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About this City Journal

you have been travelling the world and you come across a little town with only 93 people in it... you think "i can change this town around and you will

Entries in this City Journal



i was hoping on continuing this journal somemore but when simcity 4 had an error on my computer it also hapened on this computer

sorry for all the waiting and sorry this had to happen but if you have read this far i am starting a new city life journal right now 


rci demand

 this shall be a small entry and soz i havnt updated in a while been busy with starcraft 2

anyways on with the update.

the mayor went out and built a new residental and commercial area near the city hall.


he also took the rci demands down



looking forward to comments and on how to expand the new area;)


a change of place

 i decided to import my city into another area so it shall be different (no comments so i updated)

the mayor was not happy with the rate of unemployment so he brainstormed he came up with the idea of fullfilling the peoples needs he went out and asked them (not all that would be crazy) and found out that most wanted commercial and industrial zones to fill in for unemployment so right away the mayor got to work


this is the new commercial area that the mayor planned


this is the new industrial area that the mayor planned also with a bit of commercial to the right


the area was going well and the mayor liked all the skyscrapers so he decided to expand to another region building a road all the way to the edge


this is the road that was built (took me a while to shift all that) but the area it lead to was undeveloped

thx for reading in now do u want to develop the new area and what with remember you decide2.gif

looking foward to comments


 the mayor decided because his population was so big he would build a city hall so he got to work right away and built it


it was to power itself and have the courthouse and radio station next to it they also planned a plaza to be built. further down south but not to far is the new stadium


this is the new stadium in its prime it was built just south of the city hall so if a game was on the mayor could go and watch

the roads of the industrial area were upgraded and everywhere there was built a multi transport lot (for taxi and buses) and people were starting to like it

a couple months after the residental area was built BLAMMO!!


with all those apartment buildings and skyscrapers the mayor thought to himself "this town has come a long way since the 93 people it first had" so he started to look at the population board and found out the population "50186" he nearly jumped through the roof it was amazing because this growth came so fast

before we end i shall show u a pic of the (very confusing) subway


this subway metro was built using the multi transport lots :P

thanks for listening in and please rate it good will be waiting for comments on how to expand next (and hoping to open up a new area)

2.gif have fun and stay frosty


the town now with all the skyscrapers and apartments :)


people were moving to this town from far and wide the town now had a population of 4203 even after the advancements were done here are some of the advancements done using ideas from planners that the mayor hired


the new residental area was built next to the farms and 2 recycling plants were put in because garbage was at an all time high there is also a train station (but more on that later) 

the mayor also expanded the industrial area (no pic sozzy i forgot) and it was pumping out buildings like an oil rush anyways on to the train station

the train station was built at the residental and industrial areas because people were complaining about commute time to work




this is the town after all upgrades and the population upgrade people were starting to like it here

looking foward to comments to expand (as always) and thanks for viewing



 (due to lack of comments on how to expand i decided to do it myself (again) )

the mayor thought it would be nice to add in some military to take care of the town while he was dealing with "important" affairs the military base was built right away


after the base was built many scouts were sent out to take care of problems at hand mainly concerning crime 



the mayor could now relax because as soon as everyone saw the mechs all crime in the city just stopped and the police now didnt have a big job

the mayor also decided to add some residental and commercial areas around the base as seen below


the residental was going well the commercial... not so well but that was destined to change soon

Looking forward to comments about the next part 2.gif


bigger growth

 the mayor decided to bring all ideas into action building farming residental and also some dirty industry


all streeets were upgraded to roads but the streets of the agricultural sector were left untouched many trucks were seen leaving the area and going to the markets and industry areas


the new industrial area was going well with jobs for all... although unemployment was at an all time high people like the transport system of taxi's,buses and the mayor planned to bring in later a train transport system


apartments were starting to be built in this town and its was growing splendidly now with a population of 1609 everyone was loving it


a new rich citizen also moved into the town next just across the road from the park and rec areas and 2 roads across from the other rich citizen


a new community center was also built in the town because the mayor although he wanted the children and youth to be educated he also wanted them to have fun

he also added some more commercial areas... when the dirty industry came into the town the demand for commercial shops and offices rose slightly and when a new commercial area was built the area was accomadated nearly instantly


above is the new areas that have been built as well as the original... you can clearly see the difference the planners have made to this town

-growth meeting end-

shall be looking forward to more comments 2.gif


starting anew

 (since i got no comments i thought i would continue this myself)

the population is now 207 the mayor thought it would be good to expand the residental area so that new shops would move in so he expanded the residental area


this is the area after the new residental area was built and new water pumps and pipes were put in there is also a victorian manor built but lets take a closer look


the people liked this new manor because it meant they were getting richer more and more people got to know the people in this manor and now the residents basically know everyone

thats it for now (please comment) and im waiting for more expansion remember no expansion without you


the beggining


you have been travelling the world looking at all cities and fixing them up now you come across this quaint town and think to yourself "what if it was bigger it could be the biggest city in the world"

i shall be looking foward to comments so i know what the people want next for this is completely interactive i wont do anything without comments ;)

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