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Closing the Book

Well, I think I'll sum it up in one word and say this CJ is a Dissapointment

But that's okay. I've moved on to bigger and better things. I'll admit, the content in here is kinda crappy, and all it's doing now is wasting server space. So let's forget this abomination and check out my new CJ.

I might decide one day that this thing is salvageable, maybe, and continue. I doubt it though. Thanks for any of you that took the time to comment here. I wouldn't have.

So I'll see you around, and don't look at this stuff and think you can judge my skill off of it. When I started this thing, I didn't even know BBcode.

So don't get me wrong, I'm all smiles leaving here, all I do is urge you to check out Terra Nova instead of this one.

Thanks for your time. :)



Another Teaser

Before I post the next entry, I need you guys to VOTE, VOTE, VOTE on the poll in enty #6. Three have commented yet none have voted! C'mon man! 34.gif

Anyway, here is a teaser from the new Lambourq International Airport (not finished). Enjoy, and vote!!!




New Stuff


pizzapip- Check back in an entry or two and your wish will be granted


Sorry about the entries gap, I was snowboarding and broke my arm on a jump so operating computers is difficult with a cast, but I have it down now.


So a few entries ago, I rebuilt Curved International Airports transit complex, but didnt show the completed GLR-C connection. The new line involves an extension from the transit plaza north past curveball field, and then underground. I would show a map, but I have no clue how to make them. If someone knows, assistance would be much obliged :) Anyway, here are some photos going along the line from the transit complex to the airport:

The line continues north from the transit complex, now a 4 way intersection:


It goes past Curveball Field, allowing a new method to get to the game:


The S-2 freeway is very busy, so the line was routed under it, and new on/off ramps were built:


It then bypasses the main airport intersection to avoid causing larger traffic delays:


It then goes under the avenue and continues until the east parking, where it emerges, not interfering with airport traffic:


Sorry if you are getting bored of my Light Rail, it's my favorite method of transit.

Now, the UUOS (United Union Of SimNation) has found the budget to create a large transit system going throught the mountains to the the Lambourq Plateau, a giant, flat, elevated expanse of land, to encourage development. In addition to the RHW 4 network, which system should be used?

a. Rail

b.High Speed Rail

c.Rural Light Rail


e.A combination of two (Specify in Vote)

In a comment to my last entry, a certain Pizzapip said he wanted to see a transition from urban to rural. That will be the focus of my next entry, which also happens to be the location of the planned Mass Transit system. Heres a teaser for you:



Thats all for now, comments and feedback are always welcome.

Build On,



Replies, Replies, Replies

zakuten- It is Brenda_Xne's modern GLR station from the STEX

pizzapip- Mass Transit is the key to a growing city/region. I reccomend giving it a try. Everything is from the STEX.

b22rian, mithokey, and FourteenRocket- Thanks for your support and feedback!

Reikhardt/pizzapip- I use PEG Random Woods from the STEX. The God Mode trick plops tree in the middle of the runway and roads, so I tend to avoid it. I have now plopped trees where you suggested.

Evillions- Yes, I have custom airports. For sake of time, I plopped down a Maxis International. I DO plan to rebuild it with a custom airport sometime in the future, but that's another entry. And thank you for your compliments.

I just want to say first of all that I am pleased with all the gracious and enthusiastic responses to my journal, of which I would have been happy to have had 10 views. To avoid being shoved down to the bottom of the first page of CJ results, and all of your comments, I decided a small entry was in the need. I only plan about 2 or 3 more entries about Curved, then I will be moving on. I have almost halfway developed the large tile that Curved sits on. As I was zoning yesterday, I got some funny results with 4x4 high density commercial:


I knew Sims loved dinner theaters, but I didn't know they loved them that much!

Here are some more shots from Curved that didnt make it into the last CJ. Curved's baseball complex, Curveball Field:


Curved's main Transit hub/interchange. Not shown is a large parking lot to the top:


Another shot:


More GLR-C:



Thats all for right now. More updates soon.

As always, I value each and every one of your comments. So keep them coming, and thanks for reading.

Keep Building,


No replies because I posted 5 minutes ago
To start with, the Maxis airports are Epic Fail. Adding to that is that sims don't use mass transit to get to them. Very unrealistic.
So I found out the Radical Ordinance V2 (available here on ST) allows you to force sims to use mass transit. My airport in Curved
had problems already, so it was time for an overhaul.
The airport before:

Many issues with current configuration:
Only access is via 2 lane road
No parking available except for Park and Ride station
Private Helipads not being used, taking up parking space
Solar collectors create a glare hazard when landing.

