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About this City Journal

Aracjuna is an Island Group in the Atlantic, about 4-500 miles off the coast of North America. and here I am telling the story about this Island Group

Entries in this City Journal


I know it has been a while since I last posted, not that anybody cared anyways ^^ But anyways, let's continue our Trip through Aracjuna. Next Stop: Stanley and Fort Stanley.


(Fort) Stanley is known as the Heart of the Heartland, it is one of the fastest growing Communities in the Country.

It all began with a small Army Post, a Munitions Factory and a Grain Mill, which processed most of the Grain coming in from the surrounding Farmer Communities. During the Sixties, the Army Post started to grow into one of the biggest Army Facilities in the whole Country. The jobs provided by the Military attracted many people to settle in Stanley, which in turn attracted many new companies to settle there aswell. And so (Fort) Stanley grew in only 50 years from a little with only a few thousand people into a thriving small city of more than 50.000 people.


The old Munitions Factory is still standing and still in use. It was built in 1915, when the CS Army requested more modern Equipment, in case Aracjuna would get involved in the first World War.


Also the Old Grain Mill is still in use. Although the O'Malley Milling Company who owns this Building dates back to 1876, the Mill itself was built in 1948, after the Old Mill burnt down in 1946 after a tragic accident, which cost the Lives of 24 Employees and 11 Firemen.


To the right you see the Fort Stanley Convention Center, built in 1997, mostly financed by the local Business Sector. And on the left you got two of the tallest Buildings in Fort Stanley. In the front it's Aracjuna Defense Corp. Headquarters, the leading Arms Manufacturer of Aracjuna. They're manufacturing mostly licensed American, British and German Military. But recently ADC developed the Standard Infantry Rifle Mk.I, which is rumored to replace the G3-CS and the M16-CS2 as Standard Rifle for the Confederate Armed Forces. While the Special Forces will adopt a license-built version of the FN SCAR. While the taller Building behind ADCHQ houses Robertson&Wittmann Financial Services Ltd. the 4th biggest Bank in the country. They most recently came under fire for almost filing for bankruptcy, after the executive board blew almost all the money on easy women and booze. No bailout for those guys, I tell ya. ;D


Here an early sketch of the SIR Mk.I


A shot of the new off-Base Housing Area for Military Personnel and their Families


New Bootcamp graduates are sworn in to defend the Confederate States of Aracjuna

And with that, we move on to the Town of Stanley. Before the Army Post Fort Stanley was founded, Stanley was a small Farmer Village East of the place, that is today the Greater (Fort) Stanley Area. As the Army Base grew, so did Stanley and soon the two places grew together and make up what is today the Greater (Fort) Stanley Area, hence the brackets.


An aerial Photograph of Stanley, in the front, you can see Mount Irthum an inactive Volcano, although recent studies have shown, that the Volcano has shown a slight increase of Activity in the last years, nothing serious though.


This is the Stanley University of Technology, founded in 1982. Some of the Worlds biggest Inventions were made here, for example the DVD Rewinder, the Flatulence Deodorizer, the WLAN Cable and recently they're working on a Blu-Ray Rewinder, yes you gotta move with the times.


We finish with Stanley's Landmark, the Stanley Tower. The tallest Building in the Greater (Fort) Stanley Area, apart from housing most of the administrating offices of the local Businesses, it is also home of the Confederate Investigative Service (CIS) local branch.

Hope you enjoyed it, although I can't promise to make a new contribution to my city journal soon, I'll at least try. Stay tuned


Today we'll pay a visit to Kerrington, the Capital of the Confederate States of Aracjuna, or how it looked before the Missile Attacks a few years ago. Most of the old Governmental Buildings have been build during the time when Aracjuna was still an American Protectorate, so the old National Mall of Aracjuna had a close resemblance to the National Mall in Washington D.C.

The old National Mall

The Aracjunan National Mall a few years back. We can see the old Aracjuna Parliament, the Kerrington Obelisk and the Presidential Palace.


The Confederate Marine Corps Memorial at the shore of the Garland River


The Kerrington City Airport by now the only possibility to reach Kerrington by plane, plans are in the making to build a new International Airport near the Capital, which would also house the Presidential Air Transport Detachment of the CAF aswell as an Interceptor Wing for the Protection of the Capital (against threads which are now taken really seriously after the Attacks)


Here is the Ministry of Defense, housed in the old Kerrington Barracks Building. The Kerrington Barracks were built in the mid-18th century by the British and taken over by American Forces during the War of Independence. When Aracjuna became independent, this was the place where the first Aracjunan Battalion was raised. Shortly after the Old Barracks were designated to become the new Ministry of Defense and the Surroundings were turned into the new Kerrington Barracks, housing the Capital Garrison.


The first warhead about to hit the city, those were conventional warheads otherwise Kerrington would have been completely annihalated.


The second one, about to hit the parliament.


Surrounding Buildings caught fire after the hit.


The National Mall shortly before the complete Destruction. About 13.000 people died in the Attacks, even today people are still missing or bodies are found on construction sites surrounding Ground Zero. Against no Terrorist Organization which claimed to be responsible, there could have been found evidence that they're really responsible for this Disaster and so, to this day nobody knows who caused it.

