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About this City Journal

Galbantier, the region of four sub-regions at peace. A century ago, the four sub-regions (Myrgoth, St. Lucio, Vera and Justicia) were individual regions engaged on war. Due to scarce...

Entries in this City Journal


 In this page, you will see the different landmarks in the first residential area in Cobalt City...

The Presidential Palace of Myrgoth

Beside the presidential palace is the High Court of Myrgoth (left) and Arthur Paul Recreational Center (right), named from the first President of Myrgoth.


On this view, you can see the glimpse of the Cathedral and the Community plaza in front:


The Cathedral

Here is the complete view of the cathedral (including cemetery) and the community plaza:



(Pictures resized: exceeded 800x600 pixel limit - Astronelson)


Cobalt City


The overview picture of the city. This city is the smallest in size compared to other capital cities of Galbantier. The bottom right part of this picture (green field and avenue) shows the next expansion project on this city.

Here is the overview picture of first residential district and some government buildings:


The overview of shopping areas and first residential district:


The overview of second residential district and Cobalt industrial park


Overview of second residential district and the business center near the harbor:


The succeeding pages will show the places in detail. :D

(Pictures resized: exceeded 800x600 pixel limit - Astronelson)


 Welcome to Galbantier!

(Hello everyone! This is my first attempt to create city journal here. I've been playing Simcity 4 for five months already and I've never finished any region yet. After seeing city journals here, I want to try myself doing my own city journal.)

Hope you like it! :D

(credits goes to flamesrock for his region map "Macedon" :D)


Here's the region map of Galbantier. The star icons there are the capital cities of each sub-regions. For this image, I only included Cobalt City since this is the first city that I will show in this journal.

(Resized picture: Exceeded 800x600 pixel limit - Astronelson)

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