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Upper Class



cookiedamage - Thank you!

escilnavia - Thanks, that means a lot coming from you. :golly:

10000000000000 - Thank you, it's unfortunate that Sim City 4 pixelates the close up photos :(

Zulu2065 - You'll find out soon ;)


In the upper class areas of Madison, the sims here have no idea what is going on in the poorer sections of the city. They are oblivious to the fact that half of Madison is burning.


The schools are fine and the police coverage is excellent.


The kids here, even with their amazing schools and teachers, are lazy and bratty and grades are slipping dramatically.


This is a very dark day for The City of Madison.


- thanks, canadiansim -




Sorry guys! :( I was away on vacation for the last little while and I feel bad for leaving my CJ. :cry: But, I am back and ready to make some updates. Thank you for leaving feedback... I LOVE comments :wub:


A thick layer of smog hangs over the city two nights after the mayor declared Madison bankrupt. It is not just the weather that is bleak and dreary. For the past couple of days, sims have been strolling around lifeless, feeling the repercussions of the budget cuts to the police and fire stations and to local schools in the shabby areas of the city. Sims everywhere are furious.


"Just because we live in areas that are not as well off as others, does not mean we deserve this kind of horrible treatment!" One mother was quoted as saying on a local news station, M-LNK.


Mayor Jackson would not comment on why he only cut services in the poorer areas of town. Sims are screaming for him to be removed from power as soon as possible.


- thanks, canadiansim -





TowerDude - Thank you :D

escilnavia - Is that a good thing? Haha.

NMUSpidey - Yes, the rail stations look fantastic in cities like these.

cookiedamage - That was my intention :]


Today at a press conference in the City Council Building, Mayor Thomas Jackson announced that the City of Madison is bankrupt.

"Oops," he said. "My bad."

Chaos is taking hold of the downtown as people are wondering how this situation can be reversed.




Late into the night, a tower of smoke rose from the downtown area and police sirens were heard until dawn.

What shall be done about the budget?

(The city is not actually broke ;) but whatever choice is chosen will have repurcussions on the sims and the city.)

Should the education be cut and the sims lose some IQ points?

Should the fire departement be cut and the un-named arsonist wreak havoc on the city?

Should the police departement be cut and crime will increase?

Any other suggestions will be welcome in the comments!

- thanks, canadiansim -




Thank you all for your wonderful comments and suggestions. :thumb: You guys are great!


In the City of Madison, it is not all glass and steel.


Crime and drugs rule in bouroughs like these.


The police have almost given up completly, crime is on the rise despite their best efforts.


The sims who live here have also given up, they have realized that they will never make it out.






- thanks, canadiansim -





Zulu2065 - Thank you! I appreciate it!

pielover94 - Thanks!

TowerDude - Thanks! That means a lot coming from you :blush:

escilnavia - Yes so do I.

NMUSpidey - Sorry about that, thanks for telling me.

cookiedamage - Yes, the brown art - deco building will stay downtown for awhile, it`s a major landmark downtown. Thanks! :thumb:



In a recent survey conducted by the town council, only 2% of the sims who commute to the downtown area use the sunken highway. Mayor Thomas Jackson has decided the highway should be demolished, it causes more problems then solutions. It does not have enough exits or crossings to the other side, causing major jams. Council has agreed to demolish the highway, but it has been determined that another form of transport must be put in place where the highway once stood. What do you guys think...

1. Elevated Rail

2. Rail

3. Monorail

Or if you have something different you`d like to see, put it in the comments below!

- thanks, canadiansim -


Downtown Again


Its been awhile since Ive shown the downtown area, there has been many buildings flattened for bigger and better things. Huge glass skyscrapers dominate the cityscape now. Madison, the city of opportunity indeed.



In other news, the old AMC factory was destroyed in a fire two nights ago. Police are convinced it was arsonists that burnt the entire complex to the ground. But why?


Finally, here is an updated region shot to hopefully wet your appetites... (Its not even close to being finished!)


- thanks, canadiansim -


Mega Mall



Kaderman - The end isnt even close!

dabadon5 - Thank you.

111222333444 - Thanks!

As promised, the new "Mega Mall", the Westville Centre.




There are no houses around the mall, but because of the business and jobs it will create, there is no doubt the area will be populated in no time.

- thanks, canadiansim -




Thank you everyone for commenting and giving positive reviews! :thumb:

Today our tour takes us to the suburbs of Madison...




They are also home to one of the best golf courses in the whole region, The Eagles Nest Golf Club, frequented my many sims in checkered pants.



There are also many quaint shopping districts for tourists.



A new mega mall has also just been constructed on the east side of town, pictures of the recently finished mall next update!

- thanks, canadiansim -




NMUSpidey - You got it!

bwong - Thank you! Those trees are part of the "Rural Sunken Highway Mod" by buddybud. It can be found on the STEX.

111222333444 - Yes! Exactly right.

Since you guys have not seen any pictures from any other parts of the City of Madison, except for the downtown, I decided to start the tour in the coastal city of Carisbrooke.


A few minutes north from Downtown Madison, this city is home to about 290 000 sims.


The boardwalk provides a great place to shop and socialize for the locals.


The city is also home to a huge chinese population, China Town is always full of life.

