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About this City Journal

this is a tour of the western islands made with cities xl 2011

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OKAY! Welcome to my country called, United Oceanic Republic or UR for short. UR is made up 78 (ficticious) islands running up and down the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. The Islands and grouped into prefectures and there about 7 prefectures in the country. All but two prefectures are made up of mulitple Island chains. The two main Prefectures for the country are Atlantis in the Atlantic and Grendigar Island in the Pacific. Now because my Atlantic prefectures are made with SC4, I will be giving you a tour of the Pacific Prefectures. Starting with Grendigar Island.

Grendigar Island was discovered by Aurther Grendigar, a captain in the US Navy, in the year 1902. America saw this deserted isle as a great stratigic point for a major naval base and so Grendigar Island was born. US only saw this island as a military base which was the reason why only two towns popped up Pacifica and Kalhina. Kalhina was a little fishing village made mainly up of retired military veterans. Pacifica on the other hand was a military town of about 10,000 people when WWII started. After the bombing of Pearl Harbor the Japanese worked there way throught the pacific eventually landing on Grendigar. The Navy was able to hold them off but barley. After that day Pacifica was totally destroyed and the Navy base was 85% destroyed. After that America used that as a strageic point in moving there supplies throught the Pacific. Pacifica unfortunatly wasn't rebuilt until the 50's when America realized the money they could make from tourism. The city hall in the new pacifica was built in 1953 and many people consider it to be the begining af the city. In the year 1966 with america spending a lot of money one the war in Vietnam, they couldn't afford Grendigar, and therefpore decided to sell it to the highest bidder. Fortunatly there was a millionare on the island who decided to buy and set up a new government. Grendigar Island saw great growth in the 80' and 90's with a population jump from 201,338 in 1980 to 643,829 in 2000. That caught the attention of (at the time called Republic of the Atlantic) UR in 1995. In 1998 Grendigar was admitted into the UR. Since then Citizens are happy and Pacifica is now the second largest city in the UR with a population 888,000 or so. Behind Bayview(atlantic) with population of 1.4 million. Pacifica continues to grow, and grow fast. If it keeps pace in 10 years will be the largest City in the UR.

Geography and Climate
Grendigar Island is a large Island about 30,426.45 sq mi. which is about the size of Japan's Hokkaido Island. Grendigar Island is a tropical area. It is situated southwest of Hawaii about 3/8 of the way to Indonesia. The weather is always warm the average high temperature for the year is about 76 F. On average it rains about 300 inches/ year but mostly in the winter months or the "wet season". Its highest point is Mt Rainus at 5,687ft and the lowest is... well... the Pacific Ocean at 0ft (duh). The island has a population of  3.2 million almost 1 million of that being in Pacifica...


okay now to some pictures :)

Transportation in Pacifica
This is the map of Pacifica
It has one major freeway running throught it, The name for it is Island Interlink Rte. 24 (I-24) more commonly refered to as "the Cresent"
The Island Interlink has a symbol with a number in the middle if you can see it toward the bottom of the map :P

there are plans to extend the expressway(RED) down into the coast line with the harbors via tunnel as soon as funding is secured(or when i figure out how to make one lol) and a proposed new city link at the bottom right.

Imediate plans is to extend downtown (it should be north) up the coastline with new office buildings, Eltie high rise condos, lesiure buildings and a new baseball field.

Now I will give you the official tour of Pacifica

A view from the plane getting ready to land at the airport. You can see Pacifica Stadium which was JUST built at the time of taking this picture. It is set to house the first western football team in the country next season.
Also you can see the historic  Old Harbor Town at the very bottom.

Welcome to Pacifica International Airport

Another look at the stadium as I was traveling into downtown Pacifica on I-24 after I left the airport.

Some Los Angeles type traffic on I-24

I got a personal Tour of the new stadium from new franchise quarterback Ben Moorehead.

gamescreen0023-1.jpgA view from a government building to downtown over looking the southern downtown interchange.

A view of upper downtown from the helicopter tour

Its been a long day!! a night time helicopter view

This is the view I have from my back porch at my house in Old Harbor Town.

A view as we leave Pacifica to explore the rest of Grendigar Island

Hope you enjoyed your visit! this is my first city on cities xl so any suggestions or criticisms(as long as its constructive lol) will be greatly appreciated. Thanks for viewing this.

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