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About this City Journal

The Imperial Kingdom of Posillipo is a nation on the planet of Adonia, and is a member of the United Sovereign Nations of the World

Entries in this City Journal


Update 9 | Region


Welcome Back to Agrilos

Before I start with this update.

Dear Valued Viewers,

       I apologize for not updating lately, I have been busy with many things in my life and my cj, sadly was not one of them. This will be a good update and please rate and comment! Also, I apologize for the missing pictures, in my quest to clear space on my photobucket account, I deleted my albums which, in turn deleted all my links and made my cj unviewable. Though, I will not be replacing these pictures because that's not possible I will be posting many new awesome updates.


Region Pic


Posillipo (Currently Under Reconstruction)






Agrilos Downtown


Midtown Agrilos


Full Agrilos Pic


Again Thank you all for viewing my cj, rating, and commenting. You all mean a lot to me.




Welcome to Agrilos

The Blue City

Population - (2010 Estimate) 50,000 Posillipites


Agrilos is home to over 80% of Posillipites.


Agrilos is home to the NSL the National Soccer League.


City Hall in Agrilos


Founder's Lake and Founder's Falls


Industrial Center


Well that's all I got for this CJ Update 2.gif come back for more !

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Rate and Comment !

I also wanted to thank everyone for all there kind comments. I do this CJ and build this region so it suits the country of my dreams. If it's your dream to, it makes me so happy that I can share it with you.

Yours Truly ,

        Sim F.


Welcome to Agrilos
Capital of Posillipo

Welcome to Agrilos, currently the capital of the Federal Republic of Posillipo. Agrilos is a thriving business center. With a small population with relation to other cities around the world, people flock to Agrilos to raise their kids because of the School System and Safety. Agrilos has many large business centers in the main business district. Which is shown below.

Figure 1

Agrilos is the current capital of Posillipo and a lot of work has been put into the construction of the new Capital District Shown here.

Figure 2

There are a few business and residential districts in Agrilos. Here are two.

Figure 3

A Soccer Arena is also located in Agrilos, Union Stadium.

Figure 4

Thanks for viewings Wink Post comments Very Happy

President Charles C. Brown


Update 4 | COFR

Well, I decided to apply for COFR . Here is my application. (CLICK PICTURE)


And just for a teaser here is a picture from one of my new projects for Posillipo.


And also in this update. I know I've told you nothing of the Government of Posillipo. So, I thought I'd fill you in. 


Federal Constitutional Republic




Charles "Chip" Brown




Annuit Coeptis - God Has Favored Us






P$ or The Posillipin Dollar










Well everyone voted on have i2 as being the new island ! So It's not completely finished, well  neither was the first, but I am still going to update you on the progress. The second island has some cool things on it.
 Mary's Marina is first on the list. With 5 docks it is the largest marina of the two islands.


The Marina is surrounded by seawall, $$$ homes on the shore, and DC Bridge. Which we will look at now.

DC Bridge is actually only a bridge for a short span on each side of the actual bridge are long land bridges. The Land bridges also serve as good wave breakers for the marinas on the inside of the bridge.


The people enjoy having the bridge because some dislike having to ride the ferries back and forth.

The next thing is. The islands are also a small country so they have to have a Government center. Here is Capital Square.


And now there is this awesome little park sprang up ..

B.K.B. Park..

The park has four ampitheatres at which people love to go watch singers perform.


Like it so far ??

Well what about this ..

Finally a full "area" shot.







Return To Athanos

Update 28

Welcome back guys, sorry about the prolonged absence of my updates, but I've been quite busy and also I had to completely rebuild Athanos after an unfortunate save during a period of time when the water and power was off, so... that caused a very.... dilapidated city.

But DO NOT FEAR! I've rebuilt a newer, and better Athanos! So, here we go.

First, I will show you the location of Posillipo, and then Athanos.

On this map, you can see Posillipo on the continent of Althena, it is highlighted in Orange. This map was made by _marsh_ and is home to USNW's member nations. Click for full size.


This is the location of Athanos with in Posillipo. Click for full size.


Now, I'll hand you over to your guide.

Bonjour, mesdames et messieurs. I'm Châtele, and I'll be your guide today, and we will be boarding the helicopter momentarily, but first I'd like to thank you for coming on this tour with me, and I hope you enjoy it.

Looks like the pilot's ready, why don't we go a ahead and board, and get started with our tour.

