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Blackmoor 2.0

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About this City Journal

After a computer crash wiped my Plugins folder, I've decided to take a second shot at a 'green city'. This is Blackmoor 2.0.

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Samerton: Cheers!

TekindusT: No problem, I will do that for future updates. Except I forgot with this one... 30.gif

Samness7: I do like my trees.

heitomat: Oh you'll see it. Maybe...

I thought this shot was so funny i had to share it. 


The commuter leaves his house on Appalachia Ave (C258), turns right onto the Maple Fwy (A45), exits onto Bearville Rd, re-enters the freeway and continues onto Maple St (C45) and turns down Station St to their work. Covers unnecessary roads.

After concerns for his mental wellbeing, the company ordered a psychiatric assessment, and has now been given 2 weeks of to recover from the work stress that caused him to poorly map his daily route.

But this is also a teaser shot of a new area! I will show the area in better detail next update.

Hope you enjoyed!




An island that has been preserved. It is in the middle of the city. The S5 however, uses it to bypass the main city and Central station, this helps avoid congestion at the city.


One would think that this mall would be in the suburbs, but no! It's located in Chancewood, one of the inner suburbs. (Although you can't see it, the M1 backs onto the land, giving it easy road access).


A view from another angle.


In Montague, buildings are constantly being torn down and rebuilt.


Another shot of the M1/M2/C100 interchange. I'm not showing you the whole thing yet!


A shot of the Montague Hospital, on the corner of Montague St. and Albion Blvd.



Jamonbread: Thanks!

Weecaeks: Thanks!

samness7: Thanks for the tip. I will do that in the future,

heitomat: Thanks, it feels great to impress someone who I take a lot of inspiration from.

And a personal note: I am somewhat dismayed by the 3.75 rating.  I have been following it from 4.50 to it coasting gently down to about 4.18, which means that everyone is rating it 4, and thats fine. But by that, I can see someone has downrated it. :(

Not to be selfish, but sometimes I think the ST rating system is flawed...

Well, down to buisness:


Says it all.

Please comment!



Blackmoor goes Rural

Whilst Blackmoor is mostly urban/suburban, the city-state has two exclaves. Anderlake is a few kilometres west of Blackmoor, located on the Andebarian border.


The Anderlake Causeway. It was built to serve as a corridor for the A2, as well as a regional railway. The construction transformed the bay into a freshwater lake.


The Aysense Canal. This irrigation canal actually serves as the international border.


The mouth of the Aysense Canal. Crossing it is the Aysense-Solene Friendship Bridge.


Just thought I'd show off my almost seamless PEG Ppond Brigantine Water Mod transition... 44.gif


The canal with a railway line above it.

Hope you enjoyed! And now you can rate this CJ, so please rate it well!



First of all, I'd like to say I was quite flattered with such positive comments, especially from well-known CJers as Blakeway, Schulmanator and TekindusT! Thanks!


Frdm920: So sorry! Is it Perth? (I reaaaallly hope so). Thanks!

ImVhOzzi: Thanks!

TekindusT: Cheers!

Picard: Thnaks, glad to hear that!

Schulmanator: A duck?!? :D Thanks!

Wallacet: I thought I'd do something different to add a degree of depth. Thanks!

JGellock: Thanks! I hope to see you commenting!

Blakeway: Mountain suburb? Heheheh, thats a cool name!

While as seen in the last entry, the eastern area is quite low-density. The Northern Bank of the river is quite high density, with a more older neighbourhood feel. It is also home to the A-1 and the A-2 Freeways, of which meet in a giant double trumpet interchange (I will show this in its entirety later, all you get now is sneak peeks at little bits 3.gif), as well as the B-26.

Now for some pics!


Some modern Euro-styled apartment  amongst some more traditional houses, overlooking the river.


The Blackmoor signature: Trees and parks at every turn amongst the buildings.


This bridge leads to the Middle Island. The island is a major congestion point, as many drivers converge onto St. Andrews Parade.


Middle Island. Today the traffic is a little better.


Ah! This is the A-2 crossing the river, heading west. The middle lane is used for continuing along the A-2 in a westerly direction, while the outer lane goes north/south on the A-1, or off onto St. Andrews Pde.


