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New Hagen

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About this City Journal

New Hagen, a small growing metropolis located on a small tropical island by same name.

Entries in this City Journal


More pictures

Here are some more pictures from New Hagen


Here we are in the old part of the city, here we find the university of New Hagen.


Now we are in the very center of the city, the police HQ and the firedepartment are located here.


The SkyTower gives an incredible view above the city.


We are now on the little island called: Sandy Island (because of the high ammount of sand on the island before the city was build) next to the main city. Here we have the "Novotel Hotel" next to the "freedom park".



Lets see what the city looks like in the night.


"White Diamond Tower" (aka: The Diamond) looks amazing in the night. (No, it's not Crysler Building this isn't New York)


"Hagen tower", located on Sandy Island, lights up the nightsky.


The ChinaTown looks good with it's many ligts.


The marina is a romantic and peaceful place in the night.


From the marine there's a good view to Sandy Island.


Thats all for now 

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City tour

OK lets see how all this "black gold" has been used, lets take a look around the city.


Lets start here, in one of the old parts of the city here u find a lot of beautiful old apartments.


Here we are a little out of the city center, on the famous shopping street: "Cross ave".


Here we are next to "The Andersen Park" located in the city center.


"The National Museum of sience" many turrist visit this museum every year.


The beaches of New Hagen are beautiful, this is why many tourist come to this city to relax.



The boat-marina looks amazing in the sun.

Thats all for now :)


Lets take a closer look at the past of New Hagen :)

In the early 1900, oil was discoverd on the island, and New Hagen and the city begann to take shape.


Oilpumps were set up around the island, but the main income still came mostly from fishing.


Then in the 30's and 20's when the demand of oil increased, so did the economy of New Hagen.


The "Shell Building" (In the middle) was one of the many skyscabers build under the oil-boom.


Huge apartment complexes has been build for the poor to work at the oil wells.


The great east harbour is sending out the oil to the world.



History of New Hagen:

New Hagen is a small Island, a part of an Island-group, together they form a country called The Tivian Islands. The Tivian Islands is located a little south of the big mainland-country: Getia. New Hagen has a tropical climate and lot of sandy beaches.

On the Island there is only one city: New Hagen. New Hagen was formed back in 1789 by fishermen from the mainland. The city/island is named after the danish capital Copenhagen, but "New Copenhagen" didn't sound so good, therefore New Hagen.


Here u see the whole island + the 3 smaller islands (not quite up to date)

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