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About this City Journal

Follow serveral people arriving at the metropolis of Trivordam, the city where life can be easy.. or hard. Opportunity is there, but how to get the life you always wanted? Updated Weekly or...

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Felora Creek

Thank you for your comments again, everybody!


I have been experimenting with photoshop a little more and after some help from TowerDude I was able to add clouds to a screenshot. If you see screenshots with clouds, please keep in mind that those are the first I made.

While Trivordam City (TDC) is still recovering from the thrilling police chase...


...Jack is on a holiday in Felora Creek. He is staying in a small hotel in Trover, to get away from the big city for a while.

He likes Trover a lot, except for the construction site behind his hotel.


Nature in Felora Creek is wonderful. Sometimes you feel like you are in the middle of nowhere when you are just a couple of yards away from Trover.


Felora Creek is already hundreds of years old, and it is just huge. Here's a picture taken from a small plane some days ago.


Jack has also been to Becken, where he bought a nice painting of the centre of the town.


Tomorrow he is going to hike again, and he promises to make many pictures of his little tour in nature. 1.gif

But now, relax and take a look at the vast lands of Felora Creek at dawn...


See you next time,



Felora Creek

Welcome to Felora Creek, a rural area east of TDC. You will sometimes even find nature areas untouched by human activity, but we'll visit that later. 

One of the villages in the vast lands is Trover. It is located close to Becken, a small town with about 2.500 inhabitants.

Good morning Trover...


Sometimes, the fog offers mysterious scenes..


This is Becken. Founded in 1935 and its golden years were in the 50's. The only hints of the good old days are left in the buildings on Foundlander Street.


In this region, I am putting attention to the nature like never before. I have started to use ploppable strees and structures more often and it is putting out really well. I really 'trained' my skills before making this region, especially with farms and suburbian areas. Here are some examples.

 Plopped trees and plazas around the football field.


Lovely shots of farmland "touching" the edge of the forest and Trover.



Thank you for your interest in this update, and I hope you enjoyed the pictures. The reason why I am not continuing my story is because I have little time to make the updates, and especially the Police Chase pictures were eating my time. I will of course continue it someday, soon.

See you next time,



The Village of Trover

 Thank you for your comments my fellow readers!

@TekindusT                                : I have photoshopped everything in, that has to do with the chase. Thank you for your comment!

@Ilikeseattle (old CJ section) : I never thought of blurring the sky at night before, stupid me, thanks!!


I have been working at the village of Trover which is a couple of miles away from TDC. It is a very small village, made with a never before seen tactic of farm-placing. Enjoy the pictures. Ofcourse, at a certain point in the story Trover will enter. ;)

The nature is not very big yet. It takes much time to make such a natural scene.



One of the farms made by my new placing method. It has been made using plazas!



The main street of Trover. The hamlet turned into a village in the 80's, when some new factories opened and the workers moved with it.


The watertower of Trover offers typical Trover scenes, taken on a boat near the bank of the river flowing towards TDC.


See you next time,



The Police Chase (1)

Thank you for your comments, I think you'll like this update. I put a lot of effort in it.

Here is the first part of:

The Police Chase

 4 hours after Bing met the gang, he got into serious trouble...

"Right, Frank, right!"
"Okay, okay, this stupid car is damaged damnit! It does not react well!"


"A barricade! They're shooting!
Great, it seems like we've got the special forces against us!"
"Turn! We're getting hit! TURN!"



They barely got away there. But more are coming...

"We've got more ahead. Bing, you see that RPG-7? There are three rockets!"
" OK. I've got those bastards in no-time... Get ready!"


It shot away... between the cars, to its destination...


"Hahaaa! Way to go Bing! One less to worry about..."

They got ahead of the police cars a bit. But...

"Frank, is that a helicopter?"

See you next time,

The Bankrobbery

Thanks for all the positive comments, again! This is what motivates me to keep on updating.

@Mondayrain:  Thanks, I use the 'glow' and 'grain' effects to add the "TDC atmosphere". About the time: I'll do so when the story 'calms down' again, when I get to the farms. ;) Again, thanks for the ideas and your interest.


Update 15: The Bankobbery


 "What you doin'in here? This is OUR place!

What's your name?"
"Bing, my name is Bing, I... I want to be in your gang."
"Hahah, not so fast, can we trust you?"
"Ofcourse, I will be loyal."
"Then go with us and rob Hadson Bank. See how far you'll go."


