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About this City Journal

Situated in South California, LB is an LA away from LA. Mix some city pride with great nightlife, a rich job market, and the stuff of dreams, and this is the final cake. Go on. Have it, and...

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Mappety Map Map

This is a district breakdown of the city, shown in different colours for each area. The thin black lines represent roads, the thick black lines represent avenues and the thickest black line represents the Interstate. 

If you cannot see the district names:

Gumsmith                                    Harnsley                           Sordisley                           Silicon Corner

North Old City                              Salisbury                           Cottons                              

South Old City                                                                          Airport                               Industrial Estate

(Note: Airport is not a district. That's just the area the airport occupies. The airport is part of Salisbury)


These outlines are just a rough guide.


In the late 1800s, a woman named Eliza Lerherbridge, married to Derrick Lerherbridge, would choose a certain spot to rest her tired workers. That spot, today is a bustling metropolis, full of noise, colour, and ideas.

Oh, and Mrs. Lerherbridge is the brother of Mr. Spoclety, founder of Spoclety. Must be in the genes.

Lerherbridge, is in essence, built much the same... well in road structure.

The city has a grid-system of roads, and avenues, with side-streets leading to homes and businesses. Of course, not forgetting the City Orbital Roadway, a strip of road that goes around the edge of the city. There is also the I-109, which leads north out of the city, and joins the I-45 in San Fran.


This image was taken using Mirum A, a spacecraft co-designed by the University of Lerherbridge and the University of the City of Spoclety, but they don't like mentioning that fact.

The city's architecture is varied, with tall buildings in the South of the city, and smaller homes and apartment blocks in the North, with mid-sized houses in the central.

The city has the Lerherbridge International Airport (IATA:LHG), connecting hub for low-cost domestic flights and flights to ANYWHERE in the world, and also serves as an air force base.

The city is also the HQ of SoGeeq, the world's most successful retail chain, owning over 200 high streets across the world.

The city has the staduim for the Lerherbride United football team, who are gaining on some teams in the Major League Soccer.

The city also has two high-ranking baseball teams: the Lerherbridge Wildcats, and the Sordisley Tigers (Sordisley is an area of Lerherbridge)

The city has its main governmental buildings on the aptly named Capitol Row, which is roughly in the centre of the above image.

The city has its own University, which, is ranked as a 'pretty good' university by the University Guide of America, and charges locals no fee for attending.

The city, however, has a rather low pass rate. Half the city is surrounded by outstanding schools, whereas the other half have terrible schools, if grades are to be believed. However, this may change in the forseeable future.

The crime rate is execptionally low, with a 100% arrest rate for every perp.

The city is also a very good hotspot for TV and film crews who don't like Hollywood. The city has played host to several TV shows, such as 'The Steady State Theory'. 'Enemies', and 'Star Hike'.

Unlike other cities, the transport network is suprisingly good. More residents travel using the Subway than by car, and even more walk, leading to little congestion on the roads.

The city is served by LoudR 102.0 FM, a rock music station, and Bounce 89 FM, for pop and crunk music, and TalkWord 90.1 FM, a news and talk radio station.

Lerherbridge. No bridges. Just some good ol' Californian fun.

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