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About this City Journal

Atlantis. A world that never use to exist until now. The ancient Greeks told of a city passed the Mediterranean, on an island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Plato an ancient Greek...

Entries in this City Journal



 Hampton is a frontier town where most of the dirty mining industries are located. Hampton houses 12,000 people. Most of the 12,000 people are low wealth residents. A surface mine has also opened up because of the crystal deposits in the area. 

          The area is also highly unstable. The geological area is unstable for no reason. Something is pushing up aganist it from below. It is coming straight from the mantle. This has caused the surface to open up into a sinkhole. Magma mostly spills out of this to form new layers. It hasn't happened in the present ,but the geologists found out that the last time it happened was in 1984. 

           Now lets take a tour of the town.

hamptonjun1351280769620.pngA city view. A large industrial area is located in the middle of the town.

hamptonjun2351280769630.pngA mid-wealth area.

hamptonjun3351280769641.pngThis is the industrial area next to the mine.

hamptonjun4351280769650.pngThe main industrial area.

hamptonjun5351280769659.pngAnother mid-wealth area.

hamptonjun1035128076969.pngThis is the new highway system that has started. This is the first interchange built so far.



 Trinity is where Trinton International Airport. is located. Around the airport is where the hi-tech industry is located. Trinity has about 100 different companies who manufacture special and specific machinery for the mining industries around the island. Surprisingly, a lot of companies also manufacture computer parts. 

         The population of Trinity is about 28,000 people. This place is a flat suburban area. This is a suburban haven you can say. There is no crime what so ever here because of the security in this area.

         Underground Trinity houses a secret nuclear safe bunker where our gold supplies are located. Yes we have approximately 30 trillion USD in gold. This is the main facility which houses our money. We don't even trust Swiss banks. Now here are some satellite pictures of the area.


This is a city view of the area.

trinitydec1878128076945.pngThis is where the Hi-tech industry is mostly located. To your right is a parking lot for the international airport and to the top is a small mining area.

trinitydec1978128076946.pngOne of the suburban areas.

trinitydec2178128076947.pngThis is Trinton international airport. It is small but has a large capacity. 

trinitydec2778128076952y.pngThis is a private community in Trinity. 

trinitydec2878128076953.pngAnother suburb.

trinitydec2978128076955.pngA shopping area for the masses of people who come to the airport.

And that is Trinity for you. 


In the recent weeks, colonization of the region has reach a new level. New workers wanting to work in the mines are flooding in by the masses. A small international airport was built to overcome the number of people coming to this area. 80,000 people and counting, live on the island of Atlantis. Mining has now been taken underground. Surface mining is starting to stall because we have extracted basically extracted all the crystals on the surface.

          We have also made plans on putting charges on the mountains to start looking for places where we can breach the underground caves which houses the crystal. No ancient articfacts have been found to support that a civilization once call this island home. We will continue to look for artifacts.

          The highway system is now fully operational. It connects the entire island togather. We also have to start thinking about making a true business district because a lot of our corporate counterparts want to make there headquarters here so they can supervise there operations on this island. Soon this entire island will be colonized and we can be proud to say that we have achieved our goal on making the first corporate supervised city state. Now it is time to find more islands where we can make a foothold in. Now I want to show you the satellite view of the island.



Now that is an eyesight it isn't. Gaze your eyes upon the growth to Atlantis. 


 "This Eagle One reporting to Executive Sam over."

Sam- Eagle One go ahead.

Eagle One- It appears we have unidentified flying object sir.

Sam- What is its status.

Eagle One- Sir on radar it doesn't appear and by my own eyes sir, it appears to be going about Mach 3. Sir it appears to stop hold on. 

Sam- I want a full sit rep soldier. 

Eagle One- THIS IS EAGLE ONE IT IS......(cut of by static)

Atlantis Command and Control(ACC)- Sir we have lost Eagle One on radar. The F/A-18E is no where to be found.... we have lost him.

Sam-Who could have done this?

ACC- Sir it appears that this object is not from this....

Sam-Yes I know. I want this to be covered up. The media is going to be all over this.

This report is not going to anybodies hands. This report is confidential and as acting supervisor for Atlantis, I want something to be done. We need a scapegoat because everybody saw that plane being shot down. I need to know our options on this. Nobody can find this out that something shot down our plane. I want all options assessed and processed. You are dismissed. 



