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Bundeskanzler Meyn

Welcome to Heidelberg. Heidelberg is a city near Mannheim. The city is not very big, there lives about 150,000 people. Although Heidelberg is not really big, the city is important for the economy. There are several reasons for that: In Heidelberg there is a well known university, a important Autobahn (highways) is also in Heidelberg.

Three neighbourhoods are in Heidelberg: Altstadt, Neuenheim and Bergheim but Alstadt is the oldest. Many tourists are visiting Heidelberg because its old town and the castle, called “Heidelberger Schloss”.




The Heidelberger Altstadt with Heidelberger Schloss.

Heidelberg is an very important railway junction. From Heidelberg Hauptbahnhof you can use the Regionalbahn (regional train) and the Fernverkehr (long distance trains). You can travel to Mannheim, Frankfurt, Stuttgart and other important places.


Heidelberg Hauptbahnhof

In Heidelberg, there are two important "Autobahnen" (Highways). They are crossing both each other in Heidelberg.


Of cource, there are big industry comapanies.


Bundeskanzler Meyn


after my last post yesterday, there are some new buildings in Mannheim. In This post I want to show you the changes. I hope you will enjoy it.


This is the old bridge over the river to the industry area.


After a fire has destroyed the old parliament building, there were build a new one.


On this picture you can see one of the three big cathedrals of Mannheim.


At the right corner you can see the town hall of Mannheim.


A new building between old flats: The „Oberster Gerichtshof“ (supreme Court).


The National theater

Bundeskanzler Meyn

Welcome to Mannheim - the capital city of Neu Württemberg. Mannheim is the biggest City of Neu Würrtemberg and the centre of cultural life. There are a lot of museums (e.g. the Museum of Natural Science, Museum of History, Museum of Natural Science). Of course, there are many operas.

With an population of mote than 500.000, Mannheim is the biggest city in Neu Württemberg. Hare are a few pictures, I hope you will enjoy it :)


This is the national opera.


Originally, this was the place of residence from the King, but now this is tne national library with thousands of books.


On this picure, you can see the central station, called "Mannheim-Hauptbahnhof". This is the biggest station in region.


A "Regional Express (RE)" is leaving Mannheim to Darmstadt over Weinheim (Bergstr.). The engines are former DDR Baureihe


The Mannheimer Münster is the biggest and oldest church in Mannheim . The church is store next the national library.


This is just a old street. On the other side of the street is a big park.


The Reichtagsgebäude is the parliament of Neu Württemberg. This building was built in 1898.


Another typical street in Mannheim.


The Mannheim football stadium is a very good known place in Mannheim. There are often very important games.


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