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About this City Journal

A group of cities and towns in a large desert.

Entries in this City Journal


After being lazy for a while, I'm back into doing this CJ.


The truckers seem to have found a shortcut - through the park. Evil truckers! Until that's sorted out, the park will smell like diesel fuel.


A new highway is being built to the east of Simville so that it doesn't seem to be in the middle of nowhere.


Farms have been popping up everywhere in this area north of the highway ever since they started selling pumpkins at the grocery store. (I think I accidentally made the image smaller. Oops)


Looks like someone ordered too many fire trucks. (I hate placing more then one fire station in a city so this one is a city-wide one)

Next time we'll be looking at a new town, and a couple other things in Simville.



This CJ will be delayed until I can get Simcity working again. Hope it won't be too much longer. The delay before was becuase I was tired so my creativity just went poof.



The mayor of Simville decided to open a health clinic and an elementary school as the city's population grows to 360.


The Tumbleweed Forset has now become a city park. (BTW, if anyone knows any fence add ons, please tell me in the comments as hedges don't look right)


The park has an area for skateboarding and tennis, two of the most popular activities in Simville.


And here is the western half of Simville. The street in the center of the left side goes to the park.

And here is the history of the desert:

In 1709, Simmly III sailed from Africa and fell into a whirlpool which put him into an alternate universe where Earth was the same, except one big desert. There were however mutant creatures such as one the crew called "Nancy Down The Street" as they were very annoying. The Nancys fled far away as they were frightened by the pots and pans banging on the ship. The sailor and his crew settled there when in 2009 their territory was destroyed by huge sandstorm. The survivors built a new city, Simville, so that the Simmian Desert and its surroundings will be ruled once again by the Sims.



This is the first post in this CJ (More like a Region Journal) so I hope you like it.

Today we will show you the beginnings of Simville, a city of about 300 people.

2qbd72s.jpgThis is the eastern part of Simville. You can see the farms which have advanced technology allowing plants to grow as if they were in a cooler enviroment.


North west of the last picture, this one is where the water tower is and also the windmills.


Here's what the locals call "Tumbleweed Forest". It is north-west of the city.

That's all for now. I'd like some comments on the city! Next time will be the history of the area, and also some custom stuff so stay tuned! 2.gif

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