miles of treacherous mountainside raceway. 6 turns, multiple dips and crests.


The Pit Complex features 20 garage stalls on the front and another 20 on the back if needed and enough space for up to 40 cars on pit road.



After cresting the hill, we start downhill towards turn one, a sharp hairpin, and have to brake much earlier than if the turn were flat because of the steep grade of the hill. Out of Turn one we head for turn two, a simple uphill kink that can be taken flat out due to the slow speeds of turn one.


Better shot of turns 1 and 2.


Some cars may have to lift for turn three, another uphill 45 degree kink like turn 2, but right after the crest, the track drops back downhill into the entrance to turn 4, albeit, not as steeply as to turn 1.


The track then heads uphill before it drops further down hill, heading slightly uphill for the turn before flattening out for the turn and then heading back up before dropping down for turn 6, the entrance to the pits, the tunnel exit to the track and the start straight.

But there are other things Larnach is famous for, for instance, anyone who comes into town almost HAS to eat at "Parkinson's Barbecue"


and some other random shots:

CalTrak Red Line Station through Larnach.



CAG Dealership


Wade's Corner Shop in South Larnach


Gas Stations at the south entrance to town.

Hope you liked our tour of Larnach Circuit and Larnach Town. :)



First off, forgot to post Day 1 yesterday here, my bad :(



Generic Message: Hello and welcome to the Jackson Harbor Convention Center, due to possible interference, we ask that you please turn off all cell phones, blackberries, and related handheld electronic devices, thank you and please enjoy the show.

Fin Carter: Everybody having a good time so far? Alright... welcome to the first annual Defers Film Festival, we've got two days of featured films but we are going to start out tonight with a standalone film, which is not signed up to win any awards, it's the story of how war can change a man. Staring Andrew Ramsey as King Francis the fifth, may I now present to you, Freedom Fighters


Movie Name: Freedom Fighters

Lead Actors/Actresses and Roles: Andrew Ramsey as King Francis V, Billy Mann as Admiral-Duke Gregory, Phillip Peterson as Eric Dawson, Caius Spencer as Peter de Edward, Phillip Richards as Ben Larson, and Madeleine Bonard as Marie Bonard

Director: Lionel Maynard

Plot Synopsis: The film is set during the Trentannian occupation of Grand (1941-19??). The film shows the war as seen through the eyes of Free Grandian Able Seaman Eric Dawson, Grand Republican Sargeant Peter de Edward, and Trentannian Corporal Ben Larson.

Action Shot: Allied_soldier_World_War_II.jpg

For Judging: yes

Run Time: 150 minutes

(150 minutes later)

Fin Carter: Now how bout that? Freedom Fighters, taking what was theirs all along, what can you say, freedom don't come free. Now if you would please help me in welcoming to the stage, all the way from way out west, Andrew Ramsey!

(WOOO!!! Yay!!!! Yippie!!! *Clap Clap Clap*)

[Ramesey comes to the stage]

Andrew Ramsey: Thank You.

Fin: So Andrew, let me get this straight, your not just King Francis the fifth, in the film, right?

Ramsey: Nope, not just in the film.

Fin: You actually are King Francis', the real King Francis, Great Grandson, right?

Andrew: Yes :)

Fin: So this is actually indirectly, a government sponsored film.

Andrew: Indirectly :)

Fin: Well Mr. Royalty, to cap off our opening Ceremony, We have some acts coming on stage here to sing songs and spread joy and subliminal messages.

(crowd laughs)

Ramsey: Well then, without further a due, please welcome to stage... American Graveyard!

warning: songs may be explicit, but all can be found on tv.


Ramsey: Really moving guys, keep it up, but for now get off our stage (hehe)

Fin: Good Performance really, but now please welcome to the stage RE-HAB!!!!

Fin: Rehab, American Graveyard, quite an opening act but now for our featured performers, Mumford. And. SONS!

Fin: Thanks guys, now, tune in towmorrow to see some of our featured films, till then, I'm Fin Carter, good night.

