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Quartz Isle

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About this City Journal

A volcanic island owned by the weathy Alex Gibson

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Quartz Isle


As the Gibson family continued to prosper off of their new dock, Alex received word that a storm had flooded a group of his employee's houses. Shocked by the news, he invited them to live on Quartz Isle. The employees brought their families to the island, and their community began to develop. Commercial services also sprang up as a result of the new population.



Gibson thought of a great new way to make money. Since many people would love to live on a tropical island with beaches and a volcano, Alex decides to sell some land for housing. He continues to prsoper though selling land, catching bluefin, and growing grapes. Since he has never been up to see the top of the volcano, he orders for a road to be paved to the top.


Yes, it was a major challenge to built up the mountain with a sensative slope mod!

Please comment with any questions or suggestions!


Quartz Isle

Nearly 35 million years ago just 300 miles off the coast of modern-day Portugal, a volcano erupted on the fault line between the Eurasian and African tectonic plates. This volcano spewed so much magma from the bottom of the sea floor, it created a small island above sea level. This isle is located at precisely 36.52N,15.38W and the land is rich with Quartz deposits. The volcano is currently inactive, and has not had an eruption in over 7000 years.



August 19-21, 1962

Four enlglish fishermen part of the Gibson Fishing Company set off from Aveiro, Portugal in a small fishign vessel, Evans III, in search of Bluefin tuna. Among the crew was Alex Gibson, the founder of the company himself. As they approached their planned location, the men began to catch tons and tons of Bluefin. After a full day of work, the exhausted men head to their cabins and get their well deserved rest. At approximately 3:00, the men awake to water quickly filling the floor of their stateroom. There had been a small crack on the hull in the Portuguese port that had gone unnoticed during the hull inspection. The hole was ripped open further by rough seas, and allowed water to being to seep into the ship. The men are able to escape the ship using their emergency life-raft. Hours later, the men see a small peice of land, and begin to paddle towards it. When they landed on the uninhabited island, they were able to signal for emergency help through radio. A helicopter was sent to pickup the men, and they were brought back to Portugal to recieve medical treatment. Their ship, Evans III, was never located.


May 23, 1998

Nearly 30 years later, Alex Gibson's son, Mark, had decided to venture back to the island his dad nealy lost his life to. Having made hundreds of millions of dollars with Gibson Fishing Company, Mark decided to purchase the island, as it was still unhabited. After having it prospected for resources, Mark found out that the island was rich with Quartz deposits. This gave him the idea to name the island Quartz Isle. Alex still tells his son about the prodigal amounts of Bluefin they had caught on that trip, and Mark saw it as an opportunity to build a boat dock on his island. He thoguht it was such a nice peice of land, so he moved on the island with his wife and young children. They planted grape vines and started their own vineyard.



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