Alright, we're off. We'll start off with the government centers, first is the Capitol building. This building was built in the early 18th century, as part of the capital project. This project was started by King Charles V.


Image One: The Capitol Building

Next, we'll venture over the cobblestone streets to two more renaissance-era buildings, the Senate building and the National Assembly building, the buildings were built as twins.


Image Two: The Senate Building


Image Three: The National Assembly Building

Onward we go, to the Royal Palace, home to Her Majesty, the Queen of Posillipo. A little information for you, Her Majesty has over 15 Palaces across the country and her other dominions, and she also owns many residences to her self, were as the other palaces belong to the state. Also for use by the Sovereign, are many vacations residences and apartments across the globe.


Image Four: The Royal Palace

Next, on our tour, we will view the oldest church in the city, Saint Étienne Basilica, also home to many of the tombs of the past royals.


Image Five: Saint Étienne Basilica

As we carry on, the oldest remaining capitol building of Posillipo, and there are many, is this one, the Original Capitol Building.


Image Six: The Old Capitol

Many countries have embassies in Posillipo, but the most important, and closest friend of Posillipo is Insulo.


Image Seven: The Insulonian Embassy

Home to the highest court in the realm, is the Supreme Court Building.


Image Eight: The Supreme Court Building

Next up, is the National Library, home to all of the historic documents that are important to the Posilliponian people.


Image Nine: The National Library

Also on our itinerary is the Ministral Complex, home to Her Majesty's Ministries and also many embassies from Posillipo's closest friends and allies.


Image Ten: The Ministral Complex

Now, we will head into the City Centre, home to many of the wealthiest businesses on Adonia.


Image Eleven: The City Centre.

Do you need to get somewhere fast? Like, really fast? Well, hope on a train at the Central Station.


Image Twelve: La Gare De Capital

Want to take a bird's eye view of the city, get on the elevator and ride to the top of the Observation Tower.


Image Thirteen: Tour De l'observation

Last but not least on our tour, a night's view of the City Centre, I hope you enjoyed our tour, I know I did, come visit us again.


Image Fourteen: City Centre Shot 2

I hope everyone enjoyed this update, I know I enjoyed making it. :) If you have the time, please leave me a little comment below, like my cj, and rate it, also tell your friends! I'd really appreciate it.




LastTrueChamp: Thanks! :)

PantherSimCity4: Thanks!

TowerDude: Hehe, thank you! :D

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KJ3400: Thank ye, brutha.

Hijocordoba: Thanks, I try but sometimes the cars don't show up for some reason... but ya know, you work with what you go.

Exla357: Thanks, do you have any suggestions?

Dabadon5: You will! Just follow my cj! :P

Mr. Cortez: Thanks. :)

SkyScraper241: Thanks, I'm happy you like it, That's why I do it. :)

Mr. Rocky Top: Thanks, that idea just came to me for some weird reason, I didn't even plan on doing those. :P

MN121MN: Just search high rise, or skyscraper, on the STEX or LEX, you can also search NDEX they make a lot of skyscrapers.

kennethbanks: Wow, thanks, that means a lot, I was hopign I got it close to the real thing. :)

111222333444: Heheheheehe, that makes me feel tingly on the insides, thanks, I really did hope I captured the feeling of the area, and maybe I should have made the typhoon pictures a little worse, huh?

chrizter86: I got them from a friend, I'm not really sure if they're uploaded somewhere, sorry... :(

nick96st: Here you go! http://www.simtropolis.com/forum/files/file/23230-piers/

976: Thanks!


Now, for the actual update, it's not much just three pictures, and they're kind of random, I had a bad problem with sc4 this week, I had planned on doing an update on Athanos, but it got totally messed up because I accidentally hit save and the city was all delapitated because the water and power got shut off and I didn't notice, if anyone has any idea if there's a way to save it, please let me know.

I'll just let the pictures talk, that alright with y'all?

A river in Carpathia.




This is a picture from the 1948, Great Adonian War, when Athanos was bombed by neighboring Kyriakos.


Thanks for viewing, and PLEASE comment! :)



Well, welcome back everybody, followers, newcomers, friends. :)

We're back in Nanjing today, but we'll be taking a tour of the Southside and Tanjing Districts.

