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Cartley (UK)

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About this City Journal

Based on the former site of Spoclety, this city hopes to achieve more than its predessor did.

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Cartley is a new city. The site is based on the former city of Spoclety, which was destroyed in a terrorist attack some years ago. After a clean-up operation using technology designed by the city's university before it imploded, the government decided that the site would hold a new city - one that will go beyond the reaches of its predessessor.

At present, the city is in the early growth stages, with under 250,000 people living in the city.

The land the city is built on has rolling landscapes and a lot of dense forest. There is a small river - the River Spoclety - that runs through the city, separating the South Urbem from the North Urbem. The developed part of the city is mostly packed on the South Urbem, however, as building density has reached the limit there, the Cartley City Council have decided to develop in North Urbem.

Here is an image captured by the Mirum satellite, which was launched during the Spoclety times.


As you can see the city is served by no more than eight bridges connecting both Urbems, and by Cartley City International Airport (IATA: CTC), which connects to destinations all across the planet.

Here are demographics for the 249,500 people who live in the city.


49/51 - men/women


White (British/Irish/European/Other) - 51%

Asian (Bangladeshi/Indian/Pakistani) - 31%

Black (African/Carribean) - 16%

Other - 2%


Labour - 40%

Lib-Dem - 30%

Conservative - 25%

Other - 15%


Under-16: 30%

16-68: 60%

68+: 10%

Of course, as the city expands further north and west, these tallies may change. Data cannot be provided on city districts, as the City Council have declared that the city has not 'reached the limits' specified by the Ordinace 43-A (Cartley Metropolitian Boundary Act).

Onto the main points about the city.

The city has been seeing an increase in interest from high-tech companies, which would bring many millions into the economy. However, not through tax.

Much like Spoclety, the city is a tax haven. No citizen, enterprise or commerical building pays any tax directly to the City Coucil Treasury - only 0.5% of earnings. Much like Spoclety, the city supports itself in near-autarky, mainly on traffic tax and transport tolls. This means that the city has a very wide-reaching and substantial subway system (called the Subterra), much rivalling that of London or New York City in efficiency and speed. Nearly every building in the city is within 200m of a Subterra station, which leaves those that are not, or do not want to ride on the Subterra, has a near-open road system.

Like Spoclety, the city is served by US-style grid system roads, consisting of wide A-roads & Dual-carrigeways, and smaller A-roads which carry less traffic. All the side streets are either B-roads or just unclassifted (no road number). If the city grows enough, the Council is expecting the building of a motorway within the city.

However, unlike Spoclety, Cartley, has few of the problems that plagued it. Spoclety had to enact ordinance after ordinance to keep the pollution of the industrialists under control. These did not work, and resulted in the bulldozing of the Spoclety Industrial Estate, which employed thousands and provided millions into the city's coffers. Scientists at the Cartley City University have found a Pollution Condeser Unit, which sucks up nearly all the pollution caused by the industrial sector, and even of the city's fossil-fuel power plants.

Also, unlike Spoclety, the city has had very few riots from the health service workers. The city has overcome this by placing several hospital units very close to each other and merging them to form superhospitals, which treat more patients than ever forseen, and at the same level of care as in Spoclety.

Also, each school has had success rates as high at 98% of A-A* grades at GCSE, making Cartley - for now - one of the smartest cities in the world. All students are guaranteed a place at the local University, which, although young, is a member of the Russel Group of universities.

Stay tuned for more about this brave new city.

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