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About this City Journal

This soon to be city lies on the sandy banks of the Carla River in the region of Seattle.

Entries in this City Journal


From 1957 Pasipalm had many traffic problems, to which one-way roads, subways, etc.. were built. Pollution was also a problem, to where a policy that lowered emission from buildings and cars was launched in 1957.


10-21-1957 Because of heavy pollution, a public ordinance was passed to lower direct emission. Pop. 19,774


10-24-1965- 'Smoke Detector Program' launched to improve effectiveness of firemen. Pop. 24,007


5-8- 1970- Several bus stops are built to quell heavy traffic problems. Pop. 25,431


3-2-1971- New subway line built. Pop. 23,813


5-21-1972- A one-way road is built downtown. Pop. 25,384


12-2-1981- Suburbs are built. Pop. 29,789


3-15-1997- New rail is built. Pop. 35,124


1-7-1998- A university is opened in the suburbs. Pop. 36,797


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NEXT: A tour of Pamsanda. I will be making a tourbook of all the cities on Pamsanda Island.


The 30's and early 40's was a roaring time for the coast of Pamsanda. Water pipes and wells were built, as well as a state fair, police department, and a big park. In all of this golden time period, extensive and incredible growth happened. In downtown the first apartment buildings, 8 stories tall, sprang up. It was this time that the Pasipalmians stopped building out and began building up.

Pics! There are A LOT of pics, so tell me if there are too much. There probably won't be as much pics next time.

9-26-1931- A water pump is built to cater to the thirsty people.


8-5-1932- A state fair was built. Pop. 4,231


8-1-1936- Expansion. Pop. 5,591


6-14-1937- More expansion. Pop. 5,912


1-8-1938- A Police Station is built. Pop. 6,037


6-23-1938- Orange Grove Park is built. Pop. 6,151


10-6-1938- First apartments built downtown. Pop. 6,948


5-26-1940- A night shot. Pop. 9,382


9-11-1942- Upwards growth. Pop. 13,000 est.


11-9-1943- Incredible growth downtown. Pop. 17,103


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The 9 year period from 1918 to 1927 was a very busy period for Pasipalm. An avenue was built, a farmer's market sprang up, a new plaza was made in the core of the city, a rail was rolled out, and a town down the coast was founded.


2-14-1918- Thanks to Stanky Hank's advice, an avenue was built along the beach to draw in tourists and people who want to own shops along the coast. Pop. 2,768


New farms were also built.


10-4-1918- Residential and Commercial zones were developed along the avenue. Pop. 3,000

Res. Zones:


Com. Zones:


12-6-1918- Farmer's Market is built downtown. Pop. 3,046


7-2-1919- Hampaela Plaza is built, named after the native name of the island. Pop. 3,232


8-27-1924- Lemonstown, a primarly industrial town, is founded on the hilly eastern tip of Pamsanda.

Pop. 300Lemonstown-Feb28021309743556.png

The Lemon Hills.


9-19-1927- Back in Pasipalm, the Greenway rail line is built between the main town and the northerly industrial park. The purpose of the rail is to solve congestion. Pop. 3,290


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From the years 1910 to 1914, Pasipalm saw heavy growth and many civic buildings were built. The population also grew considerably. (And of course a installed custom content ;) )


7-26-1912- An elementary school and a small hospital was built to cater to Pasi's sick and stupid population.


2-10-1913- Three beach houses were built, which overlooked Pasi's blue waters.



3-21-1914- A lot of houses sprang up on the coast.


On my to-do list:

-More neighbors

-More CC

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Pasipalm is to be a resort town/city on the Pamsanda coast. Today, Pamsanda is a small island state in Oceania, owned by Australia and the US. In 1870, America settled on Hampaela, which is what the native Moriori called the island. The settlement, called Port Savisborough was a pitiful and weak town with only 500 people. The people had a port built, in hopes of luring business. Their hopes were crushed when in 1876 the port was burned away in a heavy storm.

By 1880 the town had virtually no food or weapons. People starved and attacks by Moriori were frequent. In 1882, to make matters worse, a strange plague washed over the town. This final blow decimated the town's population on 640 to just 43. The disease was further identified as Pyrocystic Edema, which causes red fluid and cysts to develop in the lungs.

In Septemeber of 1882, the town was a ruined, deserted mess. Over the course of 18 years fire, water, and wind eroded the ghost town to nothing but the ground it lie on.

Not all was lost for Pamsanda. In February of 1900 the United States had built a stronger more stabile town on the former ground of Savisborough. The town was named Pasipalm, to invoke a calm and peacful feeling. Over the period of 10 years, Pasipalm grew into a bustling town of 1,500 people, with a stable farming economy, but unlike Carlaville, a nice tourism business. People started to come in 1908 to Pasipalm's beaches and lush forests.

Here's some pics :)

2-19-1900- Pasipalm is founded on the coast of Pamsanda:


4-26-1901- Tonw has a bunch of farms and about 153 people.


3-11-1907- More growth. Over the 7 years the population is now 584. An ind. park was built.


4-20-1908- A picture of Pasipalm's CBD. ;) Pop. 1,038 (a lot of development for one year)


4-25-1908- Pasi's beach developments. Pop. 1,038


2-9-1909- Beach and Pasipas Plaza are built, making the town more pretty and tourism-friendly. Pop. 1,233

Beach (right), Pasipas Plaza (left)


6-2-1910- A church is built on some farms. Pop. 1,552


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So I'm on vacation and I can't update Carlaville. So while I'm on vacation so will the Carlavillians. They will go to a getaway in a southern region full of mountains, beaches, and swamps.

