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About this City Journal

This is a CJ based entirely on my own rebuilding of the city of Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China. Although it's not identical except in feel, I hope I can make a great city for you to see! Please come check it out!

Entries in this City Journal


New Connections

新发展中Xin fazhan zhong In the Midst Of New Developments

Welcome back to Hangzhou! Luckily for us, the town got some funding from the government, allowing it to make a spur train track into town. Now, admittedly, this is still a bit of a hike from Meijiawu, but that's OK. Zhejiang province has begun a rural highway in Meijiawu, to connect to Hangzhou proper.

The new road:


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A bit bigger tea village:


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"New" Meijiawu has also been established, allowing the town to grow on land a bit less useful for the tea industry. After all, no reason to waste the good farmland, right?


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In Hangzhou, town's grown a bit, and look at that! A brand spanking new Zhongguo Tielu freight station! The farmers here and in Meijiawu send the tea through here, --but not too far...


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Here is the junction where our spur meets the mainline. As you can see, there's a bit of tea processing done here, as well as a bit of housing for the workers. Of course, as one could guess from the unfinished town square, this little village won't be little for long. For now, though, it's just barely been named, and rather unpoetically, as Sanjiaocun, "Triangle Village". ....a bit obvious, that.



Well! That's all for now, everyone! I'll be waiting for your votes on which of the three to focus on for next update, so don't forget to leave your input in the poll!



Update 2: Meijiawu

Meijiawu is a neighboring tea farming village, with even more land suitable for tea. Currently, though, even the infant Hangzhou dwarfs it, as Meijiawu has only 42 inhabitants.

The entirety of the village:


Tea fields:


The fields should be ready to harvest soon; but how to get the crops out? Well, never fear, infrastructure's here! ....well, at least next update it is.


The Beginning

Hangzhou huanying nin! -- Welcome to Hangzhou!

Hangzhou is a city in Zhejiang province, China, actually the provincial capital. With a population at six million and growing, it's one of the rising stars among Chinese cities in the eyes of the world. However, Chinese have long renowned Hangzhou for it's beauty. In fact, this ancient city was the object of ebullient praise by Marco Polo himself, as it was the capital of the Southern Song dynasty at the time. Hangzhou's most famous landmark is West Lake. Built by man, the lake is considered one of the most beautiful places in all of China.

My CJ, though, will be a bit different. Using NHP's Hangzhou map (link below), I'm going to build the city, from scratch. Please feel welcome to watch me develop this city from a tiny village to the metropolis it is today in reality!

Map by NHP at the link below:


Overview, with editing to add West Lake. (Note, West Lake not authentic to real form)



And now for the beginning! The city of Hangzhou begins as a small tea-farming town at the shores of West Lake. Known as Longjing tea, due to a neighboring village, the tea here is some of the best in the world to use for green tea. Currently, Hangzhou only has 182 people, with long commutes from their houses in the valley to the farms in the nearby mountains, in the tea forest areas.

(For future reference, this maptile is named Gucheng-qu, or Old City District)

The Village: 

Still without paved roads, this is the beginning of the great city. As you can see, it's rapidly, and a bit chaotically, developing, as economic reforms make the Longjing tea a valuable export.


The Tea Farms: 

Situated in the hills, these farms hold green gold. The small bushes between the trees are Longjing (Dragonwell) tea bushes. Many small farms have sprung up here to harvest the tea.

Chaqiu (Tea Hill) farms:


West Valley farms:


(I'd also like to add that if you know some better ways to simulate tea bushes through agricultural lots, I would be eternally grateful.)


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