Day 2



Fin Carter: Today, we kick off our shows, in attendance we have some judges from here in Calma Domhain who I would like to introduce, first, he is a legend, a shoein for the Calman Musical Hall of Fame twice, once by himself and once with his band, please welcome, Montego Arellano! He makes the horrible cars you all got here in, President of the Calman Auto Group, Kazimierz Gorski! and finally, he has adorned these screens in big time debuts before, Wall Richard Hanson!

Playing at the Jackson Harbor Convention Center:


Movie Name: Loggers

Lead Actors/Actresses and Roles: Jim Falkirk as Harris Laker, Annette Shelling as Annie Baker, Sarah Bernstead as Nina Patterson, and Billy Johnson as Mark Patterson

Director: Andrew Markson

Plot Synopsis: The film is set on the fictional island of Belleberg. The island is famous for its logging industry, but there are concerns that the economy of the island will collapse in the near future due to the exhaustion of its forests. Harris Laker, the foreman of one of the logging camps, notices one day steam coming from the summit of the mountain which dominates the island. He contacts local geologist Mark Patterson about the phenomena. Patterson, however, says there is no danger at all. His wife, Annie, herself a geologist, quietly confirms to Harris that the mountain is actually a volcano, long considered extinct, since it hasn't erupted in 50,000 years. Harris realizes that an eruption could be imminent, and returns to the camp to begin an evacuation. However, his boss refuses to allow evacuation, and orders him to continue with his work. Harris then secretly starts spreading rumors of an impending eruption. The general populace refuses to believe these rumors, but a small group of people, including Patterson's daughter, Nina, believe him, and together, they organize a protest in front of the President's Mansion. The Rally is brutally put down by the army on it's third day. Nina and Harris are both arrested as the ringleaders of the "riot", and are imprisoned. In the meantime, the steam from the volcano is now mingled with spectacular firework shows of lava. Far from ordering an evacuation, and believing the city to be far away enough from the volcano even in case of a full-scale eruption, the President declares a national week of festivities, to celebrate the volcano's re-awakening. One day as Annie is on a hike near the volcano, she discovers several large fissures in the rock between the ocean and the volcano. She immediately returns to the capital to warn everybody of this new development, but they don't believe her. On the tenth day of the festivities, an especially large celebration was planned to take place at 9:00 PM on the location of Harris's former logging camp, now reopened as a tourist center. Suddenly, the volcano spews an extrordinarily large amout of lava, setting fire to the entire area, and engulfing the camp within minutes, killing everyone there. As the lava nears the capital, suddenly the entire volcano blows up, as the sea enters the volcano through the fissures. Harris, who had managed to escape in all the confusion a few minutes previously, reaches the docks with Nina, who had been released on bail a few days before, when the volcano blows up. They share a kiss, before the shockwave of the volcano's explosion reaches them and kills them both, along with everyone remaining on the island. A few hours later, Annie is found unconsious on a piece of wreckage, the only survivor of Belleberg.

Action Shot: arenal-volcano.jpg

For Judging: Yes

Run Time: 145 minutes


Movie Name: Constantly Meeting

Lead Actors/Actresses and Roles: Roy Anderson as Charlie McDaniels, Marianne Roux as Juliet Smith and George Handly as Mr. Smith

Director: Paris Bertrand

Plot Synopsis: Law student Juliet Smith and music student Charlie McDaniels share a chemistry they cannot deny - and a love they cannot ignore. Despite their opposite backgrounds, the young couple put their hearts on the line for each other. When they marry, Juliet's wealthy father threatens to disown her. Charlie tries to reconcile them, but to no avail. Charlie and Juliet continue to build their life together. Relying only on each other, they believe love can fix anything. But fate has other plans. Soon, what began as a brutally honest friendship becomes the love story of their lives.