Huemsdale's has grown so big. It now supports a population of 29,000 people. Huemsdale has also introduced the new coastal highway project, the first mining fields, and the first town center of the entire region. Stores like Homedepot and Best Buy have opened up all over the city. There is more of an influx of mid and high wealth citizens then low wealth citizens. Apartments have also started to pop up all over the city. The first business district has also formed. Huemsdale Landing Strip is now called Huemsdale Airport after recent renovation to expand the airport. Now let's talk about the projects.
         First let us talk about the Coastal Highway Project. Our aim is to create a freeway/ highway system which will travel across the entire region and connect all the cities together. Right now the project is under development. We have already started the coastal highway system. The point of the origin for the highway is at the new town square of Huemsdale. Here is an outline of what we have done so far.


As you can see it does not connect to the western side of the island. As you can see also, the mining has begun. Our first priority is the clean the surface of the Trinity Crystal. Then we will go deep. The black dune you see on the bottom is our coal operation. There is a small deposit on the island and it wouldn't hurt to harvest it. 

         We have found more evidence on the sea bed supporting that there is another island containing this type of crystal. Our satellites have been programmed to find the island. When we find the other island we will also excavate the crystal.  Most likely we will find this island in Northern Russia towards the east. Now lets take a tour of the whole city.


com.pngThis is the town square/ business district. Located here is the Freeman Mining corporation which controls the mining operation.


A developing community on the main island.

res2.pngAnother divided suburb.

wateru.pngWe have tapped the ground water creating this lake. The lake help fuels the reservoir which takes the water and filters it so it can be used as drinking water.  Now I need your help regarding a decision. 

Should we:

1) Construct housing in the mountains.

2) Leave it un-touched.

3)Should we blast it to search for crystal deposits. (Not a certainty we will find it)

You are dismissed. 


The option you chose was a good one but must be under mined. We have just did a underground analysis and found something was buried under the settlement. Now this island goes down to the ocean floor which is a 1 1/2 mile depth (2.41401 km). Even though we have decided to excavate, we also got a plan to also create a small town so the workers who are excavating, can stay. Momentarily we will see a Type 5 Theremo-baric bomb being dropped on the island. It will destroy everything on the surface. Here we go put on your glasses.

pelilusportaug109127982.pngSome explosion we got there. This bomb will leave no radiation so we can fully function properly. There will a lot of debry so watch your step.


Now we must leave so the clean-up team can clean this. Now once this is cleaned up, the town will be built first before the digging begins. You are dismissed. 


 Mining has started in Huemsdale. So far we have excavated 200tons of coal and about 2 tons of the crystal we will now call the Trinity Crystal. The crystal will soon be sold on commercial markets around the world. All we need to do is cause an oil shortage. Our top officials have suggested to arm militia and terrorist groups in the middle east and tell them to attack the major oil supply. They already hate westerners so this help there agenda. All we care about is selling this crystal to the United States and Europe. This way we get a lot of money.

          Something disturbing has also happened, On a remote island about 7miles away from the mainland, we have a settlement. But, the strange thing about this settlement is that it showed high markings of radiation. We also found the people inside the settlement dead. We did a carbon-dating test and it showed that this settlement was made in 1957. Yes you heard, 1957! What are these people doing here and how did they die. Could it be a Russian nuclear missile accident or a meteorite. The evidence shows none of this. So where did the radiation come from?

            Now as part of the executive advisor panel, lets take a look at this place.

pelilusportmay270912793.pngThe power plant was somehow operational. How could be operational since 1957!

pelilusportmay280912793.pngAmerican style housing and American roads. What are Americans doing alway the way in the once USSR.

pelilusportmay290912793.pngThey had a strong economy going most likely. 

pelilusportmay300912793.pngThe power plant. It is still fully functional.

Now what should we do with this place. Should we excavate it or leave it as be. The radiation cleaner will help clean the area. Now it is your choice:

1)Excavate it and find something under it.

2)Rebuild it and allow the city to thrive again.

3)Leave it as be.



 Huemsdale is the only settlement on this island so far. The colonists didn't come here for no reason. They came here to work for the company. Right now we have to build the housing so these workers can start mining for "THE CRYSTAL".   

