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About this City Journal

A product MADE IN BRAZIL. The history of the games characters in a country where everything could happen. What could happen in this "political" and social history? This fairy tale starts...

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Mountains Region




Population: 22.497 inhabitants

Mayor: Sakura Kinomoto

Inspired on Cardcaptor Sakura

Reference: Tomoeda is the city where the anime Cardcaptor Sakura has it's episodes. The Mayor is the principal female character

Tomoeda is the important city beyond the mountains. It's developing each year, being called "The Golden Eyed GIrl". Having an High Speed Train connecting to Sonic Town, and a Highway Ring around the city, crossing the TVGs 055 and 451. The transit runs very calm because of the new politic of creates wider streets around

Tomoeda é a cidade atualmente mais importante na região montanhosa. É uma cidade em desenvolvimento e tem importância pelas rodovias locais que cortam a cidade e o monotrilho que liga Sonic Town e Tomoeda, e o anel rodoviário entre as TVGs 055 e 451 ao oeste da cidade, que foi construido há pouco tempo na região.. O trânsito na cidade flui de maneira invejável, com grande progresso na pequena cidade e suas ligações com regiões importantes leva um novo progresso a cidade. Foi fundada há pouco tempo ainda, por Sakura Kinomoto e sua turma(SAKURA CARD CAPTORS), e ainda deve crescer nos próximos anos.


TVG-055, known as "Rodovia de Tomoeda", connecting Tomoeda to West Mountains

TVG-196, connecting Tomoeda to Hogwarts and "Rodovia do Interior"

TVG-451, The North-South Canyons Highway, crossing the north and south region, reaching Tomoeda and Luca.

TVG-300, connecting Tomoeda to Alexandria


15.824 Commerce

3.704 Industrial


Tomoeda International Stadium, the Principal Soccer Stadium on City

Tomoeda International Airport, the biggest Airport on TVG



Aerial View of Tomoeda. Notice that the Airport and Soccer Stadium is outside the city


The Tomoeda International Airport


Tomoeda International Stadium, home of many teams, incluiding S.C. Tomoeda, one of the biggest teams


Part of the commerce. On the Hit: Conrad International, one of the important hotels inside Tomoeda

ImagemThe Highway Ring on West of Tomoeda. South-North, the TVG-055, and East-West, the TVG-451.

PS: North-South-East-West based on the photo above.



Population: 4.001 inhabitants

Mayor: Cho Chang

Inspired on Harry Potter Series

Reference: Hogwarts is the castle where Harry Potter studies. It's mayor, Cho Chang, was Harry's Love on The Order of Phoenix.

PS: It was based on some "favelas" in Brazil

Near the TVG-196, Hogwarts is a small city in a medium area, near Odaiba, Tomoeda and Sonic Town, three of some important cities. The legend says that you can see the ocean and Sonic Town from there. For now, Hogwarts stopped developing for now. In Late December 2010, Harry Potter was replaced by Cho Chang during the elections and the new mayor will do something for now...won't she?


TVG-196, connecting the "Rodovia do Interior" to Tomoeda

TVG-001, "Rodovia do Interior". It doesn't reach Hogwarts, it's far from the cit.


1.466 Commerce

1.375 Industrial




This image has been resized. The original image is 1024 x 768.

Aerial View from Hogwarts. The TVG-196 cross below the city. To Right of TVG-196, Tomoeda, and Left of TVG-196, Sonic Town and Odaiba


This is the Highway near Hogwarts, the TVG-001(Comes from Odaiba and Goes to Sonic Town) and TVG-196(Hogwarts-Tomoeda)


A Biiiiiiiiiig Roundabout in Downtown Hogwarts




OBS: All The region, such as it's characters and cities were inspired in various video games(like Mario, Sonic, and other things). Most of the difficult ones will be put with citations.

OBS2: I'm Brazilian, so take it easy with some mispellings words.


In a little land, isolated, without habitants, arrived some people wishing to live in this place. All these people were guided by many of the greatest names and they builded houses near the Ghygera River. Days and days have passed since then, living with the river water and fishing, they decided it was time to create new cities. There was a new governor between them. Her name: Princess Daisy(From Super Mario), the one who created the first city: Sarasara, called The Capital. The city is well planned, like Washington D.C. and Brasília(Brazil), developed for more than 30 years.

But living in Sarasara wasn't enough, and it was time to develop more and more cities around the land. On any April 15th, it started the Depelopment Walking, which surged many cities around, like Tomoeda(Cardcaptor Sakura), Rose Town(Sonic The Hedgehog), Alexandria(Final Fantasy IX) and so on...Later then, they received the Country Status.

Now everything had develped. The country, rich in commerce and unique cities, has many of the best things, like education, sports, culture, health, and so on and on. Many cities had developed more than the Capital, The Greater City of Sarasara. Now, many cities will appera and more people will live in this prosperous region and the economical progress will continue for years.





SARASARA'S REGION (OR CENTRAL REGION): The Sarasara's Region is still in development. The economical strongest point is the key to this works, around Ghygera River. It's the Most Habitated Region

Principal Cities: Sarasara, Rabanastre and Odaiba.

Other Cities: Gália

Population: 338.210 inhabitants

ROSE'S REGION: The Rose's Region is a place with a high industrial level, especially in Rose Town, the Most Habitated City in the country. It's from there where stars the Highway Called the "Rodovia do Interior", which starts in Rose Town, reaches Sarasara's Region and finishes in Sonic Town, becoming the most important in economical terms.

Principal Cities: Rose Town

Other Cities: Capobranco

Population: 207.946 habitantes

SOUTH REGION: The South, region without cities, it's a flat region, empty, without inhabitant, but one day will develop several new cities.

Principal Cities: Nenhuma

Other Cities: Nenhuma

Population: 0

NORTH REGION: The North is a small region, near the Canyons and Mountains. Now, 2 cities and 1 District was founded, having the importan region the City of Alexandria. The Commerce is the strongest point at there, knowing that nothing could develop around there. The problem is the earthquakes around there, the recent was in November 2010, in Tatalia Village, devasting more than 75% of the city.

Principal Cities: Alexandria

Other Cities: Tatalia Village and Luca

Population: 16.739 habitantes

MOUNTAINS REGION: Having Tomoeda as the principal city, it's the biggest in area, crossing many places from the mountais. It's a place with a balanced economic, with most employment rate at there, with a prosperous commerce and industrial places after the new Tomoeda International Airport.

Principal Cities: Tomoeda

Other Cities: Hogwarts

Population: 26.498 habitantes

HALF-COASTAL REGION: Divided in 2 blocks: Noir and Al-Revis. Has many differences at there and it's the mid-term between Sarasara and the Coastal. Al-Revis, one of the important cities, has a strong commerce, while Noir has a strong agriculture.

Principal Cities:

Al-Revis e Noir

Other Cities: Resenbool, Cocoon, Black Mage Village e Engeve

Population: 295.131 habitantes

COASTAL REGION: The beautiful place, of course, has many important and unique cities, like Sonic Town, Zey Meruze and Hyda. The ports from the Ghygera River deliver their products in Sonic Town. The money rolls here like the cassino at shops and offices.

Principal Cities: Mario Land, Crowley Corners, Zey Meruze e Hyda

Other Cities: Minnie Town, Tortuga, Wu, Halloween Town, Okinawa e Tortuga

Population: 296.259 habitantes

Next Chapters: A little bit about the cities divided in Regional Shows

By the Way, This will be updated in CJ Forum too, if you think it's more siiiiiiimple to find. See Ya!

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