More interchangey goodness. To avoid weaving, it has 3 entry ramps and 4 exit ramps, instead of 2 of each on a normal interchange.


The buildings and the freeway.


A good photo to photoshop, maybe?


This inner-city neighbourhood can be quite congested at times.


Dun dun! Traffic!


A roads are the highest priority; they are not allowed to have any at-grade intersections. B roads are not allowed to have at-grade intersections, except with A roads. Here is an infamous example, the A-1/B-26 interchange.


Finally a nice nature shot to tie it all up.

Hope you enjoyed! Please comment!



The Arcadia Terraces


Frdm920: I only just realised you are a Sydneysider! To bew honest, I went through a list of British Prime Ministers and Asquith was there. The station is called 'Eastland Grand' on the STEX.

Reikhardt: Hahah... I died when I saw that... 3.gif

ImVhOzzi: Thanks, you have Ill Tonkso to blame for that pic. Such an intersting building.

sc4fanatic/slayer: Thanks! I hope to see you enjoy!

TheMentalist: They are great seawalls, aren't they?

Now to buisness...

Blackmoor is surrounded by hills on the east. It also serves to seperate some of the suburbs from the city.  The hills are mainly covered in forest, but on the city face there is a rather unique area, Arcadia.


The terraces are filled with wealthy houses and surprise surprise: TREES!


This picture shows how close the terraces are to the city. In the foreground is Blackmoor's Central Station.


Arcadia station is to the extreme south of the terraces. It is close to the freeway and the tunnel that goes under the mountains.


These are some of the higher houses, near the forest.


Some of the areas are quite steep. The retaining walls hold bad the hills to prevent erosion, but there is always the danger of it slipping...


...Like it has here. Fortunately, there were no houses in the path, but the street was cut in half. It has been evaluated and is stable, but the houses (where the grassy area is) have been evacuated and removed as a precaution.


The road on the left forms a steep cutting on the hill.


An intersection in Arcadia.


The tree-lined roads are pretty to drive along.


An overhead shot of Arcadia.

I hope you enjoyed this entry. As always, comments welcome!



This is Blackmoor 2.0

Hey y'all!

As you may have heard, my old city was wiped. I had to reinstall everything, but unfortunately my plugins folder was lost.

This is a picture of Blackmoor after I reinstalled Sim City 4, no plugins. Not pretty.


I deleted it, and am now working on the new city. It is using the same map, but in a different position.


This is St. Andrews Holy Church. It lies on the corner of Flanders St. (running east-west) and St. Andrews Parade (north-south). This is generally considered to be the center of the City of Blackmoor, and the church is one of the oldest buildings in Blackmoor.


This is the intersection of North-South Axis (running left-right), Oceanic Boulevard (running down) and Eastland St. (running up in the pic). Near the bottom of the picture is Black Port, an artifical harbour made by sinking the originally low lying land so that it became a continuation of the river.


Oceanic Blvd. features many highrises.


Eastland Plaza. The plaza and street are a major shopping hub in the city. The train station (Eastland Station) is also very busy, and is a converging point for two metro lines.


This is the Riverbend district. With midrises built in the 60's, it is the least modern and arguably the ugliest district in the city. Still, it is quite close to the city centre and has good public transpot, with Riverbend station being an intersection between two lines.


Some relatively ordinary office buildings.


A shot of the City Rail Viaduct crossing St. Andrews Parade.


The 'Black Box', a rather interesting building situated amongst Blackmoor's signature greenery.


Another shot of St. Andrews Parade near the northern bridge. Northbridge station is nearby.


This is Asquith St. Staion, that sits over Asquith St, its namesake.

Funnily enoguh, I have no plans for my birthday so I thought I'd do this entry for you! Hope you all enjoyed, I'm glad to be back CJing!

All comments and criticisms welcome.




Bad news.

My personal computer has crashed and has to be completely wiped. :(

I have a backup of the city that I'm working on which lies on my USB. However my Plugins folder was NOT backed up, so when everything is reinstalled I will have to painstakingly search all the plugins. Based on your SC4 city, is there a way to find out the plugins?

I hope to be back playing and CJing, but this is on temporary hiatus. For the meantime, I will be working on a side-project relating to my city.



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