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Lacey County

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About this City Journal

The "CJ" will be a County Journal centering around the tri-city area of Port Richard, Laceyville, and Bennett City.

Entries in this City Journal


The end....for now


I regret to inform you that this CJ is ending abruptly right here. The reasons are many, so I won't go into them all. Thank you for the comments, and watch for a new CJ in the future from yours truly, TheOtherRick.



Time for another update to keep this sucker alive. There is not a ton of new stuff in this one. Basically a review of where we are to date and a teaser of Port Richard, the second of the Tri-Cities. Lots of pictures ( 33 ). Some things you have seen before, but there are subtle differences, like sidewalks where there were none, custom content, etc. I hope you enjoy...

There are now 10 "cities" started in Lacey County. I quote cities because some are small unincorporated areas...


1. Westville - A small farming community on the western edge of Lacey County. Unincorporated with just a few hundred residents.



2. Rolling Acres - Another unincorporated area similar to Westville, if ya sneeze, you'll miss it.




3. Valleydale - Another small community in the northwest area of the county. The Valleydale Ore Co. is the anchor of this town.



4. Julesburg - This is a full blown farming town. With just over 1,600 residents, it is the 2nd largest town in the north portion of Lacey County. They even needed to add a second traffic light.



5. Laceyville Beach - Owing it's name to the city east of here, Laceyville Beach is a tourist town on the shores of Richards Bay. Income from tourism has allowed sidewalks to be built in the shopping district along the boardwalk. Residents in town still have to deal with dirt shoulders, be they wealthy or poor...





6. Westridge - This town is an anchor to all of the outlying villages. A closer drive than Laceyville, it offers what Westville, Rolling Acres,  Valleydale, and even Julesburg cannot. Population is right around 4,800. While it roots are in farming, mining also contributes to the local economy.




7. Lacey's Cove - Sandwiched between Laceyville and Laceyville Beach, Lacey's Cove is home to antique stores and tourist shops. There is a nautical museum and fishing pier. There are still farms to the north.






8. Laceyville - One of the three cities that comprise the Tri-City region, Laceyville owes its existence to commercial fishing. Industry has moved in and is rapidly eclipsing fishing as the main economic base. Both contribute to the city's commercial success.







9. Port Plains (teaser) - This really is a teaser because my dumb ass forgot to take pictured of Port Plains...next update...

10. Port Richard (teaser) - Port Richard is the second of the Tri-Cities. It is a seaport and heavily industrialized city. Not nearly as pristine as the other shoreline communities, it is the economic hub of the entire county.






That concludes this update. Comments and constructive critiques please. Specifically, does anyone know how to make those dirt triangles look better along the diagonal rail in the last Laceyville picture?

Until next time...



Time for another update. Thanks go out to Mattb325 and JBSimio for their custom content that will appear in this update. Once the entire county is developed and this CJ begins in earnest, I will post a credits page for all mods/lots/kits used to date. Now...the update...

County development has expanded westward to the county line...sorry for the blurriness of the satellite image...


Laceyville Beach has been started and Westville, an unincorporated area made an appearance as well. Lacey's Cove grew a little bit too. But let's' start with Laceyville Beach....


This is a small tourist community where the residents of the county ( and genuine outside tourists ) come to relax at the seashore. There are posh Bed -n- Breakfast Inns right on the boardwalk with expensive shops across the street....




As well as lodging for the less wealthy...where fishing trumps fine dining and shopping....



But not matter what your economic status might be...bring your sunscreen for the beach....


As with the the rest of Lacey County, agriculture still plays a part in Laceyville Beach city limits....


As does some industry. This industrial park is sandwiched between the farms and urban development...


The final photo from Laceyville Beach shows the inevitable. You spend a ton of dough on some nice bay front property, and some schmuck builds an atrocious tourist trap right across the street...make's you want to load a 9mm and cap the SOB...


The unincorporated area of Westville is very similar to other farming lands in the county. Nothing more than an intersection really...


Lacey's Cove has had some additional development. A real estate magnate sold the town a bill of goods when he said "I'll give you sweet resort condos". They turned out to be not much better than inner city tenements...


The one's he started with on Cove Point were just a little nicer, but not much...


The town's residents were enraged, and who can blame them when they live in a tow that has such non-urban beauty in their neighborhoods...





Well, that concludes this update. As always, suggestions and critiques are welcomed. I know a lot of this is "same-old, same-old", but please be patient while we get the entire county developed to the same level....Hope you enjoyed it.



