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About this City Journal

Watch the rise of an enchanted island, ruled by 2 dragons.

Entries in this City Journal


Episode 1.3- Dog Ridge


Episode 1.3-Dog Ridge
The family mentioned earlier has now moved into Greenridge. But instead of moving into the city, they decided to open a small farm up on top of a low lying ridge northwest of the town. They built a dirt path up to the ridge.

Next, Adon, and the kids helped bring wood into the area where they were to build their farm and small shelter. Ryess built a small campfire and prepared dinner over it. For the entire time it took to build their house, the family had to rough it and live in tents.

After a short time, Adon began construction of the shelter. The kids helped out with the small jobs. After a short time of about a week, it was completed.
The family decided to grow corn on their small farm. For other foods they would drive to the small market back in town. They loaded all their stuff off the ship, and used a heavy truck that was avalible for rental to carry it to their new shelter. Inside they found it very cozy. After about a day, it was pretty much a new home.

One thing that they enjoyed the most is that they could bring their dogs Buddy and Holly, which were very dear to them. So they named the ridge that their house sat upon, Dog Ridge.
Please post your comments, suggestions, and questions.


Episode 1.2: Pleasantville

It had been nearly a month since the accidental discovery of the Enchanted Island. As you could well expect, the people of both Dublin, Ireland and New York City are getting very nervous. Radio communication was impossible because most electric sources were consumed by the powers of the island. So 3 other ships were released to search for the missing parties.


The people of Dublin and NYC thought that they were blown into the Bermuda Triangle, also home to many untold powers. And perhaps a whirlpool or "sea monster" "ate" them. However this enchanted island has always been unheard of, as well as it's powers, which can destroy the earth in one command. Eventually, a ship came nearby this island. And then a strange force started pulling the ship toward the island, as if it was a magnet.


So with that in mind, a few minutes later, the ship spotted this town, as well as the other oil tanker docked. The ship sounded it's huge horn, and then docked up next to lost one.



Making it necessary to expand the town.

It grew so much in fact, they thought that it would be worthy of a name. That of which is Pleasantville


Also here is a small family onboard that first ship that went astray. This is the family that this DD will be based on almost entirely.

Ryess: She is the mother of the 2 children in the family. Age: 37

Hidem and Achoro are the 2 children. Hidem being the girl, and Achoro being the boy. Hidem's age: 10. Achoro's age: 9

Adon: This is the head of the family. And the father (doh!) Age: 44

Please post your comments, suggestions, and questions.


Chaper 1.1: First Discovery

The year is 1750. A large passenger and cargo ship left for New York City, from the seaport at Dublin, Ireland.
So far it was smooth sailing for the Queensferry.
But one day a huge tropical storm swallowed the ship in its wrath.
Trying to head back on course, the Queensferry soon was heading south toward an enchanted island. The island had many wonders and magics buried deep in it's core. Ones that man couldn't explain. An urban legend that goes around says that this island was once home to a tribe of dragons.
One of which his name was Breal
The other, named Jadja.
One day, the Goldstone Volcano erupted. And killed their overlord. He is said to be somewhere underneath some of the rubble leftover from the eruption.
Volcano_eruption.jpg After that, the dragons were killed from starvation, due to the loss of vegetation. Now, 5000 years later, the Queensferry discovers this magical island.
The ship docked, and the residents began setting up a small village. Hopefully, which is temporary. Village-1.jpg
That is all for now. Post your comments, suggestions, and questions.





1.1: First Discovery

1.2: Pleasantville

1.3: Dog Ridge

1.4: Attack


2.1: The Great Escape

2.2: Plot

2.3: Going Lunar

2.4: Extraterristreal Visitors


3.1: Success

3.2: Myths and Lies

3.3: Kidnapped and Robbed


4.1: The Great Hunt

4.2: Deserted in the Desert

4.3: Broken Apart

4.4: The Overlord's Tomb

4.5: Rise of the Overlord


5.1: Carried Away

5.2: The Trial

5.3: Escape through the forest

5.4: Sorrow mountain


6.1: Journey of Despair

6.2: Captured

6.3: Prisoners

6.4: Escape

6.5: The Hunt Begins


7.1: Moving Progress

7.2: Followed Closely

7.3: Volcano of Courage

7.4: Broken Forever


8.1: The Pioneer Legacy

8.2: Jungle of Temptation

8.3: Boulderstone Village

8.4: The Dangerous Valley'

8.5: Goldstone Volcano

8.6: Kidnappers


9.1: Fort of the Mountains

9.2: Lies

9.3: Dig

9.4: The Fort of Breal and Jadja


10.1: The Battle of a Lifetime

10.2: Rescue

10.3  Home

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