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A Recall on the First Impression of SC4

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Lot Creator

Hello there.

Now, I have never posted anything in my current CJ that is on night time, now, the time has come.


None the better since a year ago. Wow, I wonder how does SOR maintain those flowers on the sign. Do they pay them or are they mutated? Probably both.



I tell you, SOR does not like delays or loss of profit so they keep on pumping even if it is the middle of the night, pigs. :noway:


Mindless blasting of the atmosphere...


Palace of SOR Oil and company...


Macroplaza somewhere North of Hugington. A bit touched by foul air. Nevertheless, people try their best to clean the air and a place for themselves. They even honor the creators of the Buildings.

I leavee you with a dark glimpse of the future... Beware, next year... things might not be so nice... :ninja:


As always,


Lot Creator

Ok, ole' Mayor Mr. Griffing has been too lazy to do anything but to swarm the dohnut shops in the city and look for some candy in the office. The point is, he hasn't put any attnetion on the current issue on the oil company, SOR.

As to how worst how it has gottten...


Yes, indeed, so bad that it has passed to the other side of the walls, passing thourgh once-commercial sites and ploping the oil wells. Ah, also, the nice large building is the SOR oil headquarters. I wonder how much did it cost them the permit to construct it.

As for where the mayor lives...


He lives in the fancy-wancy building in downtown, not less than a mile away from the stench. Also you can see the clouds... well, if clouds can migrate, clouds from Mars which can bring a bird to the hospital if he breathes in them. Alas, the mayor if corrupt and has been happily enjoyin his time there, as i said, he lets SOR take over and now a mutillation is occuring nowadays. Now look at the border separating the stench.


Horrible don't you think?


There is Joe bob, the manager of the Oil well... 45.


People are a bit mad about the thing even so, people however are not responding the way they do, but some leave town. However, the number is lower than the one that arrives.


Rain? hopefully, it has been looking like Mars ever since this year and things have gotten even redder.


Train taking oil away from the refineries

Oh yes, now the tracks are used, yay! If it weren't for the occasional fear of a derail which is to be feared at the speed they take away the oil...

Oh BTW, they have a large warehouse in the center of the city, that they keep clean, like they want the container clean but not the city or the wells.

Some people wonder why the sky is red, well here is the problem


Ever since SOR thought of bringing the refineries, the sky begun to be red, and with it, the people's confidence.

It might have been a nice city if SOR wouldn't have been in the neighborhood, now it is a worker's worst nightmare and the stench just keeps growing and growing.....

How much did SOR grew? Well here is a aerial veiw.





And with that happy thought, I leave you with the smell of oil, dust, and rain.


Lot Creator

Here is a overview of Remembero.


And now the stats of the region...


--------------- Goverment and politics

#of cities: about 30 to 40

National flag: rembero.jpg

Type of goverment: Democratic

Capital: Romeo

Current President: President Mr. Gredfred Oshomore

------------------------ Land details

Number of population: 2024788 Rememboreos


IQ per person: 89 to 90% on superior

population increase %: 10% to 8%

Number of miles of land: 500 miles(west coast), and about 1200 miles (east coast)

Unemploment %: 5% to 3%


National Company: SOR Oil and Company


National Monument: Space and Beyond Admistration (SBA, Located in Romeo)


That is all for now. Expect the number of population and IQ to increase and lose! Plese wait until Monday or Wensday for updates.


PS: Comments are always welcomed and yes photoshop has been used on some photos.

Lot Creator

Ever since Remembero has grown into a Monster-city bearing region, the demand for oil and such products have increased casuing the oil extraction rigs in the west to bare too much that there is a risk of oil depletation. The solution? To mine inland, Hugington, one of our cities current in the story, has been found to have lots of oil, and for that, SOR oil and company has been hired to extract the precious gold. Lets start out shall we?


Regional Flag of Remebero


Overlook of the city of Hugington

And now the city...


The landmark of SOR oil, beautiful...


Umm.. that was a second ago...




What is this?

What the heck are high-rises doing here!



If it wasn't for the stubourne mayor who made the commercial and residensial places first and THEN thought of the oil. the result was a splash of oil and modern life side by side. The amount of barrels exported is about 3000 to 5000 barrels of oil per day and the amount expected is about 9000 when "expancions" take hold of the current SOR oil wasteland.

Alas, I leave you with a taste of oil ...

The City of Oil



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