They went. The four of them, packed with a machine gun, to Hadson Bank, near Hotel 'The Corner'.



"Go in. Quick!"
Everyone ofcourse started screaming, but they got quiet when the leader of the gang shot in the air.
Some people outside heard the shots, and called the police. David was one of them.
They would be here "...as soon as possible..." 


"The car is in the back, get in with the money!"


"The police, POLICE! Get the frig outta here!" 
"Damn, they've seen us!"


See you next time,

City Overviews

 Thank you, for all your interest in my work. I have been working again, this time near the centre. I've added a park, and picked out just the right buildings to get lovely effects.

Here are the pictures!


The traffic map. Finally some traffic on the roads, which adds realism to the city!


The expansion of the city is full of classic TDC scenes...









Thanks for viewing, and see you next time,



The Night Drive

 Trivordam City, some call it TDC, at night. However, you do not feel alone! There are many others around you...


This part is still somewhat the edge of the city. We are now driving through an agglomeration. The farms are behind us; 
waiting to be sprawled over by new housing projects.


Driving over the freeway, no jams tonight.



My hotel is not far away now. I need to get of the freeway soon. It looks like a rush-hour at night...


Some people are still in their offices, like night guards watching over the city at night...

Ah, there it is. Let's take some rest.

Wait a moment, I hear some screaming... shots! At Hadson Bank!
Call the emergency number, 666!

See you next time,


Problems on the Move

 Thanks for all those GREAT replies, and as Reikhardt could not maintain his patience any longer...

(You'll have to wait longer for more, though, sorry! 9.gif)




A car starts. The lights go on and are heading to Mayhem Road...


It enters the expressway and is heading towards the centre, looking for a gang.


There must be one, in the dark alleys...


You thought everything was fine in TDC?


Think again.


The Edge

 Good morning Trivordam City...


The weather is pleased, and most of the inhabitants have a day off and are outside. The bars are open and many people are
enjoying a fine sunday's meal. David is driving to his colleague Gary and his wife, to have dinner together.


It doesn't matter when you are driving, there are always cars around you. The roads are always welcoming the travellors.
We need to get off the expressway in about a mile.. and get into Clarington. Welcome to the edge of TDC!


If you drive a little bit further you can witness the landscape transforming from housing to farmland. A terrific view! Let's do that another time..

David arrived just in time for dinner, and the lights burned untill dark.. but he also has to get back again. It is wonderful to drive around at night.


See you next time,

Light And Sound

 January 20th, 2011.

Krankler. Only the name will send chills down your back..
It is windy. It is cold. It is dark.. not the best place to hang around at night.


This run-down industrial area was once part of an old aglommeration, but it went bankrupt years ago..


A sound comes out of one of the old warehouses. The echo's are passed to the sky and a light goes on...


Who's there?


A Better Life

 January 4th, 2011.


"...Yes I am coming... we're getting those couches delivered today eh? I'll be there as soon 
as possible... the bus leaves at nine, see you there..."


David Mayhem, one year after he arrived at Trivordam. His life got easy after he had become a
manager at the Stock Exchange Centre, in Hinterland.


He is one of the lucky newcomers at Trivordam, with an income that has tripled within 11 months!


"I make sure that all the goods are distributed to the owners at the right place at the right time,
to keep our reputation high. That was not always easy, like in december, when a storm blocked
one of the major arteries for freight traffic, Parker Expressway, and it had been blocked for serveral
hours. The delivered goods arrived only two hours late because we were able to put the containers
on a freight train..."
"Thank you for the interview Mister Mayhem..." 


Another interview, the last one in months I hope, it is tiring as hell. Now let's get home. I can't wait to arrive home and
watch TV.  Let's relax...


Ha! Tomorrow it is sunday. I think I'll go and make a visit at Gary's house, one of my colleagues. Sleep tight..


See you next time,

City Overviews

Thank you for all your comments/feedback fellow followers, I appreciate your interest in this journal. If you have questions just send me a PM and I'll answer you as soon as possible!

I have been working on Trivordam and you can see that clearly when observing the overviews. The suburbs have expanded steadily and at the moment I am busy with the outer ring-road.



There are currently 5 bus lines, more will be added as the city expands. I will show you a final overview of public transport when finished.


This is Hinterland at the moment, this district is almost finished!


