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About this City Journal

This City you can assume is in a fictional time line. I wont say much else, And let you discover everything for yourselves.

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Not a full update, but oh well.

So, recently I have been working on tree controllers. Just simple ones right now. Nothing amazing. But pretty decent I could say (if I'm not being to modest.) At the moment all I can really make are 1 types of tree covering almost all altitudes. But I am trying to learn.

Check out this thread if you are interested. :)



And I'll give you a nice pic for now because of lack of an update.




Thinking of writing a story-base CJ for a while. I think I have finally done so.

I started building the plugin folder for this region a week or 2 ago. And have been starting it the past week 1/2. Yes, I work fast. Why? Because I DO love this game. It is very enjoyable for me no matter what I build.
This City you can assume is in a fictional time line. I wont say much else, And let you discover everything for yourselves.


A world in anguish. Serindriea, 1998. The dawn of a new millennium is closing in. People move to this, "beautiful" city every day. Beautiful, I can argue that. This city is hell. Although I have never seen the outside of the city since I was 6, It's safe to amuse we live in a pit of despair. Living in the slums of the city. Well... the entire place is a slum. The wealthy live in the hills. The only wealthy being those favored by the duke. A borderline Tyrant of the city. Following blindly, the people love him. I mean, just throw a few extravagant parties ever year and you can win over the love of the people.


6 years old, when I came here. Then it was nothing more then a few shacks along the riverbed in beautiful forest. Now it is a hellhole. So many factories. A blight place. The contamination is so intense it feels like twilight, even during the day. The air feels like an anchor. Clenched by soot from textile mills and Steel Furnaces. 20 years I've lived here. I don't want to stay much longer.


There used to be small mills. Built from wood, and with shingle roofs. But now massive facilities have taken those over. And smokestacks tower over the city. Across the river many of these still stand. I go there often; to remind me of simpler times. The Oak and Maple trees give the sense of the country side.


The river is a relativity calm one. Only roars in the early spring months after the snow melt. It serves as a good waterway for many ships. Very many, in fact. It's a very busy waterway. The numerous bridges along it don't help much either. Theres massive steel bridges, suspensions, as well as one large rail drawbridge. Famous for it's treacherous location. The ports are almost exclusively industry. But a few unlucky people live down there. And I thought my "home" was bad.



The city boomed as soon as Duke Piarnon Agustine made this his home, after leaving the capitol, Athenea. A strong fierce man. Threatening and tyrannical. Tall with a noticeable scar across his neck. He wasn't always this way. He used to be a great man, when he first came here that is. But power changes people. It can change anyone.

He lives in the hills. Away from the grime and grit of the city. Since living there he has lost his cares for Serindriea. A beautiful place. Trees swaying in the wind, the creeks slowly trickles by. It's easy to loose your cares up there.




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