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More of Downtown!

Here are a few more photos of Terre Haute as it was a few days ago. The city has since gone through a major recession and most of the buildings have become vacant.

Hope you enjoy this Update!







National Weather Service Announcement

This is a Flood Warning for the following counties

Delaware County until 4:30 PM

Hamilton County until 4:30 PM

Delta County until 3:25 PM

Tomah County until 3:10 PM

Wapahani County until 3:05 PM


*A catchy tune is heard*

Tom: Hello and welcome to Terre Haute Bay News I am your host Tom Pickerson tonight we have a special report.

For the past couple of days the Wapahani Valley region has been plagued by relentless torrents of rain.

We now go to our on the scene correspondent Trish Tocinawa.

*The sound of a helicopter is heard*

Trish: Thank you Tom, I am in the town of Zealand which sits along the White River. The town is being hit hard

by the flood. The river here has risen about 14 feet. The town and many local homes have been flooded. This

aerial image shows the extent of this flood.


As you can see the damage of this flood will be in the millions and

it hasn't even hit the city of Terre Haute yet. We are in for a tough ride Tom, now back to you.

Tom: Thank you Trish. You heard it from the best folks, now keep safe and have a Bright House day!

This news report brought to you by


CHIPPOS! Made with 100% almost pure pig fat and potato skins!


Downtown Terre Haute

Wapahani Valley

The largest building booms in the city's history include the years 1637, 1878, and 1960 through to 1975. This can be clearly seen in the towers that dominate the city's skyline. The Verizon Center was built in 1968 and was at the time the tallest building in the city. Many of the residents didn't like the style of the building for it to be a focal point.

The Bank of Terre Haute Tower began construction just three years after which excited the sims very much. The designs were for a tower which would dominate the skyline from all 360 degrees. The Bank of Terre Haute was established back in 1764 as the city's first bank. The tower had to emanate the bank's reputation and pride.


Ontario Place (the building with a plaza) is owned by one of the largest corporations to ever come out of the Wapahani Valley. Ontario Systems is a software and hardware company that first got its start in the city of Tegel which is just north of Terre Haute. Tegel is the second most populous city in the region with right around 800,000 sims, but that is another City Journal.


The Eckerty building was built in 1984 and was built by the famous Alexandrian architect Jackson B. Eckerty. He was inspired while riding a train through a tunnel and thought what a marvelous experience it would be to drive under an office building. The Eckerty Building was the first to adopt this concept and is still to this day the only building to be built this way.


The Ontario Place reflects the surrounding city off of its glimmering windows which have to be cleaned twice a week in order to retain their shine and shimmer. Many simsonians refer to the building as as the Mirror.

Underneath the building is the Ontario Place Mall which is one of the largest subterranean malls in the world, but once again that is another City Journal.


This has been the city of Terre Haute my friends and I hope you enjoyed it.


Independence Apartments, Terre haute

Oh how Original!

Now, before I get too far let me give you some information on this city and the region in which it resides.

The city of Terre Haute began as a Simsonian colony back in the year 1492. The city has been through many imperial hands but in the end the colony was large enough to fight for its independence which it gained in the year 1568.

The Wapahani Valley was named for the once white sands along the Wapahani River, or as its better known now as now, the White River. The White River is the major shipping route through the region which has a population of over 2.5 million sims.

The Independence Apartments are a middle class subdivision that sit along the White River. The residents enjoy swimming, tennis, lounging, and parks. Each building was given a different style and were each styled by different amateur architects.

The City of Terre Haute is world renowned for its School of Architecture and Civil Engineering, but that will be in another CJ.



This wouldn't be complete without a swimming pool!






Finally a zoomed out view of Pine Ridge


I hope you enjoyed the second tour of Terre Haute! Just leave your commenty things right underneath here and Thanks for watching!


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