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Ville de Roves

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My first Journal City. Located in the French province of Rh

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Ville de r


Hello all. This is my first City journal. However not my first city. I'm currently working on the fictional city of Roves. An old city Located in the French province of Rhône-Alps just south of Grenoble of the banks of the river Isère. I have not yet fine tuned the city. So forgive me fo not posting many close ups. But I hope you can still enjoy.

Lets have a look shall we?


-Here you see the city centre. On the left is the city's cathedral (Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Roves) with in dront of it the city's main street. Located on the far side is the city's historical museum (Musée historique de Roves). Roves is a very old city with a rich history and it was first referenced in 22 BC. During the middle ages Roves grew significantly, in the 11th century when the Counts of Albon chose the neighbouring city of Grenoble as the capital of their territories. When these counts later took the title of "Dauphins", Grenoble became the capital of the State of Dauphiné. In the 1500's, due to Roves's geographical situation, French troops were garrisoned in the city and its region during the Italian Wars. The nobility of the region took part in various battles and in doing so gained an immense prestige. If you want to know more, I suggest you visit that museum someday ;P

St. Cirq-la-Popie

-Located in the North east of Roves the the town of St. Cirq-la-Popie. A still very medieval appearing town which means it is a big tourist attraction in the region. Notably most of the houses are still inhabited by the descendants of the original families that build those houses.

This is also where I started building on the map.

De nuit

-Next we have picture of Roves at night. On the front you can see the brand new football/soccer stadium, finished on October 14th 2010. It was build on a hill south of the city's financial district overlooking most of the city. Behind the stadium is the financial district. This parts of the city is very modern due to the fact that most of the original architecture was destroyed in World War II. On the far left you can see the neighbourhood area of Thury. its a good idea to avoid this neighbourhood.


-And here we have the observatory. It was build it the late 70's and is a well respected institution.


-Here is a map showing the road layout of the city up to now. Pretty much all the Maine's are done but, there still is work to be done. Recently parts of the E-712 highway have been changed. The highway used to lead around the city but due to problem with neighbourhoods not being able to connect well to the rest of the city, the highway has been tunnelled under most of the city. Also shaving of about 10 minutes of the time it took to get from one side of town to the other.

An SR-71 took this pic

-Next is an overhead view of the city. I highlighted locations of interest.


-And finally my layout plan for the expansion of the city.

I hope you enjoyed my first post. Please leave a comment. If you have any tips or suggestions, feel free to post those as well.

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