As stated when I started this, updates won't be frequent. Real life does indeed limit my time. I am hoping that the infrequency doesn't kill the CJ. Comments have been few and far between. What makes the delay between updates even worse is that there is so much preparation for the County Journal to begin. For those joining us late, I am trying to get the entire county developed prior to really beginning the journal. So all of what has been done to date is toward that goal. Enough banter, let's get to the update.

Three new areas have been developed in Lacey County. They are the unincorporated villages of Rolling Acres and Valleydale, and the small farming town of Julesburg.


Julesburg is a small town of a little over 1,000 residents, most of whom live on or near the farms they work on. The downtown does actually have one traffic light...



Valleydale is a small mining community centered around the Valleydale Ore Refining Company complex. Train operators affectionately call the mining complex "The Lionel Loop", cue to it's over-sized resemblance to a toy train set. Farms also provide income to some of the residents...



Author's Note - I HATE those big gray grain elevators that are popping up EVERYWHERE!

The last new area is Rolling Acres. Just a collection of small farms northwest of Westridge where the land is starting to get more rugged. This little hamlet doesn't even rate a traffic signal...



Since the last update, I have been growing Laceyville because it will be one of the Tri-City metropolitan areas of Lacey County. Here is an wide aerial view of development in Laceyville so far...


As you can see, much of the west bank of Bennett Sound has been developed. Some of the farms have failed on the west side and are now just vacant fields, ripe for residential development...


However, local developers seem to want to build up instead of out...


Toward the north, the industrial area has expanded, along with new commercial and residential areas...


...And there has been expansion to the east, just across the twin bridges...


...Including the home port for the city's commercial fishing fleet...


To continue development on the east side of the sound, engineers from the firm of Dewey, Cheatam, & Howe were hired to design and construct the necessary bridges. First, road and rail to cross the east fork of the Bennett River...


And then the daunting task of spanning Bennett Sound itself...


This required several processes in order to make the grade acceptable to rail and give the bridge enough height to allow for shipping. First, millions of cubic  yards of material were hauled in for the roadbed. In a rare display of foresight, the bed was constructed to allow for future roadway in addition to the rails, and actually already has a service road that was demanded by the rail companies...


Next, massive bridgeheads had to be constructed to anchor the ends of the bridge at a height that would allow ships to pass beneath it...



I'll end with some pics of the downtown and the new marina that the wealthy residents demanded...



Odd that the wealthy demanded the marina, and then low wealth apartment buildings spring up across the street.

Well, that concludes this update. Hope y'all liked it. Remember, I want suggestions and critiques. Let's hear 'em!!



Today we add a new town to Lacey County. Lacey's Cove is a bayside tourist attraction to the west of Laceyville. Here we can see it from a satellite view.


Aerial views looking from the southeast and southwest follow.



As with the other areas of the county, Lacey's Cove also has deep roots in agriculture.


But it's pristine shore along Richards Bay provided the residents with tourism opportunities. A boardwalk and beach area was developed shortly after the turn of the century. A vacation spot for residents from all over Lacey County.



Funding for the waterfront district, with its cobblestone streets and paved parking areas, put the crunch on road construction in the rest of the town. The wealthy must deal with the same gravel streets that their not so well off neighbors have to use.



Boardwalk Square Park is a great place to relax when you're not fishing, shopping, or getting a sunburn on the beach.


And now for some shots of suggestions from the commentary on previous entries. Thanks again for pointing me to the custom content. Below is the latest view of the Westridge Business District.


I really like the rural freight train depots.


Laceyville got a couple new freight stations as well...



Laceyville also had to start dealing with it's garbage. A landfill has opened on the north side of town.


That about does it for this update. Some credit where credit is due now...

PEG Productions - The OWW2 boardwalk style lots

Deadwoods - Aussie Windmill

DK1 - Freight Station and Freight Station V2

Keep the advice coming, I want to get better!



First, Credit where credit is due...

Uroncha - SAM Stopper

Jeronij - JRJ Seawalls, JRJ Concrete Wall V2

PEG - CDK and OWW2 lots

JBSimio - SmalltownUSA lots

The above nods are in use, thanks for making them folks. Now on to the update...

One of the three main cities in the tri-city region is Laceyville. Here are some images of its humble beginnings. The drive into town doesn't offer a very pleasing sight if you look toward the tank farms to the north.


Early 20th century industry, spewing waste into the water and the air. The view to the south is much more appealing to the eye.


These are two of the three roots to Laceyville's birth. Industry and commercial fishing. The third is the same as the rest of Lacey County...