Tanjing is mainly a low-income neighborhood, but there are also some medium and high-wealth condos and such here as well. The low-income houses are so smooshed together, some of the houses press against each other. It's a rainy day today! :)


Nanjing is known not only as a major business and cultural center, but it's also known as the fishing capital of the world, because the city is home to over 400 major fishing companies and also a mass amount of people work as fishers by their self.


As an east asian type country, Astey and Nanjing are susceptible to typhoons also known as cyclones or hurricanes and also kamikaze. :)


The season lasts for months, in unlucky years there is multiple major typhoons.


But, always remember there is a bright tomorrow, and there's always time to party! :P


Thank you for viewing, I encourage you to comment, and also rate! :) Tell your friends too!

I love critique so please give me some. :)



Wow, just, thanks to everyone who commented on my last update! That meant so much! :) I've decided that since I had over 30 comments, that I will dedicate an entry to answering your questions, and expressing my gratitude! :) Again, thanks, and please comment like that next time! :)

Marsh: Thanks, the lights turned out pretty good didn't they?

Mithokey: Hey Mike, Thanks for commenting, and I wish I was #1!

EmperorDaniel: Thanks, it was fun to make.

Prens: Super dooper mega ultra awesome? Thanks

Mikeaut1: Thanks, it took a while.

Bigro: Ha, we can always trust your senses, huh?

Simmaster07: Yeah, that was a lot of photoshopping and the small stuff counts when it comes to making a city look alive.

Juxydizzer: Thanks, it's one of the longest I've made.

Thomas: Thanks! :) I love Cattala(see I spelled it right that time!) too

Samerton: Thanks, like I said, it took a lot of work! :

Reaper88: Reapy! :P Thanks for commenting!

Ringo99: Thanks :D

PantherSimCity4: Thanks, the reflections are my favorite part!

TowerDude: Thanks! Btw, your Hong Kong recreation is amazing too!

Brian: Thanks, I was hoping they would!

Simmytu: Thank you so much for commenting!

Evillions: Awh, thanks, that's a great person to be compared to, and I'm not worthy.. :blush:

Sc4Playar: Thanks, the reflections are great additions to any city, I think.

hijodecordoba: Thanks. :)

DC: Thanks, bud. :)

Meister: Thanks! I think this is the best city or one of the best, I have ever made.

Roberto Robato: Thanks, Gosh, you even noticed that, thank you for looking that close, I was hoping someone would notice all the ads.

2b2gbi: Thanks, Jon. :)

111222333444: :D Thanks! :D

TudorJason: Sure:





I hope that helps!

TimEpke15: dum... dum.... dum di dum... *hums*

IceMan: Thanks, actually, that was what I was going for, that Shanghai'ish, Hong Kong'ish feel.

Romatitov: Yes, it's just a lot of Custom stuff off of this site and sc4devotion, as well as a VERY LARGE amount of photoshopping!

samdebakker10: Thanks for the critique, I'll work on that next time for you. :)

LolloLallo: You can't download the reflections, I made them using GIMP, a program like photoshop, and here are the seawalls: http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=112

ClampDude01: Awh, we can both be your favorites, how about that? :) I don't want to steal marsh's followers. Thank you very much though :)

Nick96St: I'm not sure I understand? They're just hte NAM overpasses. :) Thanks for commenting :)

Cesarisaias95: Thanks! I think there's some people that play the game and enjoy it, but there's also some of us that use the game more as a canvas! :)

Again, Thank you AAAALLLL for commenting! :) I hope you follow me and my city journal and also comment on my coming updates! :)



Welcome back to Nanjing, today I'm just going to give a short commentary and I won't be talking much because I think pictures are worth a thousand words. ;) Remember right click >> view image for full reso!

We'll start of with a picture of Tan Jiang Island and the North Side.


Jinan Stadium, home to champions!


The Densest part of the city, in the North Side.


A little mosaic! Well, actually it's 10,000 px. 364988687.gif


Last, but definitely not least, the Nanjing Tourism Corporation snapped this pic on one of the more lively nights in the city.


So, how was that? Please tell me below and offer some criticism too, anything's welcome! Rate, tell your friends!


Welcome Followers, Newcomers, and Critics! :)

Nanjing is the Capital of the Sister-Kingdom of Posillipo, which is called Astey. Together, The Kingdom of Posillipo, The Kingdom of Astey, The Principality of Carpathia, the Principality of Maren, and the Principality of Tierre make up the United Imperial Kingdom of Posillipo and Astey. Astey is located here:


We'll start of with a tour of Nanjing and go more in depth in a coming update. This is Tan Jiang Island, home to the Union Stadium and some major corporate high rises.


