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About this City Journal

The story of the life of New City. A great Urban Wonder.

Entries in this City Journal


We all know New York, one of the largest cities in the entire world! We also know that it has a well planned grid on which it was built upon. This Grid, and the great port location, played a vital role in creating this American Metropolis.

Today I have pictures of one of my metropolises, or is it Metropoli? Alexandria is a gigantic city located along the Aceih River in Eastern Zantopia (My Makebelieve Country). Although the city has a large population, they only thought to build upward and forgot the outward componant of a city's success.

With the amount of development in Alexandria I am sorry to say that this is onle of the only intersections you can clearly see. But as you can see there is no development that was stymed in Alexandria!



The sides of New City

New City Back Streets- Murder, Bars and Parking Lots. A regular city without a doubt. but its the highrises and parks that are so Ahh inspiring.


New City Never Stops growing, it just has phases. This is the revitalization period where schools, hospital, and common city utilities have been refurbished with renovations and funding boosts.

In this shot you see Freeman Stadium, home of the Ravens who have Won 4 world series in Zantopia (My own little world)


Every city needs its ghetto and here is New City's. Its that little grey building at the corner of Walnut and Mulberry! To bad it is due for Demolition in early May. A new Park will take its place and make many citizens very happy.



Parks + The City

Skyscraper, Parks and the Canal

This is Freeman Associates overlooking Lake park and Great Canal. The people of New City love a more woodsy feel and so thats what the city gave them.

This is my first journal so I'm still learning how to do stuff. I'll have more pics right about, NOW


Birch Plaza overlooking Willow Center and Lake Park

Willow Avenue Bridge crossing Great Canal in New City


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