- thanks, canadiansim -



When the mayor of Madison, Thomas Jackson, came to power in 2008, he promised the city that he would do everything he could to improve the traffic crisis that was happening. Poor roadways, not enough public transport, and a terrible train netowork were just a few of the problems that were crippiling the city. Rush hour is a death scentence for commuters. Last year, Mayor Jackson planned to have a subway system for the almost 1.1 million sims living in the area. Unfortunately, the city ran out of money. Unable to pay for the incredible costs of the subway, the project was abandonned. Today however, with the city going through an incredible boom, construction has begun on the subways once again, with the construction on just two subway stations near downtown.



The Nero Cafe and the Bank of Madison Building have also been demolished. All that remains is the Bingo Hall. The owners argue that it is a historical building, and cannot be demolished because the building was the first theater in Madison. However, the theater is not protected from being demolished, but the citizens are siding with the case of the owners, the building should stay.


The city is now facing a delema. Demolish the building and create more buisiness and resedents, or keep the current resedents happy by leaving the theater the way it is.

Leave your comments about what should be done in the comments below!

- thanks, canadiansim -


Quick Update


Thank you everyone for your great input and fantastic ratings, I really appreciate it :yes:

For today I thought I would update you guys on the work going on in downtown Madison. The sold shops have been torn down and construction has begun! A new road is also planned to be built through the construction site later on.


The factories that were recently burnt have also been torn down.


Huge plans are on the way! Hope you enjoyed this quick little update.

- thanks, canadiansim -





Zulu2065 - Oh thats a shame! San Antonio is a beautiful city :ohyes: I visited last year!

Zulu2065 (again) :lol: - Not a problem, Im very glad you like it. The more comments the better haha! I havent made the suburbs just yet, but i will in due time, a couple updates from now.

cookiedamage - Thank you for the 5 stars!!! I really appreciate it! And you never know, the arsonists may strike again...

As requested by a few of you... here is the UNFINISHED region view, anything can and will happen!



1. Downtown Madison

2. Peterburg

3. Carisbrooke

4. Meadowvale

5. Dukes

6. Fairfield

7. New Troy

8. Corolla

9. Future Suburbs

10. Mt. Madison

11. Future Suburbs

12. Future Water / Land???

If you have any ideas about what I should do with the untouched areas of my region, leave them down in the comments!

- thanks, canadiansim -





Blakeway - Yes, the pictures do look a lot better I think. And whats wrong with Ontario? :lol: Haha

Panthersimcity4 - Thank you so much!

Disaster strikes the city! At around 2:30 last night, a part of the old AMC Factory burt to the ground! The Madison Fire Department responded quickly, but the blaze was already out of hand and the factory was completely gone in 45 minutes. Fortunately, no one was injured.


The cause of the fire is currently unknown, and the police are looking into arson as they have received tips from many resedents that they saw hooligans nearby just before the blaze broke out.


The whole block received water and smoke damage and must be torn down.

- thanks, canadiansim -





Blakeway - Thank you. The pictures are a little blurry and grainy because of Ive zoomed in almost all of the way when taking them. Ill try to get better quality from now on. And no sorry Im not from Ontario, Im from Nova Scotia! :ohyes:

cookiedamage - Thank you very much! I sure can show a region shot soon. I was actually thinking about keeping some of the buildings, but not all of them.


1. Bank of Madison Building - Not sold, but will sell if they can get a spot in the new highrise.

2. Old Coat Factory - Now storage space for the city, sold.

3. Brooker Building - Sold.

4. Duke St. Bingo Hall - Not Sold, also the first theater in the city of Madison, constructed in 1912.

5. Cafe 22 - Sold.

6. Small Apartments - Sold.

7. Nero Cafe - Not Sold.

Some sims are strongly against the demolition of this historical block of buildings, even though some are vacant and crumbling.


Many have even gone to protesting outside the City Council Building. The protesters, around 25-30 sims have been sitting outside for three days now.


On a happier note, the construction on the Duke Tower has almost been completed. All that is left to do is for the furniture and appliances to be moved into the apartments. About 650 well-off sims should be moving in in a week when construction is completely finished.

- thanks, canadiansim -



Thank you all for your replies and comments! I really appreciate the feedback. :thumb:

At this moment, the city council has decided to demolish the empty lot and begin construction on a highrise condo, making the area more pleasing for tourists and resedents.


However, when voting on the demolition of the small shops across the street, the votes were even, 8 votes for the demolition and 8 votes against. The fate has not been decided upon just yet. Some shops have been already bought by the city, but others refuse to sell their family businesses.


- thanks, canadiansim -


New Plans


Welcome to the bustiling city of Madison. New opportunities await at every turn, whether in an office tower Downtown or as a bus driver, helping happy sims get to work on time.


Yes, opportunity is found everywhere in Madison, but there is also crime and grease as well. Since the AMC (American Motors Corp.) went bust in 1988, the old factories where hardworking sims went to work everyday have fallen apart, used only by sleaze-balls and criminals.




The Madison Police are getting tired of getting called to the area every night to investigate a crime of some sort by the resedents who still live near the factories.



"What can be done?!" Sims are constantly yelling. It is a major problem in Madison and a very big and dirty blemish on the city's reputation. What do you readers think... Should all of the buildings be demolished to make way for more office space? Or should police be beefed up to encompass the growing crime?

You decide! All and any ideas are welcome!

- thanks, canadiansim -


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