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About this City Journal

This is a mostly maxis vanilla region. Originally I had the same region filled with about 12 million sims. Lost the old one, so now I'm remaking it. Always loved this part of the country,...

Entries in this City Journal


Hello again Simtropolis. It is I, Anorepick, with more offerings for the City Gods. I said earlier that I was going to wait for the Bay Area to be completed before I posted updates, but like many promises that I have said to people in the past, that has dissolved. And this time, I promise it wont mean the unfortunate end to our relationship followed by many hours in the courthouse battling for custody and... ehh you know what, thats irrelevant. And even if I did promise something along those lines, it would surely fall apart like all my other promises. ANYWAY.. back to the brass tacks.

I've done a little bit more to the region, but the main spotlight of this update is what the cities look like so far. As already stated, I'm going for more of a realism (especially in the region view) over accuracy or overall population. So while this may not be a street by street replica, I believe it looks and even feels like the area it is creating. But I wouldn't be a very neutral judge, considering I made the damn thing. So now it falls onto you all to comment and rate my work, so heres a few screenshots of the Bay City!


So here is the obligatory night shot of the Crimson Gate bridge. As you can see, the Tower of London is being used as a placeholder until I can find a more suitable model of Fort Point.


Here we can see the Temple of Average Artwork. Along with a tiny section of the bayline.

And to Pegasus, I don't know what I'd do without your work. Thanks Pegasus... Thegasus.


Here are some of the mansions of the cultural elite. Middle class homes higher up on the hillsides

can be seen in the foreground.


Finally we have a scenic view of the Sunset (no clever name here) with Sutro Tower in the foreground. Thanks goes to carlosau for that nice landmark.

What have we learned?

Maxis lots love to level themselves and create gigantic 90 degree drops of concrete in the landscape.

I hate this.

Thanks for reading, and if anyone knows of a good model for Fort Point I'd love for you to share it. Thanks everyone.


Welcome back to the Frisco bay area. In my last entry, I introduced you to the regional view only of my San Francisco bay area. Because I figured that a couple region view screens won't be enough to satisfy most folks, I've made up my mind to mix things up in this update. I've included THREE region view screenshots! As you can see, I have filled in a few more gaps and expanded a few areas. Nothing much more to report here, I just figured I may as well update frequently to -shamelessly- keep the journal at the top of the page. *cough cough*

Anyway, here you are, hope you enjoy!


I have expanded on Wayward quite a bit. It has become the largest city in the region, and I'm planning on changing the mayor name to Kansas. Also I have decided to change the location of San Leonardo to just north of Wayward, including the suburb of Almeida in between that and Mapleland.


Here we see a more completed highway system. Only a few more cities and one bridge to go, and the Bay area highway will be totally linked.


And here's the bonus image, a blank view. Its my goal to create the best possible view of such, and so far I'm pleased with it.

So that wraps it up for this small update. Next time I post I'll have completed a good 90% of the cities around the bay, and then after that I'll start taking a look at the cities themselves (or at least the major ones) . Thanks for the positive feedback and by all means, keep viewing.

You've been fantastic everyone, cheers.


So here is my second version of this region. The original one was lost on my old hard drive, and now I'm setting off to remake it as a little project. Although it may lack a lot of shiny new toys (the only real non maxis thing being the ports) I'm enjoying the process of building it up to what the original was.


Here we have the region view. Population is still very very low, as I have not grown the cities too much yet.

Take note of the names of the cities, using what I know of the actual bay area I managed to name them accordingly.


Heres the transportation map. The highway system has almost been closed together, and I still have to expand in the south

a lot with it. I'll be leaving out the San Maeto-Hayward bridge (or in my version the San Metro-Wayward bridge) due to it

being too long and not having any real good place to put it.

So now I'll be updating the progress I'm making here, and once I finish with it I'll start an actual journal for the cities themselves.

I'd love any comments or suggestions, thanks.

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