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Toothless Stitch

UNS News




Meeting with Richard McWalters

Lakepoint: Scott Pright had a meeting with Richard McWalters, the prime minister of Largo. The meeting took place in Largo's capital Lakepoint. It was about the increasing trading between this two countries. Pright insured he wants to reduce the trading. He wants to prevent the dependence of them. McWalters consented. The justified this decision with:" When it comes to a crises in Serano, they are implicated, too."


Heavy storm in Middlefield

Middlefield: The storm "Harris" afflicted Bolinia. Mdillefield was affected very hard. The strom reached Middlefield at 5:30 pm.

The people ran into their houses. A 34-years old man died after a tree fell on his car. Two people are still missing. The wind speed reached 98 km/h. The material damage is about 7,5 Mio.$.


Marc Semph comes to FC Chesston- Juredo leaves Cornister SC

Chesston: Marc Semph comes from Antlantic Retherford to FC Chesston. He signed a 4-years contract. Chesston payed 4,5 Mio³$ to Retherford. The Brazilian Juredo was sold to the Mihenian club Corpuc. Little Beach celebrates its climb to the 1 League with a star purchase. Anthony Diamond and Michael Welsey come to the league climber. 8,3 Mio. were paied to Fc Narrison and Don Colo SC.

This is UNS NEWS with the news for Serano!

More news will follow soon!

Toothless Stitch

Wlecome to Serano


Serano is a country divided in 8 States:








Central Island


Bolinia is the largest state of Serano. Its capitol is Midden, the largest citiy of Serano with about 1,06 million inhabitans. It's called "The Rich State". It has 1,48 million inhabitans.



Silvania is the second largest state of Serano. Its capitol is Retherford, a city with about 520.000 inhabitans. It's called "The Rainy State". It has about 730.000 inhabitans.



Maseroon is the third largest state of Serano. Its capitol is Cornister, a city with about 580.000 inhabitans. It's called "The Flower State". It has about 710.000 inhabitans.



Lutria is the fourth largest state of Serano. Its capitol is Chesston, a city with about 760.000 inhabitans. It's called "The Flat State". It has about 980.000 inahabitans.



Zwenia is the fifth largest state of Serano. Its capitol is Baltrock, a city with about 570.000 inhabitans. It's called "The Wood State". It has about 725.000 inhabitants.



Lombee is the sixth largest state of Serano. Its capitol is Bintrum, a city with about 120.000 inhabitans. It's called "The Lonely State". It has about 220.000 inhabitans.



Mostrote is the seventh largest state of Serano. Its capitol is Fort Onnis, a city with about 510.000 inhabitans. It's called "The Wet State". It has about 610.000 inhabitans.


Central Island:

Cebtral Island is the smallest state of Serano. Its capitol is St. Patrick, a city with about 260.000 inhabitans. It's calles "The Outlying State". It has about 290.000 inhabitans.


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