Curved officials decided to buldoze the helipads and Park and Ride, relocate the solar collectors, widen the access road, create parking
facilities and lots, and to add GLR-C access.

The Underground GLR-C now pops up right by the west parking facilites, and continues to the east (the image is oriented south to north)  The access road was upgraded to dual one-way roads, and parking lots were added in the place of the park and ride. Now, Sims can either take their car or the GLR-C from anywhere in the city to get to the airport.

More updates later, and as always, I love your comments and feedback.

Curved's Light Rail


Samerton- Thanks for your support, I've never had a region with more than 10 cities, so I'm interested to see how this will turn out myself.

As for whomever said it was ambitious, you are completely right :)


Today I'm going to focus on the backbone of Curved's transit network, the GLR-C. The light rail has been a part of Curved since the city began in the late '90s, formatted in such a way that it could be built in highly developed areas with little, if any, demolition. This is done with the use of subway, underground LR (there's a difference), and dual network peices. The trains, because of the legnth of their cars, can make extremely tight turns without disrupting the passengers. The GLR interfaces with the EL Rail, which in turn can be connected to regular Rail. This allows much flexibilty in commutes and routes. A few pictures for you:

The Downtown Plaza Station recieves almost 6000 passengers a day from the sorrounding office buildings:


Creating a LOT of congestion up the line during Rush Hour:


The GLR-C interfaces with both EL and Ground Rail, allowing for much flexibility in routes and commutes:


I find that putting GLR stations in the blank spaces behind developed builds, and using ped mall tiles to fill, gets the best results:


That's all I have for now, comments and feedback are always welcome.




City Tour: Curved

Curved is the large tile directly east of Straight. It has about 200,000 sims and more than a million commercial jobs. It is less than 50 percent complete, however,

so it will continue to grow thanks to its neighbor, Straight. Currently, Curved has 2 giant hospitals, 3 schools, an intergrated GLR/EL/Rail system; as well as 3 Maxis

Elevated Highways, and 2 Maxis Ground Highways (Sunken and ground). It also has a RHW-6c network (under construction). I have made use of the Network Widening

Mod as well as the NAM. I used a demand mod, however the city is financially self-sustainable. Currently, its income is $175,000 vs a $98,000 monthly expenses.

The Main City:


With networks marked:



BLUE-Maxis Highway (Ground/Elevated)

RED-Airport Boundary



BROWN-GLR (GLR AND Dual Network)

I have yet to institute monorail/HSR into the city yet. Also not marked is the RHW 6-C network at the bottom of the image. Obviously the city is nowhere near complete. Here are

some other images of the city:


I use sunken highways because the on/off ramps take up no space- good for urban environments.


The upgraded international airport complex at the north of the city.


The uptown Rail/GLR/Subway interchange.

Thats all I have for now. Thanks for reading and more to come.



Welcome to the Greater Lambourq Region, the largest (landwise) commonwealth of the UUOS. The government recently aquired new plains during the war in Timbuktu. UUOS officials assigned renowned mayor Exla357(me) to develop the region into a huge, single citied megalopolis. Understanding the ramifications of this daunting task, the UUOS assigned me a plethora of human resources and modern technology. Such features include a cabinet of advisors for topics like public health and education, saftey, planning, finances, utilities, transportation, and aesthetics. I was also given the latest in modern technology, including things like STT (Satelite Terraforming Technology), electronic urban planning, and most importantly, a secret project developed by the government called MTT (Money Tree Technology). That's right, modern biology has alowed us to modify the genome in maple trees to produce actual cash!

The region is rough right now, but it's getting there. Here is view of the active area from our primary Terraforming Satelite:




?action=view&current=GreaterLambourqRegiThe government spent 13 years creating the large city to the left (credit goes to erwinnegentig), as a starter for my region.


The region is 72 kmx52 km, so I have my work cut out for me.

Curved is the city I'm currently working on. Here is a satellite view:



I'm going to satelite terraform the edges to be something like a long, narrow valley that stretches west to east, with the urban areas through the middle of it. The mountains will have things like trail parks, hydroelectric dams, rural highways, etcetera. At some point I plan to upload YouTube videos showcasing the GLR, I'll give you guys the links later. Thanks for reading, and a lot more to come.

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