...you guessed it. Agriculture. Here we see it being pushed back in favor of living closer to town. All of the county would have been nothing but farm towns if it weren't for the marine influence. Those expensive beach lots were the last to go. But we can see that the well-to-do were quick to grab the prime real estate...


I'll end with a closer view, and then an aerial view of the fledgling city of Laceyville.



Hope y'all enjoyed the update. I don't know how fast they'll come, but I will post them as I can.



To review a sec...Lacey County will have 3 large urban areas. I want to use this CJ a a learning tool, and you are the teachers. So I am getting my feet wet on one of the smaller communities.


Westridge is an agricultural community just west of what will be Laceyville. It does have a small amount of industry located near a mine. I will apologize in advance for the variations in picture quality. They will improve with time. Also, I know I left the grid on in one or two. Oops! Anyway, we'll start with a general aerial view of the town.


That is heading west over the town center. Next is some of the agriculture east and south of town.


The approximate era for development is going to be the early 1930's, so the streets are a rigid grid, as curve-filled middle-class subdivisions won't show up until later. The next shot is of Westridge's small yet thriving industrial area.


Early depression era factories and a power plan throwing tons of pollutants into the air. No Clean Air Act yet! The industry grew around the Westridge Mine (Credit goes to PEG for the Big John Mine). The next picture is a closer look at the Westridge Business District.


Shops and restaurants along Main Street. The last shot is a closer look at the farming.


Scattered here and there among the farms are lower class residential lots, occupied by farm labor. The "ditch" running east-west is actually a railroad. It has a connection to what will be Laceyville. Fresh fruits and veggies to go!

Now back to a little review. I want to LEARN! So tell me where to improve. Criticize (constructively) what you see. Tell about better lots. Tell me about better planning. Tell me about better techniques. Be the chalk on this empty slate!

Until next time....



Just a little update to keep the ol' ball rollin'. I didn't want you to think I was resting on my laurels. I have completed the basic intercity roadway network for the northwest quadrant of the county.


These are two lane roads. Since the county journal is going to start in the 1930's-ish era, no controlled access highways yet. The roads toward the western side of the map are much straighter due to flatter land.

I know this may be a boring update, and the next few that I post will be too. But as I stated in my first post, I want everything in place before the story starts. So please hang in there, it'll be worth the wait.




This will be the story of Lacey County. I'm not going to be doing a lot of history or science here. How the land was formed and who the county elders were are not going to figure much in this CJ. What I really want to do is learn from all of you Mega-Mayors, Terraforming Titans, Journal Giants, and STEX Experts. Do not hesitate to criticize, but please keep the criticism constructive. I will also tell you that the updates won't be coming at a fever pitch. Real life is a constant and has priority. As a matter of fact, this prologue is a bit of a teaser because I have not dragged the first road or plopped the first ploppable. Lacey County is currently in the planning stages. No point in trying to learn if you don't start from the beginning. So let's look at what we have to work with, shall we...


I clicked "Create a New Region" and terraformed in God Mode from the big flat plain it gave me. Lacey County is a coastal area with a small area of highlands in it's northwest corner. The city boundaries that came with the region gave me the plan to build a tri-city complex as shown below...


Port Richard, Laceyville, and Bennett City will make up the tri-city metropolitan complex. Port Richard will be centered around trade and manufacturing, with a major seaport and plenty of industry. Laceyville will also have a maritime influence by way of commercial fishing, as well as an industrial center. Bennett City will be leaning more toward a commercial center and high tech industry. That leaves a lot of land left to use...


The green shaded areas are slated to be upscale waterfront bedroom communities for the 3 major cities. Suburban and commercial zones as well as high education and some recreational areas. The blue shaded areas will be tourism and fishing based communities. The rest of the map will be rural, devoted to farming and perhaps some mining in the northwest highlands. Before I even lay the first brick or plow the first field, I will be placing the basic countywide transportation network...


The red lines indicate where the major transit routes will be upon completion. Obviously, the network won't be this complex at first. This is just to give me a guide.

I won't be showing a countywide map again until all of the starting pieces are in place. The plan is to get every city in the county started and at the same stage of development prior to actually starting the county journal. The era will be 1930's-ish, so the initial road network will bestarting with simple blacktop roads for main arteries. I will give updates as that portion progresses, if for no other reason than to keep this going and tease you all with pics right up to the point of the county being ready.

Please don't hold back the flow of any ideas, critiques, or compliments. This is going to be quite an endeavor and this CJ could go on, and on, and on...

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