           We have found new things about this crystal. This crystal is a very efficient energy source. 10 grams of this crystal can power a car for up 193 miles without stopping. Now mining this crystal will be very hard but, if we do get enough imagine how much money we would get, especially because we are in a oil crisis right now. Artemis will be the head of all businesses. Artemis will become a moderator in the world. We will be able to support and stop war. 

            Huemsdale has about 9,800 people living in it. A lot of Artemis executives have also arrived along with some US military troops. Russia has become angry at the United States because this island is right next to Russia and should be theirs. This is one of the reason military troops have deployed. Another reason is to watch over us to be sure we aren't doing anything suspicious. But, our private military outnumbers the US troops 2-1. The reason Congress allowed our private military to stay, was because if we went to war with Russia, Artemis would use its troops as a decoy so the US doesn't have to be directly involved.

            The more and more the US gives us more power the more we will grow and the more they will grow. Artemis is becoming more than a corporation more than a nation. It is becoming a virus. The world can hate us ,but they need us more than ever before.

          Ok our airplane is landing in the airport. From there we will get on a helicopter and take a tour of Huemsdale.


This is the airport from high above. There is one hotel. It is called Hampton Inn. The airport is relatively small but it meets our requirements so far. Now we go to the mountains. 

forestj.pngAs you can see, this is a very dense forest floor. Environmentally these types of plants and animals shouldn't exist in the Tundra called the Arctic Circle. Something is heating this island. Our thermal imaging satellite picked up a large thermal flux in the middle of the ringular circle. The heat is coming from the core. Weird yes. Now lets go to the village.

villaged.pngHorribly developed yes ,but this is where the cities poor go to rest. These farms are privately owned. Farms are able to flourish here because of the fertile soil. Now lets see some of the development on the other side of town. 

developement.pngThis area has just been built. Now lets go to the island.

housing.pngThese are where some of the high executives live. Very stylish homes they have. Now lets see the main hospital.


Since the magnetic field erupts from here, it distorts some of the radiation entering the area and creates a yellow orange haze. Now before we finish this tour lets see the entire area.


The entire area. It is still developing. Anyway now that you have seen the colony and know the aspects of life here, you will start work as my personal advisors either today or tomorrow, depending on my timings.


 There is still much speculation whether or not this island was actually an island the ancient Greeks saw and told. There is a lot of evidence to support this theory. Some of this evidence includes very slushy soil and lots of lines on the rocks indicating a tsunami once hit this island. In cooperation with the United States of America, the Artemis Corporation has started colonizing this island. The island is rich in coal and some type of crystal. This crystal is stronger than diamond. We have no idea what this crystal can be used for. The only thing we know is that it can be easily turned into a liquid based fuel with a temperature above 500 degrees Fahrenheit. We have also found a giant circle with rings going across. This is definitely not man made or a freak of nature. Someone or something carved this out with some type of giant plasma cutter. The rocks having been perfectly cut with no streaks or marks. Whatever it maybe, we still have to colonize this region so our company can gain in profits. Recently our company had gone bankrupt during the housing market collapsing in 2008. We lost billions of dollars basically over night. We had once owned 40% of all housing in Great Britain at that time and 8.9% of the housing in the United States. It went down to 25% in Great Britain and the US went down to only about .8%. That was really bad. We did have one ace in the hole. We had a private military corporation in our hands also. What I'm about to tell you is strictly classified and if reported it result in immediate termination. What we did was we gave weaponry to terriosts in Indonesia and China, we gave weaponry to the Drug Kings in South America and Mexico and we gave weaponry to the Ultranationalits rebels in Russia. Now our plan was to make these so called rebels make the other countries governments get down to their knees. Then these countries would hire us to help eliminate their threats. Smart isn't it. We exterminated all the rebels. No one was left standing. That was what made this company survive. Now we must redeem our housing market by colonizing this island in favor of the United States. Now get on the airplane, we are taking a tour of the island.

atlantis1279464500.pngThe colony is up Northwest as you can see. It has about 9,600 people living in it. There allegiance is to the US. To the south you have the ringular circle. Very Very weird. (This CJ will be updated irregular. Any political point of view is fictional and doesn't apply to reality.

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