This is Union Stadium, home to the Astey Warriors and also home to the Nanjing Concert Series, where celebrities from all over the world come every weekend to perform for the city. As you can tell, the stadium and parking lot are worth a lot because of where they are!


Now to the North side, home to some of the tallest buildings in the world, as well as the tallest buildings in the kingdom and united kingdom.


A little over view for you all, Nanjing is home to over 10 million people in the city limits and over 20 million in the metro, it's not only the largest city in the kingdoms but it's also one of the largest in the world.


Now, for the last pic of the day, a night shot, during the Nanjing Independence Day Celebration!


Thanks for view today guys! I hope you enjoyed it, I know I enjoyed making it! :)

Rate. Comment. Tell your Friends!


Thank you all for posting, and I will try to message some of you with answers to your questions!

:) Please comment like that again :D


Today I won't be doing a big update but I am going to post a mosaic! :)


Please comment, rate, and tell your friends! :)

Edit: I changed the link to the bigger mosaic, the 10,000px ones.



Athanos is the capital city of the Kingdom of Posillipo, as well as the capital city of the United Kingdom of Posillipo and Astey. It is situated on the Bay of Athanos, where Karpathos formerly sat (look back to maps). Originally only home to a small town with the original castle and few houses, Athanos is has grown to be a world leading city, as well as the largest city in the Kingdom of Posillipo. Today we'll take a little travel through Athanos.

We'll start off with a mosaic taken at during the day, it's a little stormy in this picture but hopefully it'll clear away soon.

(click and zoom in)


Click for full size

Great, it's starting to clear up, but sadly it's starting to get dark. As capital of Posillipo, Athanos is home to the Royal Palace of the Vasilisa, or King/Queen (currently queen), and the legislative buildings:


It's also home to the department buildings, some of them shown here as it really starts to darken.


Aw, the rain and fog are starting to come back, that's Posilliponian weather for you. We see a picture you might remember from the scrapped "City of Karpathos", it's the Saint Ettiene's Basilica.


Great! The rain's gone now and there's only a little fog left, we can see downtown Athanos great now! What a picturesque city Athanos is.


Now that we made it through the night we can look at the Dientene District. This is one of Athanos's older districts that's starting to get revamped with newer buildings. What a pretty day is is.


This is one of the newer additions to Athanos, the "Port Athanos." It was built in the last few years to replace an older, smaller port that was there. A lot of land was reclaimed and new port equipment was built, as well as the new bridge. Off to the right are some ships of the Posilliponian Navy running routine patrols.


I'll leave you with a nice night picture of the port, with the bridge all lit up, it's actually a nice little picture.


Thank you guys (and girls) for viewing, please leave me some comments below *points down* and rate up there *points up*. :)



This is my second update on Tierre. Tierre is the capital and largest city of the Commonwealth of Carpathia. Carpathia is a chain of islands northwest of Posillipo. Tierre has a population of 543,234, and has a fairly modern downtown after the government gave the city a large amount of money to redo their downtown for tourism purposes. The city serves as one of the two main tourist spots for most Posilliponians, the other being the Maren Islands. I'm talking too much, let's get to the update.

Make sure you right click>>view image :D for full size and resolution


The Turnruch Channel, with a small cruise liner traveling through. PS'd in by me :P


A good picture with all the reefs surrounding the island and the city(which is on a bigger island)


East Tierre Beach


Lake Claire with the surrounding appartments.


North Tierre Beach


South Tierre Beach with Riechstan Falls in the picture aswell



Today, I'm going to be showing a new little beach town called Tierre. Tierre is a town located in the Commonwealth of Carpathia, a dependent territory of Posillipo and a member nation of the United Kingdom of Posillipo. Carpathia is located just south of the equator and has a predominantly tropical climate, even though the architecture is substantially more Mediterranean than you'd normally find in this area because the Posilliponians discovered the islands before they were populated by any other people, so they built with their type of architecture. Tierre is one of the most popular tourist destinations for the Posilliponians, and it is visited by an estimated 2 million a year. The island I will be showing is not the only part of Tierre.

Right Click >> View Image to see full resolution!





This is my fist time ever trying the building type, so please comment and tell me what you think!