The roundabout leads most of the traffic towards the housing, quickly.


The staium overlooking the suburbs.


A traffic map with the current names of the districts.


The next update will include some shots of the outer ring-roads around the city.



See you next time,



A Good Thing?

 David has been asked to come to Optima Shopping Centre to meet his boss. It was important, he 

said, "payment reasons".

Payment reasons? I wonder what that means, it can mean anything.

Traffic really is a pain today... I have to be on time! I need to get off the freeway...

David arrived when it got dark, because of the sudden blizzard. The only real light comes
from the centre...

David and his boss talked for a long time, when the sky suddenly cleared and the last sunrays
casted shadows over the metropolis...


And the night was exceptionally clear. 

A good thing? 

See you next time,

A Stormy Day

 This is one of those days, which make you wish you was born in Spain. Dark clouds dominating the sky, rain droplets

falling on your car, strong winds making your hair dance..
Downtown is covered in rain.. with only the lights on top of the buildings and the aeroplanes giving a sence of life at the 
other side of the lake.
It is sunday, December 28th. After a christmas with lovely weather, it seemed to have lost it's temper today. 
Today I am off, and the Trivors will be playing against the Leo Lions, at 9 AM. I hope I'll make it on time, traffic is congested,
busses are late and walking is not a real option. Wow, a lighting bolt! Makes the view just better.
Sad weather, I hope it will be better at monday. Where are all the cars at? Don't say it has been cancelled..
Oh, my phone rings. It's my boss! What kind of important stuff does he have to tell at sunday morning..?
See you next time,

Destiny Calls

Today is the 20th of December 2010. Sunny but cold weather, with a sof breeze. It is 6AM, and rush-hour is 
already starting. Soon the roads will be congested with cars, trucks and busses. But that is not the only thing happening..



David got the job he wanted at the Optium Shopping Centre!

Now I got the job, I can easily pay the bills, and maybe I can stay in a hotel. "The Corner"
is said to be a good one, not very expensive but still quality. I'll give it a try and stay there!

We are almost there. It would be nice if I finally have a bed to sleep in
instead of a dirty couch!

There it is, I need to get to the reception and get home to fetch my stuff.

David arrived home at 6 PM, exhausted as he was. His life is starting to take off. He has got
a job, and soon he will have a new 'home' of higher quality. Soon he may be able to 
buy his own house in Hinterland, but as it is so far away from the centre he can not jet,
or he must find another job. One step at a time.. 


See you at the next update,

DM. 2.gif


City Overviews

 As requested, here are some overviews of what Trivordam actually looks like. The city has been finished for about 20%.




You see not many of the map has been finished yet. I'm building on it throughout the week and make the updates in the weekends, to provide

you information as I proceed.


See you at the next update, where the story will continue! A goodbye from a cold Trivordam..



An Oppurtunity?

 Another day begins...


...and while the city slowly wakens, I dream about my future. Gosh, I really want to get a
 job in the Stock Building, so badly, but every journey begins with a single step. 

I have to start small. Yesterday, in the morning paper, I saw that they needed a caretaker at the Optium Shopping
Centre. Maybe I first have to take a look at that. Who knows? I need the money.. I need to be fast, otherwise I'll
be to late, and someone else took the job!

Rush-hour. The worst time of the day, you really do not want to drive at this time. Well..

There it is. Behind the trees! Now I need to find the right people. Wish me luck.


The Giant Awakes


Slowly but steadily, the metropolis Trivordam awakes.


The first cars appear at the roads, followed rapidly by the first rush-hour traffic jams. Today
will be a fine day, according to the weather forecast at Channel T. But it is not the weather
that worries me, it is my future. I need to find a job before I completely run out of money. Again. 
The same story, it happened in Detroit, it will probably happen again in Trivordam, but who knows? Maybe
destiny will turn to it's good side once. It would be a light in the dark.


Atleast I was able to get a home for only 120$ a month, at first I was the happiest person in the world, but when
I got to see the appartment I understood why it was so cheap.


That's what I am aiming for, a job at the Stock Building. It would be terrific if I got to work in the highest building
of Trivordam. I've got the certificat they wish, but with my history it would be wasted time anyway.. I think.
Let's start small and get a more easy job


Thanks for reading! If you have any questions about city planning, custom content use, photoshopping etc. Just contact me by a comment, no PM nessecary. 


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