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Metro Port-au-Prince

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About this City Journal

An Alternate Reality Haitian Capital

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Revolution and Republic

The colony of Saint-Domingue was incredibly wealthy. It was, in fact, the most wealthy colony in the Carribbean. Sadly this wealthy colony was built entirely on brutual slave labor. In this alternate Saint-Domingue, the Acadian migrants became a poor underclass: far below the status held by landowners and aristocrats.

In a move that surprised only the aristocratic class, the slaves and the migrants decided they had enough this abuse.


As seen above, the colony erupted into a huge slave revolt once the slaves and the migrants realized they far outnumbered the aristocrats and landowners. The revolt snowballed into a revolution. This revolution would last for years and finally ended in the early 1800's with the establishment of the Republic of Haiti.

The new republic authorities met in Port-au-Prince to decide their next goals for the new nation. A rather crazy group wanted to liberate the rest of France's North American colonies and invade mainland France. This suggestion was dismissed as hilarious and the republican legislature decided instead to rebuild the nation's infrastructure.


Above: Port-au-Prince's first hospital


Above: Port-au-Prince's first water pump

Below: The nascent water supply system.


The Republic at the moment was stable in its post revolution state.

But would it last?

(Spoiler: No)



Above: Port-au-Prince in the 1740's before the migration of the Acadians.


Above: Port-au-Prince in the 1760's after the arrival of Acadian migrants.

Below: Port-au-Prince area in the 1770's.


Some Notes: I plan to archive the growth of Port-au-Prince through the mid 19th Century, and then begin to focus on civic projects including water, etc.

If anyone has any cj or city building tips, please do share them.



In this alternate reality, the French colony of Saint-Domingue sees heavy settlement from Acadians expelled from their homelands in Maritime Canada.

This causes a very different history for the development of both Port-au-Prince and Haiti.

This cj will attempt to explore the development of this alternate Port-au-Prince.

Considering this is my first foray into city journaling, we may not succeed.


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