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About this City Journal

A region once a patch of deserted land turned into thriving economy thanks to "High-Tech water solutions"

Entries in this City Journal


Palm Spring Crosses 100 000 Mark

Palm Spring Welcomes it's hundred thousandth citizen while "Harrisburgh" awaits for it's Hundredth. Harrisburgh is only eight thousand heads short.


"Promotional offer"
If you have two or more heads you are most welcome to "Harrisburgh" you will get year supply of miss woo's hair products and shampoo free of cost*

*Conditions apply, exclusive of any taxes. Additional purchase necessary before you qualified for this offer.


Billings Central Railway Station opens after renovation
Billings Central Railway station shed left half developed during platform extension and renovation project. Mayor clarifies that it solved the congestion problem and saved few simleons for city. He preferred not to comment when asked about his holidays in Tavvai.


Randy's Doughnuts Grand Opening, Mayor denies any relations
Randys Doughnuts

Mayor of Harrisburgh recently caught sneaking through "no entry". Instead of fining him; traffic cop asked him a doughnut shop be built near Police Station so cops wont need to drive all the way to downtown. Mayor made a deal with Local baker Randy and opened Randy's Doughnuts. It's been rumored mayor has fifty percent partnership in profits. Randy's Doughnuts on the other hand is gashing cash since there's reserve parking for cops


Harrisburgh to get Football and Rugby fields
New football and rugby fields are to be built very soon following the numerous requests by "Harrisburgh" citizen. "Upper crust" is also demanding a new golf course to be built.


1. Sorry for no images. It takes some time choosing and editing them. I'll post them soon. Since my city was growing fast I had to make this post asap.



Billings --

Land values in "Harrisburgh" started touching skies. Following that few of the small businessmen decided to leave the town and find some better place for business. Many of the factory workers already been living beyond outskirts of "Harrisburgh". This was perhaps a small business haven. Bills made here were low as compared to "Harrisburgh" so everyone started calling it "Low Bill". One day someone said, "Though our lives are rundown at the moment let's just remove the "low" from our lives and the city name. Let's make it prosperous. So city of Bills "Billings" finally established.

Billings Central

Most of the infrastructure such as railways and rapid mass transit was extended from "Harrisburgh".


Suburbs Billings

Suburban block of Billings.


Ind Billings

With the plenty of staff to choose from; many of the "Harrisburgh" Industries also settled down in the northwest part of the city. There haven't  been much industrial growth as city government is unable to provide water for the industrial purpose.


now and then com

Billings Commercial District established by poor businessmen has started to to turn into commercial hub due to special attempts of Billing's Mayor. Offices and Plaza are showing up in the place of rundown shops and stores.



1. I keep making minor updates during weekdays late night though I can update only during weekends. I suggest you check the CJ for changed pages.

2. Image snapping and editing take a long time with my free/open source software.That might delay the update. I don't have Photoshop and I'm not editing pro either.

3. This region will have many cities so you can suggest further establishments and it's types.

4. Please dont expect instant eyecandy. I use treasury money(maintenance counts in budget) to build and maintain parks and stuff. So it might take some time to make those investments.

5. Comments, Suggestions are welcome.

6. No cheats, Trainers used, Hardly any mods NAM, texture mods and few lots.



Harrisburgh --

A chief engineer from the project waterhunt was scouting area around "Brookfield". He found that this flat region with tough soil while thinking about the meeting they earlier about funds issues. He thought "Palm Springs" should have some kind of Industry other than farming to fulfill the project costs. And having more than just a small town will be fun.

He rushed to the CEO of the "High-Tech water solutions" and he got the permission to establish the industry just a little farthur from brookfield. He also gave him the honor to name the city. Chief engineer named the city after his Father-In-Law; Who was apparently grumpy about his daughter moving to middle of nowhere. Thus the City is called "Harrisburgh".


Industrial Photograph

An Old photo showing initial industrial development of "Harrisburgh".



Sub-Urubs of the "Harrisburgh". Most of the "Project waterhunt" workers and staff settled down here instead of moving back to their hometowns.



A photograph taken from the hi-rise's window on a chilly night.

Not everything shines here. A minor depression few years back caused many to go bankrupt. Economy has recovered though many of them yet to taste the success again.



Yeah Goal!!! That's what you are going hear loudly when you are in this part of town. This is Harrisburgh Football Stadium; Mecca of Harrisburgh's football fanatics. Most of them can be seen around stadium 24x7. Only last week mayor received a petition about Harrisburgh lacking football fields. And; If Harrisburgh wish to host next World cup, Mayor should allocate some funds for recreational facilities.


Mayor of Harrisburgh recently went on a joyride in a hospital chopper. He shot few photographs with his new Hi-Fi Panoramic camera.





1.More pics coming soon I want to present this city better than I presented Brookfield so it will take some time. This is 50k City well developed. I'm sorry I don't have older pics as I did not intended to make CJ earlier.

2.This is my very first CJ so I don't have much expectations either but I'm going to try me best.

3. Constructive criticism, suggestions are welcome.



Brookfield -- a small, quiet town with population of farmers. Though main industry in town is farming and orchards; Brookfield downtown also has some commercial touch. And Hi-Tech Industry in the outskirts of city not be forgotten; which Brought the water to region.



Region of Palm Spring

Palm Springs is in the middle of nowhere. Acres deserted land. There was no population around because of lack of water.




"High-Tech water solutions" somehow managed to tackle this with their "ultra-hi-tech ground drill". "High-Tech water solutions" started boring a deep well. During that they found ground water; a spring. There was a Palm tree near construction site hence the region called Palm Spring. Palm Spring bore-well solved region's water troubles. Soon after that population and industry thrived steadily.


A major tree plantation project also been undertaken. As a result desert turned into woodlands and forests. A lot of efforts been taken greenthumbs to ensure the steady growth of woods.


I'm playing grid style with minimum bat's and mods, No cheats or trainers are being used. Do not expect eyecandy right away; as every single park and plaza added counts in a budget.

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