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About this City Journal

Welcome comrades war is upon us the Nextrian - Politarian Alliance still stands strong. Under the leadership of Dictator Sam Wichuwa Simpson the 17th great war is inevitable. Wars happen...

Entries in this City Journal


      Welcome home soilder after 2 years of cadet training you finally made it. You head home to tell the family but as you went over the hill there was smoke everywhere. As you reach the top you find out that your town was destroyed you think it was the bandits in the mountains but after searching you find a Politarian military patch on the ground. You fall to your knees and tears slowly head down your cheek you fear for the lives of your Sister,Brother, and Parents. As you continue thinking you let out a loud yell you then hear the sound of a shotgun pumping right near your ears. " Don't move Politarian or your gonna get it " the man says to you. You somehow recognize this voice you turn and say back to him             "Brother? Is it really you? " His eyes begin to open and he drops the gun. " (Insert name here) is it really you i thought you were killed" He says. "We heard the Politarians attacked your training camp. " Now you are the one who is in shock he takes you to a small ruined building. You look around you see resistance fighters everywhere and people crying. "This is one of few buildings they didn't burn down." Brother says to you. He hands you a coffee and you sit at a nearby table. " The Politarians are on the move, the Nostrians have just surrendered to them. The Nextrians are beggining a campaign to pacify the Southern Nations of Bakla,Serabis,Federaw, and Geharsi." He explains to you. " Right now our armies are spread thin and our only ally is the Federation of Allosichivaklia and they are also spread thin. If this keeps up the so called "Empire" will control the world." He continues "You are the only actual soilder here please train our fighters before you leave" He asks you desperatly. You agree but you ask " Wheres sister and our parents?" "Their dead" he replies. A few hours later after calming down you prepare to train the fighters but thats the next dayhomezonejan500127749798.png


     Welcome the 17th Great war is just starting as the Nextrian and - Politarian armies invade Gemania and Reforseven with a army of 27.9 million we are outnumbered. But let us talk more about the situation our army of 6.3 million is fighting on the frontlines. Our benevolent king Jerald Fiztpatrick the 2nd is only 7 years old, he has entrusted his leadership to me Mike Wexi. As leader i will lead armies, build colonies, and ensure the very survival of Svenich. several individuals will help you in your journey in this war from a humble soilder to a master general. Right now i must give you the fundamental training and information to prepare for your journey. BTW: I'm getting Cities XL soon!!!                                          The Svenich Flag in all its glory flagdx.jpg

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