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About this City Journal

My proud city made great by the grace of God.

Entries in this City Journal


Phase II redevelopment of Downtown Coolsville has just been completed. This phase basically expanded the canals from Midtown into Downtown and upgraded the drainage/sewage systems. Just after completion thousands crowded Downtown to see for themselves a newer Downtown. Also opening with the newer Downtown is a water taxi service which has stops at the CTimes Building, Coolsville Stock Exchange and St. Basil's Cathedral. When it gets dark there's a new reason to stay as the canals have been upgraded with fountains presenting water shows every 30 minutes from 8:30 till 11:00. The water shows aren't limited to Downtown as they run all the way to European Village.

During the day



At night




You may have heard of Downtown's redevelopment plan. Well Downtown isn't the only area of Coolsville being redeveloped. In the European Village/Midtown Area, phase I of a new project has been completed. The new project is a network of canals linking various areas of the city. Only the Euro/Midtown Areas are linked but in the coming months more areas of the city are expected to be connected. The main reason the canals are being built is because Coolsville doesn't have any waterways running through it. Chicago has its river, Austin has its lake, Houston has its bayous, and Coolsville, not really anything until now. The canals are also to enhance  Coolsville's image. They will give visitors a new reason to visit the city. Plus they can attract new citizens.




The City of Coolsville has been experiencing a small increase in crime in the recent months, so the city council voted today 11 to 3 to install and operate security cameras throughout the city. Also the city council approved a contract for a CSI Agency to be built in the city. A poll was recently carried out asking citizens what they think. 92% support the new cameras and CSI Agency. The other eight percent say the cameras will violate privacy and the new CSI building will just attract a tv show to be based in the city. The city has responded by quote "The security cameras won't violate privacy they will help the police catch criminals in the act. And with the CSI Agency, of course we want our own t.v. show." Crime is expected to drop as the cameras are already being install in key areas throughout "little old Coolsville"

Here are some of the recently installed cameras.See if you can spot them.


As I said earlier, Downtown Coolsville has been losing importance in the city due to new districts popping up. This area also is a pedsestrian nightmare as traffic is high during the rush hours. Well the Coolsville City Council voted unanimously to close the northbound lanes of Main Street from city hall to the CTimes Building. The closed area would be turned into pedestrian plazas with food and live music. This effort is Phase I of a redevelopment to the Downtown area.

This is looking southward at Downtown before the first phase of redevelopment.


This is Downtown after phase I of redevelopment.


Currently a poll asking citizens about the plazas show that 89% of the population favor the plazas over the old street configuration. The other eleven percent claim this is an effort to turn Downtown into a tourist destination and will hurt those that drive through this area. Due to the success many new pedestrian plazas have been built around the city. However none of the others required streets to be closed.

Convention District


European Village



Welcome to my city proudly named after the residence of Mystery Inc. The city has grown to be the head of the greater region of Coolsonia. Well since your new I'm going to take you on a quick night tour showing you some the city's major districts.

Downtown/Heavenly Place-this is the center city. This district is losing importance as many other districts are popping up. But redevelopment is on the way starting with the tower to the heavens.

Convention District-this is where baseball and conventions take place. Many nightclubs are in this area. This area never sleeps.


African Village-this is the part of city that used to be dirty industrial. But over time as the city pushed the industrial away people began to move in. A few years back a pyramid was built along with two sphinxs. So the city named this area African Village. There just hoping it doesn't turn ghetto.


Little India-this is where alot of Indians and their businesses are. Don't be shocked when you hear strange music playing at every doorstep.

Medical Center/Liberty Square-this is the medical district of the city. People from all over the world come here to get treated for all types of illnesses and diseases. Many who enter come out better than they were before.

European Village-this is where all the European wannabies hang out.

Freedom District/CHollywood-this is where Coolsville's small but useful movie studio (far right) is along with all its washed up celebrities. This area also pays respect to freedom and what it means.

U of C-this is where many college knowitalls attend. Don't be suprised to see hippies and activists parading around this area calling for an end to capatalism and world peace.

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