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About this City Journal

Stories about the Roman Empire.

Entries in this City Journal

Ronnie Ray


The Pyramids of the Pokemon (in the background) was the birthplace of the Pokemon religion and was the beginning of the Roman Empire, who as well, founded the city of Rome. Emperor Zekrom took place as the emperor of the new empire. New Heliopolis was also a city of the empire, and now, present day, the Roman Empire was ready to attack. The big question is whether the empire can attack the city of Jerusalem or not, because Jerusalem has a huge army too. The only way to know if the empire can defeat Palestine is if they went in and attacked. The main palace is just right by the Mt. Pokemon, the largest mouantain in the Pokemon World.

The people of Palestine were suprised to see the empire as they atacked through the city's guard towers. The conflict with Jeruslaem had been hard, and the empire was ready to end the epic war. Finally, the emperor said to his men...

Emperor Zekrom: Were going to attack the main palace.

Then the warriors of the empire quickly knocked down the Royal Gate as the men on the guard towers shot their bow and arrows. The main palace was huge in size and almost impossible to get through, and was guarded by Royal Guards, the toughest knights in the kingdom, so they were unsure about their plan...

Inside the keep was nothing they expected at all. It was a huge room with 400 floors of Royal Guards. The king of Palestine was at the top. Other Pokemon, such as the Palestine Warriors and Pokemon Knight were also guarding this huge palace. The palace had over 40 walls and 200 guard towers. There was over 50 gates, but were guarded by lots of archers and catapults. There was also 400,000 Warriors guarding the outside of the Royal Palace as well.

Slowly, the empire went up the tower, looking out for suprises the king might have in wait. The army was just as careful to watch out for the things in the tower.

Senator Larry: Down.

An explosion erupted in the tower. The men in the tower were killed, except for the senator, thank god. The senator radioed the emperor and said

Emperor Zekrom: What the hell happened.

Senator Larry: Somebody set a bomb in here.

Prince Arceus: Are you ok.

Senator Larry: Im okay.

He wasnt okay. He almost died from the bomb. He had to fight, or the empire will be over.

Then King George II of Palestine had sent Egypt to fight, and kill the emperor.

The phearow and his army arrived to the scene.

Emperor Zekrom: Oh, $%&^!.

Prince Arceus: I got it.

Prince Arceus threw a bomb at the phearow. He was dead.

Emperor Zekrom: Im counting on you larry, you got to get up that tower.

Senator Larry: Yes Sir.

Prince Arceus: Im coming to help.

Emperor Zekrom: Damn. The Greek Kingdom is after us. You've got to do someting.

Prince Arceus: No throwing a bomb now.

Senator Larry: Ive got a plan.

Emperor Zekrom: Tell me.

Senator Larry: Go to El Paran now. Im aborting the mission.

He went to El Paran and meet Emperor Zekrom there.

Then we went back to the city of Rome. We got over 300,000,000 troops to battle now.

We went back to the main palace to battle.

He saw that Greece had an even larger army. He went into the tower. Greek Hoplites are now after us. The Greeks fired weapons at us. Then Emperor Zekrom ordered to get up the 400 story tower. Then the tower was nothing but rubble. They went to the Babylonian Fortress and tried to eliminate that.

Then the emperor said "Go".

Inside the 400,000,000,000 square foot building, they looked for King George. In the keep, there he was. The army fired a shot to his head, and he was dead. Now the problem was the Greeks. The army also found the dead body of Devil Knight. They also found the senate chamber. They eliminated that too.

Mission Accomplished.

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