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The city of Elveng

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About this City Journal

This will mostly be focused around showing a city, rather than actual storytelling. Most of the attention will be focused on the city of Elveng, but certain updates may show other cities in the same country.

Entries in this City Journal


Elveng city intro

Elveng is a city on the Norwegian east coast; nestled between hills, and the picturesque Elvengfjord. The city has been an important trading spot ever since its founding in 1015 A.D; to this day it is still an important hub of commerce, but its roles has shifted from lumber and industry powered by water, to administration for a lot of the Norwegian economy; mainly the oil industry.

950 000 people live in this city and it's metropolitan area, 500 000 of them in the central core.

Info aside, the intro for Elveng will consist of some mosaics, and pictures around the city. For this time it will be mostly centered around the city centre.

We'll start off with mosaic of Skutebukta.


Skutebukta is one of the oldest parts of the city, with some buildings dating back to the 16th century found in back alleys.

Within Skutebukta you will also find its own rail station. A quite dingy and gloomy looking structure from the 1950s in dire need of refurbishing.


You can even see some of the cobble poke through the asphalt in some places along the roads of Skutebukta. Despite this being one of the oldest parts of Elveng you won't see many buildings past 200 years old though, there are only a few exceptions. Modern architecture adds contrast lot to the look of the area as well.


The last picture of Skutebukta before we move on:


Next up, the city around the trainstation.



To the west of the train station lies Fritz D. Müllers Vei, this is a six lane divided avenue that runs for three kilometres in a straight line, cutting through the city. It was part of the architect's Fritz Daniel Müller's grand vision of a super highway cutting straight through the city in the 1950s, as a result the city lost many of it's historic buildings, and street networks. Due to the lack of funding it was never realised completely, and neither is it much of a highway, with no interchanges; neither speed limits over 60 km/h.


More of Müller's handywork can be seen along the sides of the avenue, with concrete towerblocks towering over the sides of the road to the right. Initially this entire avenue was to be lined with buildings such as these.


The Sakhahalian people's republic ,and Pridnestrovian Moldavian People's Republic lies within the walled off area in the blue building, the buildings is frequently visited by protestors, often refugees, or family members of people living within the two countries.


Next up, is the area of Kjøs, Kjøs is mostly recognisable from the number of narrow streets in the area, cris crossing between the buildings.



Within the Kjøs area lies the radio and television transmitter. The top of the tower has an observation deck, it offers magnificent views over the city, on a clear day one can even see the snow capped mountains in the distance. Elveng-Picture7.jpg

Assorted pictures around the city.





This is Stenersenbygget, easily one of the most hated buildings in the city, mainly because of it's sheer size in land area, and the fact that blocks the sunlight for many of the streets behind it, resulting in falling property prices, and crime on the rise. Attempts to get this building approved for demolition are yet to be successful.

Last is a picture of the intersection between Waldemars Allé and Storgata, two of the most important streets in the city. Waldemars Allé was part of a vision by several businessmen to transform much of the central city into a Hausmanian style urban centre, much like Paris. Lack of funding led to only some of the buildings being built between the 1880s to 1910.


That's it for this time, i hope you enjoyed the intro. :)


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