Rate. Comment. Tell Your Friends! :)



Today we'll be going on a little information highway into Posillipo. I'm going to try to explain some of this stuff about COFR's "New Gaea." Basically, it's a replacement for earth specifically for the need of more realistic role play, I realize some of you are like "How is a 'new' Earth realistic?" and to that I answer with this.. Most CJ unions require you to take up non important land or extremely small amounts of land on Earth to keep it realistic, but in COFR we realized that a bunch of random islands and taking tiny and big chuncks of land from real countries isn't realistic, also most people hate having tiny chunks of unwanted land... I mean they're unwanted for a reason right? So, at COFR we developed "New Gaea" so we can have normal sized countries and more realistic role play.

We developed high definition maps and then chose our land (realistically sized land) and set up our countries, now we still allow role play with "Non Gaean" nations like normal, just like you where on Earth, no tacky Sci-fi interspace travel and such, it just kinda happens. We've developed extremely realistic satellite composite images of "New Gaea" with the help of our extremely talented Marsh, these maps can be seen below! Currently we are looking for more countries to fill up our empty space, so if you'd like to join please contact me in a message on here, add me on skype "simfreak1998", or visit our site: http://www.cofr.darkbb.com/ and contact one of our government officials and they can help!

So, now to the dynamics of Posillipo. Posillipo is a partial monarchy, with two assemblies, the Senate and the House of Consuls. The Vasílissa, or Queen(or King in times of a male ruler), is the head of government and head of state of Posillipo. While the Vasílissa hold's most power over the government, the Senate and House of Consuls hold some important jobs. The official title of Posillipo is the "United Kingdom of Posillipo". The nation consists of 23 "Counties" which are the equivalent of a State or Province and 5 Commonwealths. Posillipo currently has a population of 250 Million people. 

Now time for maps! 

First up, a map of New Gaea showing all the nations and their land claims. Make sure you click for full size. 


That map has one problem, the Joli Islands have been purchased by Posillipo and are now called the Marin Islands.

Next, A more detailed map with ocean/continent/nation names. Click for full size. Again, this second map has the same map as the one above.


Now, who wants to see a cool map with just Posillipo on it? I do! Click for full size.


Now, a map of how mainland of Posillipo, or the actual Kingdom of Posillipo, is divided up into it's "Counties".


Next, I'll show the commonwealths of Posillipo, view the larger maps for land form reference.


Next, the AWESOME satellite map our very own Marshy put together, you may know him as the Gansbaai man? It's not completely done yet but click for full size.


Now, how bouts a city map of Posillipo on that cool sat image? Click for full size.


The flag of Posillipo is a beautiful combination of Blue and Gold and Orange.


Now, for an update on my Karpathos progress.

1. A photoshoped picture of Basillica Park, or Romana Park, both named for St. Romana Basillica which you can see in the picture. TeleInsulo and Interprise, TeleInsulo is an Insulonian company and Interprise is a Illu'a based company. Click for full size.


2. A cool pic of PosillipoAir's Head Quarters and the Duwamish company, Goodwin Motors, Posilliponian Head Quarters. Click for full size.


3. A daytime pic of Karpahtos and a few fancy night time images. Click for full size and enjoy!




Thanks for viewing my CJ update! There's a few more things below you can take part in but if you'd like to stop here that's fine please rate and comment and tell your friends! :)

Want to have an ad or sign in Karpathos to be featured in an update like PosillipoAir, Goodwin Motors, TeleInsulo, and Interprise?

Well, just tell me in a comment below what font you'd like your sign in and what you'd like it to say! I'll find you a building and it may be featured in a future Karpathos Update. 

Also, I'm goign to be makign a street map of Karpathos and if you'd like to get in early and get a street named after you tell me below! 

Do you have a favorite picture? Do you see a problem or something you don't like? Please tell me below in a comment!

Rate. Comment. Tell your Friends.




I have built Karpathos once before, but I neglected some.... details and it didn't turn out too great. You can see it below. (click to see full size).


Today I'll be showing you my plans for my city of Karpathos. Karpathos is the largest city in the Kingdom of Posillipo, with over 25 million people living in the metropolitan area, and around 12 million people in the city limits. Karpathos is situated on Karpathos Bay, in between two rivers with mountains surrounding the city. A (partial) region view can be seen below.


I have some plans for where I'm building what which can be seen below.


And this is my planned highway system.


Update15pic4.pngMore coming soon! Pleasee comment! Thanks for viewing. Please tell me what you think.


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