Action Shot: Picture1.jpg

For Judging: Yes

Run Time: 118 minutes


Movie Name: Through the Western Hedges

Lead Actors/Actresses and Roles: JT- Tiger Jackson, Melissa Edwards-Anne Marie,

Director: Andrew Hines

Plot Synopsis: Set in 1964, Through the Western Hedges is a film cronicling the story of predjudices, opression, friendship and the good of man. The film is set in the forests of the Uisecathair Province of Calma Domhain during the second Calman Civil War. Despite equal Socialist rule, predjudices still existed in the island nation which Tiger Jackson must overcome, falling in Love along the way. Tiger Jackson comes from what was once a wealthy family

Action Shot:


For Judging: Yes

Run Time: 122 Minutes


Movie Name: The Jungle

Lead Actors/Actresses and Roles: Steven Dreamer as Hunter Jackson , Mia Watts as Abha Devar, Cesar White as Rocky Lopez and Neil Garez as Oliver Stevenson

Director: Luke Williams

Plot Synopsis: An American hunter and an Indian princess trek into the Indian jungle to investigate a number of wild animal stampedes which have resulted in the deaths of many people. On their journey, they discover that a herd of prehistoric woolly mammoths are responsible for the terror.

Action Shot: AbhaDevar.jpg

For Judging: yes

Run Time: 125 minutes


Movie Name: hike

Lead Actors/Actresses and Roles: Matthew Bowen as himself

Director: Bonifaci Pearson

Plot Synopsis: A documentary showcasing Matthew Bowen's journey across Althena on foot. On April 27, 2009, Bowen checks out of an Erikkson hotel, starting his 14,000 kilometer journey eastward. His 17 country journey takes him across bustling cities, breathtaking mountains, vast deserts, and dense swampland. The trek runs into various problems, from weather to border patrol agents. Bowen reaches Al Aaium on January 5, 2010, 253 days later. The closing scene shows him renuited with his family at Al Aaium Airport.

Action Shot: movie.jpg

For Judging: Yes

Run Time: 105 minutes

Tune in tomorrow to see the rest of the judged films.


The promised update of the best ya'll haven't gotten to see:


Map of North Calma.


Winford is the Big City, home to a yet to be determined 2 to 4 million people, it is also home of the main Insulian (Spanish) and Polish communities in Calma Domhain.


Overview of Downtown Winford.


The tallest building in Winford, we see the Hillman Tower overlooking Winford Stadium. The Hillman Corperation is a major conglomerate in Calma along with United Standard Calma (USC) and they own the building and the major team that plays in the stadium, Hillman FC, who finished third in the O'Briens Premier League (Association Football), ironically, named for O'Briens Ice Cream Shops, a major brand of their competitor USC. In their history, Hillman has won 8 Calman Cups and 6 Premier League titles.

They also have the largest stadium in the CPL (Calman Premier League), at 78,000, over Expedition United (Davis Park) whose new Faulkner Provincial Stadium only holds 76,000. Winford also is home of 4 other CPL teams in the metro area and another also in the province (City: Winford Rovers, South Beach FC, Airships United and Winford Provincial University; Province: FC Charleston)


A Winford Subway Station and part of the underground Parking tunnels access enterance.


The watering hole of Little Warsaw in North Winford.


School in North Winford's Little Insulo district, home of 40,000 people.


Courtyard at the Carlin Estate, home of the Carlin family since the late 1600's, when Calma was still a Kingdom, and home of the tenth Calman President, Charles Carlin, who served as a Freeist from 1880-1888.


Little Insulo's Estadio Javier Lopez, home of C.D.F. Osos de Pueblo Insulo.


Market in Little Insulo.


Charleston, Winford Province

Charleston Stadium, home of FC Charleston, is sponsored by Charleston's Own Beers and Ales, a USC Company.


Hillman Corp.'s Andrews Home Improvement Stores Charleston store.


O'Brien's Ice Cream Shop in Charleston, with a rotating Cone out front in the likeness of the company's logo.



Shot of Saiston, a generic small town in Sernsen Province.


