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About this City Journal

Creation of a beautiful Coastal city

Entries in this City Journal


The Expansion north begins! Road construction is under construction as seen below.


The west coast of Minnville starts to populate as well as people begin to build there houses and move in.


In the middle of it all, the first fire in Minnville breaks out, and spreads. Investigators believe that the fires were most likely acts of arson.


Fire spreads spreads and endangers the Minnville International Airport. Airplanes are radioed to land at the nearest airport until further notice.


The result of the fire is a deystroyed airport. The Mayor Lewis has declared that the airport be rebuilt as soon as soon as the fires are extinguished.


To the far east coast of Minnville (East Beach), a boardwalk has been built that stretches to Northern Minnville. Businesses and housing has built up along East Beach.


At the other end of the Each Beach Boardwalk, in Northern Minnville, development has spurred and is a major attraction for the city for the shopping and entertainment located all within a couple blocks. And don't forget those beautiful beaches


Just south of Northern Minnville and north of Downtown Minnville, residential areas have grown and now stretches from downtown to the entertaining north. A new soccer stadium has been built for the new Soccer team. Next to it is the stadium for the local high school team.


Thanks for following this journal. Please rate and comment;) more to come


Here is a major attraction in Downtown called Mandino Square.


In east downtown, expansion has started to move out towards the eastern coast. This will be called East Beach. To start, the constrution of Coca-Cola Plaza is being built. It will have the Coca-Cola building and an outdoor stadium (Coca-Cola Stadium) for the Minor League Hockey team, which will be determined later.



Along the southern coast, a couple blocks from downtown, more casinos have built up to entertain the adult generation.


AT&T has also set up a corporate tower in downtown as well.


Expansion is in full gear and moving quick. Expansion to the east is so far going pretty successful, but definitely not done.


For more attractions, another boardwalk has been built and is good for those casino guests that need some fresh air


With so many attractions and things to do, there aren't enough hotels to hold guests. The construction of Omni hotel went into full swing


At the same time expanding, Minnville also wants to make sure it keeps its beauty so guests will come back to do this, many hotels have been built up along the coast, and the best part is.....they light up NEON at night.


Later, Minnville City leaders decided to build more hotels that light up different colors besides blue and green. Like the two other colored hotels, they wanted two more of each. The added two colors? Pink and Yellow. Now guests have a variety of hotels, and can even stay in the hotel of there favorite color.


After 10 years, this is the image before the city Expansion Project moves northward with more residential areas and more attractions. The best is yet to come.



City officials have affirmed that a city expansion project will take place, in efforts to raise the population and residential levels balanced. To do this, better transportation for people will be installed including subways and bus routes, but not for a couple years. This is the city look right now.


To start, Minnville is creating a freeway system to connect all areas of the city to make commute easier and accessible to other cities.


Here is a completed look.


Downtown is as well expanding, and planning on expanding to areas closer to the Freeway. This includes adding entertainment & attractions like sports teams.


Here is a view on the 50th anniversery of the city.


The residential zones to the west of Downtown Minnville are growing fast and added a population of over 5,000.


For those residential homes, restraunts and stores have opened up in between Downtown and the residential areas. This includes, Walmart and Starbucks....


Wendy's, Sonic, Sunoco Gas Station and a club...


And last, but not least, a Pizza Hut, Verizon Wireless shop, Party City, Family Dollar and a Bowling Alley.


One last view of Downtown


And one last view of the city as a whole, at a population of 135,000


More city expansions and attractions will be in the next journal. The Expansion Project is in full gear, and just getting started. Please rate and comment. :golly:


Minnville is a city that like, Galveston or Miami, has a coastal like touch. Here is the Minnville Downtown Boardwalk with places to eat and places to shop along the coast.


With Minnville becoming a favorite destination, business boomed, as well as the population.


There are many people that enjoy travelling to destinations and to wake up to the morning sun and ocean sights and smells. Minnville is just the place for that experience. Here in Minnville, guests can have either a coastal experience and a city filled one. Embassy Suites gives both experiences for guests. One hotel along the coast and across the street from the boardwalk......


.....and another a couple blocks away


Here is another hotel (Coastline Hotel) that right now, is located along the coast in the southeast part of Downtown Minnville.


Months later, this is the Downtown view while the buildings are still under construction.



The next journal will be posted within a couple days. Hope you enjoyed :golly:


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