You can post ideas for names and post your input. :)

Pics ! :) I Know the $%&^! pics are cut off but oh well :l

Two girls enjoying our beaches.


Our many lush swamps.


How do you like it?

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From the years 1968 to 1980 Carla saw heavy changes and slight instability. At the dawn of 1968 new schools and clinics were built. 3 years later, in 1971, an Eastern Orthodox church and cemetary were built. In the seventies, Carla saw a societal shift. Instead of working the farms and factories ,that the city's population have been doing for the past century, the people demand work in more commercial and retail jobs. This change was born when people noticed the heavy pollution in the Carla River in June 1973. People could no longer enjoy pleasant swims, or fish the river. In January 1975, the Carlaville Council passed a policy that disallowed dirty industry from polluting the air. Following this, in 1976, was a heavy tax raise to heavy industry jobs.

Disaster struck on July 4th 1977. A massive fire swept over the industrial park, consuming the whole area. Most of the buildings were destroyed, and reconstruction was a foggy idea. By 1980 most industry was recovered, but the fight to get ride of pollution was still strong.

Dirty Industry and manufacturing wasn't the only pollutant. The massive amount of farms contributed to heavy water pollution, which not only endangered the river, but the people of Carla herself. On June 14 1980 people wanted to start demolishing land to replace farms. In 1979, a year previous, tax for commercial business was lowered, giving favor to corporate and commercial employers.

Pics :D

1-19-1968: Both a new school and clinic were built, with funding raised. Pop: 7,997


12-3-1971: An Eastern Orthodox church and cemetary is built. Pop: 8,050


6-8-1973: Pollution is extremely evident in the Carla Rivers. No swimming or fishing is allowed. Pop: 8,072


10-29-1975:A policy is enforced by the Carlaville Council and Seattle Congress to lower pollution by industrial buildings. Pop: 8,004


7-4-1977: Huge fire consumes most of the industrial park. Only a few buildings survive. Pop: 7,960


6-14-1980: The dezoning of farms continue. Pop: 8,261



In the years 1958-1965, Carla has seen the further relocation of industrial areas, to halt pollution. Farms were demolished and replaced with residential and commercial areas. Carla's eastern neighbor Tonstown has also begun to demolish their farms for new homes and modern jobs. The factories located previously by the river and in the middle of res. areas have been relocated to more friendly areas with further access to the Carla River.

Raccoon City, a small town located south of Carla, has been estabilished in the lush forests. The purpose of Raccoon is to act as a sort of extension to Carla and will be a commercial center. Advice by Avrevlis and YAC, thanks :).


-I want to further replace farms with residential and commerical areas.

-I want to further extend roads in Carla, as well as make a roadway that starts in Tonstown, goes thru Carla, and curves and goes into Raccoon City.

-More neighbors?

Pics! :D

8-6-1958- Heavy industrial area (near gas plant) that creates heavy pollution in residential area is dezoned and will be relocated. Commercial zones replace its former location. Pop: 6,129


9-25-1958- Small farm near river is dezoned, replaced with res. zones. Pop: 6,258 (est.)


(Dont have a pic of the res. area for some reason, guess I forgot to take the picture)

9-4-1960- Dezone industry relocated to area near dump. Pop: 6,538


7-21-1961- Industrial area near the bridge relocated, replaced with res. zones. Pop: 6,611


10-2-1962- Dezoned industry relocated to dump, (this is where most industry will be) Pop: 6,660 (est.)


1-23-1963- Unemployment strikes a few rich sims north of the river. Pop: 6,729


4-19-1965- More farms are dezoned, with commercial zones built over them. Tonstown incorporates more industry and residential into their town. Raccon City is estabilished. Pop: 6,750 (est. guess I forgot to record population on some dates :] )


Raccoon City- Pop: 1,191


Comment PLZ.

What should I do next?


From 1945 to 1957 Carla saw slightly increased commercial relocation and increased res. and industrial development. Neighbor ties with Tonstown have been estabilished, creating a smal, region-wide farming economy, with some industrial economy. In 1956 Carla saw water shortages and brown outs. These problems were remedied in the next few months, of course ;).

In the twelve years Carla's pop. went from 4,000 to 5,964. So about 2,000 more Carlavillians.

Various pictures taken over the 12 years:

September 24, 1945: Major development of farms, factories, and houses on the other side of the Carla River.


July 17, 1949: Population rises to 5,381. Neighbor tie with Tonstown is created. Dump is created. More development.


February 3, 1954: Some industrial areas south of the Carla River is demolished and replaced by residential zones, due to pollution in the river. Some industrial zones around the power plant have also been demolished. More commercial zones were also zoned north of the river. Pop: 5,716.


October 4, 1956: Industrial zones relocated to more eco-friendly area with more parks and grass areas. Pop: 5,964


The same month water shortages and brown out crises occured.


And finally, on the night of Halloween 1957, Carla was lit up for the holidays :) .


So, what should I work on next. More commercial, industry jobs? More houses? More neighbors?

Plz comment and tell me what you thought about my superior town :yes: .

Thanks for watching.


From the time after April 1912 to the year 1940, in September, Carla has grown from a hamlet of 800 to a busy, growing town of 4,500 people. The town is now heavily centered on farming and a hint of manufacturing and commericial business.

(Months are not in one year, will add years later)

August: Carlaville-Aug28351308193829.png

May: Carlaville-May27411308194701.png

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