Shot of the shopping area in Uisecathair known as Hayward and Lansing (it's between Hayward St. E and Lansing St. W). The Grass area is now canals, just as an fyi :)


Some Government Buildings holding Calman Bureaucracy, with a lot of branches (10 branches with 4-6 sub branches and bureaus for each).



Faulkner Motor Speedway, in Faulkner Pass District, near Davis Park.


Faulkner District.


Rivertown Resort and Spa in Faulkner Pass.


CalTrak Davis Park Terminal.


Downtown Davis Park with the Twin Towers, known as a whole as Magpie Wharf.


DC Cola Tower, a major office for USC who own DC Cola, in Defers City.


CBC Tower next to the DC Cola Tower, is the main broadcasting center in Calma.


DC Cola Park Stadium, home of Defers City, next to the DC Cola Tower.


Kaizer Hills Ski Resort, located in the Mountains southeast of Davis Park.


Located along the border between Sernsen and Defers Provinces, it's a strange place :)


The only limited access interchange on the Beltway, the rest of the intersections are roundabouts.




Defers Harbor Convention Center.

That was short, wasn't it? :)


I've come a long way since Stone, even Waterbridge, and am now part of the USNW. If you're active over there, you probably have seen Calma somewhere, i'm pretty active, and I figured I should probably finally bring Calma to Simtropolis. I'm going to post a "greatest hits" entry here in a few minutes but this is what is new for today.


There are two major Metro areas in Calma Domhain, a nation of about 5,000 square Miles in the far East of Adonia, officially part of the continent of Althenea, the same as Insulo, Posillipo, etc. but being on the other end of the continent, it is very distant both physically and culturally from those nations.

The first major Metro Area is the Winford Metro Area, located along the South coast. It is home to about 2,000,000 people (probably, might end up on 4,000,000, i'm still working on it) and the second is the North Calman Metro Area. which is along the entire far northern part of the country, housing 3 cities (Davis Park, Defers City and Uisecathair),Housing about the same amount of people. Many differing demographics exist across the nation, including (translated to earth demographics) Russian, Irish, Welsh, English, and small Polish and Spanish communities. The capital is the smallest of the four cities, Uisecathair is located near the far northeast corner of the nation, and is only home to a quarter million people. Davis Park and Defers City are both listed around a million people. Jackson Harbor is located as a cultural and social center in well, the center, of the three, about 5 miles (albeit across a harbor) from Defers City, 7 miles from Davis Park and about 12 miles from Uisecathair. Note, Football/Soccer is a MAJOR sport in Calma.


The foundation of the modern Jackson Harbor FC was Carter House Football Club. Today, a new incarnation of CHFC exists, but the original club now plays a block away at Harbor Road, under new management.


And under the Black and Neon Yellow they play, the 32,000 seat Harbor Road Stadium (often just Harbor Road), Jackson Harbor is coming off a sixth place finish in the O'Brien's Premier League, the club has 1 Calman Cup and 2 Premier League Titles, all in the late 1960's.


Welcome to Harbor Park Home of the UBL Jackson Harbor Giants.


Some Houses in Jackson Harbor along the Jackson River.


Overview shot of the previous shots


Jackson Square, the main gathering point of Jackson Harbor.


Square Street, just East of Jackson Square.


The Harbor Tower, the main office building and tallest building in Jackson Harbor.


The Harbor Front along the North edge of Town.


Jackson Harbor-Defers Harbor Concert Hall, One host of the Defers Film Festival.


Jackson Harbor Convention Center, another Host of the DFF, beginning Tuesday 650269930.gif

sorry on the photoshoping, i've only been photoshopping a week or two, I used to use paint, which I was pretty good at.

For a full rundown of what I've been leaving ya'll out on, follow the colored blue link, follow the colored blue link.


I'll post alot of stuff I've left ya'll out on, and starting tuesday is the Defers Film festival, which I'll still accept entries for, just post your entry in a comment here. (new link)


As an overall thing, I hope ya'll liked it,I do it really in depth, atleast I think I do :)

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