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About this City Journal

Transforming barren lands to an endless sea of single-family homes.

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Red Rock Ranch Part 2


skully250: Thanks for commenting! Hope you stick around to see what develops!

TowerDude: Thanks for commenting! Hope you stick around to see what develops!

simfreak90: Thanks for commenting! I'm more going for Southern California's newer developed cities, but at least it looks like something sort of nearby lol

joinapple: Thanks for commenting!

tigeria: Thanks for commenting! Lots of plopping led to perfection... lol

bandit22: Thanks for commenting! The road is from the Network Widening Mod, which can be found here. You'll need the NAM as well.

Following the success of Phase 1 of Red Rock Ranch, Phases 2 and 3 were planned and released, selling just as fast as Phase 1.  Here is Red Rock Ranch fully completed.


The northern entrance to the development at the intersection of Oak Valley Boulevard and North Ranch Road.


The newly completed school, Red Rock Elementary School and the surrounding Red Rock Community Park under a particularly strong California sun. The school is part of the Tower Canyon Union School District. Tower Canyon itself is a ways off and I'll probably cover it later on.


In order to decrease dependency on cars within the development, Eucalytus Trail was constructed to link Red Rock Parkway, Phase 1, Phase 2, the park, and the elementary school together. Mature eucalyptus trees were transported from other places and replanted here so resident could walk along a shaded path.


The intersection of Red Rock Parkway and North Ranch Road at a roundabout. (I particularly love this one because of the rock in the center) To the right, another subdivision is just about ready to be released. All it needs are houses to fill the lots.


A grocery store, gas station, and Rite Aid have moved into Oak Valley, anticipating future growth in the area.


With Red Rock Ranch fully completed, developers are now looking for other places to build homes, and one developer has started some preliminary grading.


Next update: The beginning stages of 2 new subdivisions: The Knolls, a community with a new golf course, Oak Knolls Golf Course, and Cobb Crest, a community nestled in the hills and meant to provide sweeping views of the valley below.


Throughout the 20th century, Oak Valley remained fairly similar, still mainly small ranches. However, by the 1970s, many had gone into decline, even being abandoned. The creation of new jobs in the Inland Empire region of Southern California, roughly 45 minutes away, coupled with the need for housing led to the first housing tracts in Oak Valley. The first one, named Red Rock Ranch, is just off Oak Valley Boulevard and was the site of an old cattle ranch bought out by developers.


Here, planning of streets and lots for the first phase of development begins. Altogether, the first phase will contain around 70 homes.


The streets are fully paved and Red Rock Ranch is officially open to construction. Already, a few homes are being constructed. Some are even fully complete and ready for their new residents. Houses are from the low 100s, so don't miss your chance for a brand new house!


The development was a major success, selling out within a year. Phases 2 and 3 are being planned out and implemented now.


The entrance to Red Rock Ranch at the intersection of Oak Valley Bl and Red Rock Parkway.


A typical cul-de-sac in the new development.

Next update, the new construction of an elementary school, and the first retail areas will all covered.


Oak Valley's Beginnings

Oak Valley has its inceptions in the late 1800s when cheap land and rumors of oil fueled settlement into the valley. Unfortunately, little was found here, and a major settlement never took place. A group of several ranches were the closest thing. The small cluster lacked commercial buildings, so people mainly lived off the land, occasionally making the trip to Tower Canyon (to be covered in a later update) for supplies.



An old picture of the ranches.

North of the ranches, Oak Knoll lay. It rose from the surrounding flat land, blanketed in flora. It was a popular stopping point for travelers. Later, as Oak Valley became developed, it would become host to numerous estates and the namesake of the future city to develop.


A postcard dating from the 1890s-1900s of Oak Knoll.

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