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About this City Journal

Witness the first Heliopolis city jounal

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Ronnie Ray

Welcome to my new downtown area. Please vote on my new stadium.

Back to buisness. I need to do some overviews.

First, let me show a pic of my city.


Next, here is my lower downtown area.


I plan to add the Metropark in my new city.

I built some residental as well, but my picture was to big to upload.

Next city journal, this city will get bigger.

Ronnie Ray

The city of New Heliopolis began as a moderate-sized city with the amazingly stupid name of Maxiscity.

The origional districts were, in order of founding, Alexandria, Heliopolis, Memphis, Annapolis, and Jerusalem. There was also the additional neighborhood of Arlington, but was not part of the origional five as it is nothing but an industrial wilderness and a stinky garbage dump.

Incidentally, Arlington and Annapolis are the only two not named after ancient cities.

In the beginning of New Heliopolis, space was tight and Maxiscity was becoming a popular place to live. They began competing for residents. It wasn't difficult. All five edventually grew into urban wastelands.

Then came the day that it was decided to move the kingdom's capitol to the new city. Two districts were in competition for selection, Alexandria and Heliopolis. The Alexandrians bulldozed the Metropark, which had been pastakingly built on a mouantain overlooking Heliopolis. They even bulldozed their CBD.


All thats left of the CBD is a few skyscrapers and the STAPLES Center.


Ronnie Ray

The city of Heliopolis has been destroyed, and the reconstruction of Heliopolis has begun. Lately, the Heliopolis City Government has been moving citizens in, and Heliopolis Construction and Tower Architects are constructing the new city.


Pretty Impressive, my goal is to save this city from total corruption.

My industrial park is to the right

Next city journal, i'll build a new city.

Ronnie Ray


I apoligize for deleting my first city journal.

So if you're starting here...

Welcome to the reconstruction of Heliopolis...

A long time ago, in a land far, far away, King George of the Roman Empire built a city and its name was Heliopolis. Heliopolis was a huge city, and many of its districts were run down and old school. Filled with Trash, Crime,Pollution, and Poor Health and Education, the city was destroyed in 2006 and must be rebuilt.



These are pictures of old Heliopolis.


The objective of the CJ is to rebuild Heliopolis and make it the world's largest city. You will play the rule of the citizens of my city. Any recommendations will be welcome. Please comment.


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