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The Kingdom of Abry

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About this City Journal

A new kingdom has born in an island and how will it grow?

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With this stats begin Relly's history, surrounded by Bilbory and Macey this area is only claimed by the industry, and the industri is the first habitant, it began as I-M but quickly the area become a wasteland for the powerfull neigbours.


At the beggining there weren't too many habitants, dirty jobs and too less opportunities but with the time more and more people come to the city.


But one day the mayor say "enough!", and tired of being the dump of the region and before strong taxes to the dirty indutry and better health and educational systems the IT industry come to the city. But not only the industry, a risky and expensive proyect: the Taipei 101. Maybe too big but a bet to become Relly into a great comercial area.


And slowly but surely the city keep growing, a new football staduim, a flamant Guggenheim musseum ans even a little but preffy artificial water area apeared into the city, making this old industrial city into a better place to live.


With all these "upgrades", more and more people come to live to Relly and bigger companies come to the city building impressive skycrappers everywhere.


And finnaly Pelly peaked with one million inhabitants living inside the city limits, becoming really bigger than Bilbory and Maecy, crowed by skycrappers and HT industries.





Maecy, one of the closest regions to Bilbory... a great area where bilborians started moving when ther city didn't have much space for new constructions.


Quickly thousands of people move to the new city looking for new opportunities, some commerces prosperate too but there is still a very big need: the high-tech industry. Even if the inhabitants don't have Bilbory's strong educational sistem here is a strong influence and the HTI demand many more jobs; in not too much time they build a great industrial park compared to the city size.


This demand make the sims think about and they start demanding new an better educational infrestructures, having as result a new and great primary school and a brand-new University of Applied Sciences.



Maecy keep going, managing the power plants polution (a serious problem until the nuclear power is available and the hidrogen plant after) with the industrial expansion without forgeting the sims, whose houses become bigger skycrapers.


This prosperity don't go unnoticed and more and more companies come to the city, not only industrial companies attracted by a new Advance research center, no, even world largest companies start looking at Abry with good eyes and even if Abry is only an small country they build great office centers.


Like it happens into Bilbory, the city streets and avenues become small, but a bigger railway sistem with bigger stations and a big bus and subway system help a lot, leaving the car travel's into 70000 and the bus-subway over 80000.

But not all is more of the same, great architects come to Maecy to desing great structures wich should be claimed as the Kingdom of Abry's claim: we are where to become a great land, and here are our great buildings.



And slowly but relentlessly Macey grow until become even bigger than the own Bilbory, with more than 280000 inhabitants, and 125000 comercial and 35000 High-Tech industrial jobs.

PS: and here a little photo-album ob Maecy.







Biblory is growing and the neighbour areas are starting too, but unexpectedly a couple of tornadoes hit the new city, the industrial area didn't received too much damage but the residential and the comercial areas haven't been this lucky and the resultant fires hit the already damaged areas.


Fortunatelly the nuclear power plants didn't be affected, one good news between catastrophes. But every disaster is an opportunity too, with some of the most important areas destroyed this is a new chance to upgrade some basic sistems, very large hospitals has been built and the transport sistems improved with trams, trains, subyas and busses.


With the comercial areas destroyed, the industry become an important part of Bilbory, Building a lot of new industries and attracting important companies to the city.


But all this development isn't free, all this industry generate a huge amount of traffic and the old avenues aren't able to manage it, for this reason two big trains stations rise into Bilbory horizont: Bilbory Central Station (with a huge bus terminal very near to allow the passengers moves) and the South Station.



Maybe they look too big for the city but the Central Station and the bus stops operatos near to the 90% all the time and the South Station really near to the 100%.

In the mid-time, the industry grows thank to this transport improvement efforts and as an island of the Pacific Ocean an high-tech space shuttle launch station has been assigned to Bilbory, increasing even more the appeal of the city to the HTI and even the old nuclear power stations has been replaced by a new hydrogen power plant.


With this new golden age for the Bilborians, even the big companies come to this city offering good jobs and increasing the development, is resulting in a need to expand into Abry's virgin areas.



PS: I hope you enjoyed the history ;)


Everything starts at a medium region in the southwest Abry, a natural and unexplored area is waiting for the sims.


At the first years, only contaminant industries come to the new city, fortunatelly the mayor decided to build the residential areas far away from thos industries, what help to maintain the population health and forming great congestions into the only avenue to those areas.


The natural biodiversity suffer a lot those years with this industries, coal power plans and the incinerators even the big seas waters become black with polution.


But all cities evolves, and Bilbory is not an exception. Many years after the city coffers have over three hundred thousand simoleons and the mayor start the most importan reformation in Bilbory: important taxes were imposed to the contaminant industries and with more than 150.000 simoleons transformed the south Bilbory terrain into a plain area where the new industry moved. The contaminant incinerators moved to an area where their impact over the industries and habitants was lower and build a couple of nuclear plants to provide all the energy needed by everyone.


The city propered and in one hundred of years Bilbory become a great city with more than 170.000 people living here and with 94.000 comercial and 21.000 industrial jobs. But this expansion where too hard to the traffic into the city, and the public buses and the programs to reduce it weren't enough, so an important decision where made: a, mostly, subterranean train sistem where build to conect residential areas with the industrial areas and a tram system was built to to allow a better contection over the entire city.


And then without importat traffic troubles and a happy and intelligent population the city grow and quickly expand to all their free regions until now, when they are thinking seriously to keep to adyacent areas.



A kingdom has born

In a little island in the Paciffic Ocean a new kingdom has born. The Kingdom of Abry!


How will grow this new country in our world? Only the future can know what wonders and people will see this island of the paradise. People of all countries are comming to the new land of opportunities and they will make big this land!

kingdomofabry.th.png V2:abryv2.th.jpg

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