Although the Service of Confederate Intelligence is still investigating and hoping to find those responsible and bring them to Justice.

Kerrington-5Okt1571289140751.pngYears later the wounds are closing up in Kerrington and here you can see the all-new Great Hall of Democracy


Here a closeup


Here the Monument to honor Frederick von Heusenstamm, the man who made Aracjuna a free country.


The Museum of Franconian, Scottish, Irish and American Heritage


And this is the City Palace of the President, this is where he resides while in town and where he welcomes high ranking guests of the Government of Aracjuna.

Here our little tour of Kerrington ends, I hope you liked it, if not well then I cant help you ;)


A few years after WWII, the Confederate Political and Military Leadership realized the Strategic Importance of the Aracjunan Islands

in the upcoming Cold War. A Soviet Military presence would have cut off most of the supply lines from North America to Europe and

actually as it has been revealed during Glasnost in 1989, there have been quite a few plans to bring Aracjuna under Soviet Control.

That the Aracjunan Government would have just switched sides was out of the question anyways,

through the Western Heritage most Citizens of Aracjuna shared. So the Soviet Politburo tried to send in KGB Spies to overthrow the Government,

Sabotage Vital Industry or just to cause Public Disturbances (like the Fuel Riots in 1969)

Anyways, the Confederate Military decided to prepare their Forces for the Task ahead and among other Initiatives,

decided to build a new Training Facility for the Flying Personnel of the six Branches of the Confederate Military

(Army, Air Force, Marine Corps, Navy, Coast Guard and Defense Corps)

The small Town of Connolly about 15 Miles south of the Capitol Kerrington was chosen to become this Training Facility


Back then Connolly was a small lumberjack town and near the town there has been a clearing,

which was used by a USAAF Fighter Squadron as base of operations during WWII.

So the Confederate Air Force just took over the abandoned USAAF Facilities and the Connolly AFB was founded.

Over the years the CAF improved the Facilities there and today,

the Connolly AFB is still the only Training Facility for Fixed-Wing Military Flying Personnel in Aracjuna.


Connolly AFB today


The lumberjacks moved away and today mostly Military Families live in the Village


The small pond near the Southern Gate


Left the Flight School for the Theoretical Flight Classes

(they also got two Simulators in the Basement) and Right the Flight Control Center,

which also houses the Flight Preparation Rooms and the Briefing Rooms


Rows of Training Aircraft await the Trainees


A Group of CS Army Chinooks undergoing pre-flight Preparations


For a few years now, Connolly AFB also has become Home to a small Air Transport Detachment of the CAF


The VORTAC Transmitter, without it the Pilots at Connolly would be pretty much screwed


The Main Gate near the Town


The southern Barrack Complex with the Quartermaster's Depot and the Air Base Offices (Bureaucracy is the demise of mankind ;p)


The shoulder patch for the Flight School

[images resized, please keep al pics within the 800x600 or 600x800 pixel limit. Thanks! - Chptrk]




This is the Island of Aracjuna in 1945, after the End of WWII.

Although the CS of Aracjuna never officially declared War on the Axis, the contributed to the Allied Effort to win the War mostly through a lot of Volunteers who joined the United States Armed Forces, especially the Franconians from Aracjuna were quite useful as Translators (Franconians are originally from Germany, so they're usually able to speak German).

But also the Armed Forces of Aracjuna engaged directly in this War, Naval Ships helped keeping the routes between America and Europe clean of the German Kriegsmarine, the 33rd Infantry Battalion "Scotsmen" fought alongside the Allies in North Africa, The 21st "St. Patrick" Armored Battalion and the 43rd Mechanized Infantry "Franconia" participated in Operation Overlord in '44.

When the War ended, about 1/3rd of all able bodied Aracjunans have fought in this war and about 8672 Aracjunans have lost their Lifes.

(I know the Island looks not that natural and kinda squarelike, I need landmass so I dont have to overcrowd my cities to get a big population and can keep my countryside, like it or leave it)

[images resized, please keep all images within the 800x600 or 600x800 pixel limit. Thanks! - Chptrk]




Port Bamberg, former American Protectorate of Aracjuna, 18. May 1909

"Ladies and Gentlemen, may I introduce to you, the Flag of the new Confederate States of Aracjuna."

The voice of Frederic von Heusenstamm was shaking, when he spoke those significant words. Aracjuna has been an American Protectorate since the USA declared their Independence in 1776. Now 133 years later, the Confederate States of Aracjuna would finally become an independent Nation itself and it would begin with the Introduction of the new National Flag, which comprises the Heritages of the 4 major Ethnicities residing in Aracjuna: The five White stars on Blue background indicating the American Heritage aswell as the Scottish, the pattern of the stars was chosen to resemble the Scottish saltire. The Green, White and Orange of Ireland for the Irish Heritage and the Red and White of the Franconian Rake for the Franconian Heritage.

The flag was unveiled and everybody in the Hall stood and applauded up to show their respect for the Banner under which a new Nation was born. "Together in Peace, this shall be our Motto from now on!" continued von Heusenstamm.

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