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Didicas Island

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About this City Journal

Didicas Island emerged from the sea when the underwater Didicas Volcano erupted in 1952

Entries in this City Journal



1) PNOC Oil and Natural Gas Refineries

Off-shore oil and natural gas extracted by several Oil Rigs from the Benham Rise are process and transported here for export. Much of the Government revenues comes from the Oil industry.


2) Port of Didicas International Container Handling Cargo Terminal

The Didicas International Cargo Terminal is one of the country's most active cargo ports. It’s the one of world's most active container port, moving 2,800 (TEU) worth of containers daily.


3) Port of Didicas Car Terminal

A dedicated car terminal for vehicle transhipment hub on the region handling about half a million vehicles annually


still working with other facilities:

Luxury Cruise Ship Terminal

Inter-Island Ferry Shipping Terminal

Ship Building and Dock Yard

Main Bulk and Conventional Commercial Port

Car Terminal

Fish Port and Village

Naval Station


I'll Post them soon (sorry for the bad photoshop skills ,not uniform image adjustment)


The Liwag Atoll

Well it’s been a long while and I almost forgot my CJ. Fortunately, I have some free time during this hectic work schedule.

The Island Hopping continues….

Located at the South eastern part of Didicas Island lies an atoll formation called Liwag Islet.

Liwag Islet is composed of a small islet, rock, sandbars, submerged bank and elevated coral reefs.

The Atoll itself acts as natural weather shelter and provides a rich fishing ground its area. The Atoll is a declared bird sanctuary wherein surrounding banks and rocks is filled with small guano deposit. There are no human settlements but occasional tourist is allowed to do some dives, as the Atoll inlet boast large coral formation.

Next Update is the Alimasag Islands and The Didicas Island's Seaport



The Liwag Atoll


Western Liwag Sand Bar and Reef


Eastern Liwag Sand Bar and Reef


The Liwag Islets and Rocks


The Development

The Government after receiving the studies provided by the volcanologist as well as geologist has decided to establish a colony to develop the new island.

The new map of Didicas island.


In the First Phase: Forestation Project has to be done on the island have a self sustaining ecosystem as well as construction of a large fresh water reservoir

Within two years of forestation project, the rich volcanic soil has greatly help speedup the growth of fauna around the island.



As we wait for Phase 2 (Human Settlements) and Phase 3 (City Development)

Let go island Hopping to some of its surrounding islands.

First: Isla Punta Fuego - meaning "in the end of the fire"..Its the northern most island north of Didicas Island

its covered with mangrove and coconut forest, as well as other common tropical trees.



Similar to this real-life mangroves..its provides habitat for fish and other sea animals that diversify the ecosystem of the island


The only permanent structure.. A lighthouse helping the maritime traffic passing in the area


Next update would be the other southern islands and islets.


The Big Eruption

Its was a calm bright sunny day when...............



Volcanologist was caught off hand because their monitoring equipment on the island has malfunction after a typhoon passed by just several days ago.

Huge pile of lava was released from the crater...rushing out to the sea..causing an enormous steam that would cause poor visibility for the observers aboard a nearby ship...flights were restricted due to the volcanic ash.

It would take a number of days before they can see clearly what happen in the area.

45 DAYS passed before the lavaflow stopped and a 7.0 earthquake have occured causing more destruction as Tidal wave washed up the area

..steam has yet to desipate..just to be safe the Volcanologist requested assistance from the Airforce to do reconnaisance flights around the area and take recon photos just to have an idea whats the aftermath the volcano has done.

A single RF-8 Crusader was ordered to the photo flights


In a few minutes it has already taken raw photos of the after effects of the eruption

The weather was not friendly as a low pressure system near the area caused heavy rains.

Lt. Ortega did all his best to keep the camera rolling for a long period.


Upon return the Volcanologist in no time study the photos and videos handed by the Airforce.

Volcanologist concluded that the Volcano has stopped complete activities and the 7.0 earthquake might have sealed the crater well for good (as of now).

Amazingly the tidal wave has washed up most of the sulfur and pyroplastic deposit on the island.

Whats more amazing the island grew by as much as 1000 times in size..The Director of the Volcanologist has come up an idea...since the  Volcano is inactive and well be inactive for a long time..a study was started if the island can be suitable for habitation..the results was a BIG YES9.gif...




Fact History

Just a quick facts on where my CJ was inspired from.

Didicas Island emerged from the sea when the underwater Didicas Volcano erupted in 1952. Its is located NE of Camiguin Island of Northern Philippines.

Since its still categorize as an active volcano the size of the island my possibly increase in the event of future eruptions

Actual Photos of Didicas Volcano Island



* I ll be making an inflated story twist of the island much bigger than the actual and making the volcano extinct and suited for habitations.

(Lush thick tropical forest, mangrove, white sand beach (not volcanic ash18.gif), a city center and CBD, beach front developments, residential areas,intl airport and seaport, military installations, a self sustaining agriculture lands and some basic manifacturing industries.)



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