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About this City Journal

It is the year 2050. Global warming and pole shifting have caused the destruction of great cities and great countries. New York so far is the only North Eastern state to have a sustaining...

Entries in this City Journal


The New World

 Welcome back! This is a small update but my fans have requested to show you it. The United States has been severely affected by pole shifting and global warming. Pole shifting cause Earth's crust to become unstable and it caused many earthquakes and volcanos. The biggest earthquake recorded from this was 10.7! That earthquake hit the southern coast of Japan. The island was hit and all the cities around that area were destroyed. The 2 mile high tsunami came and covered the island in water. The water could have receded but rising level caused it not to.The biggest volcano (other than the one about to erupt in Yellowstone, Wyoming) has erupted in Indonesia and the volcano was very close to where Krakatoa was. The volcano exploded and the mile high tsunami whipped out any islands near its vicinity. Indonesia was completely crippled by just the tsunami. The ash the fell down from the sky spread across all of over Indo-China and Southern Asia. Millions of people were killed as a result. Another volcano also erupted in Naples, Italy. The mountain that exploded was actually Mt.Vesuvais. It completely destroyed Naples and destroyed anything south of it. But that wasn't the worse of it. The ash killed Italy's farms and caused a wide-spread famine across Europe. In Hawaii, the volcanos didn't exploded, but it threw out so much lava all the major islands were covered in hot molten magma. There was no report of survivors from Hawaii. All around the world so many bad things have plagued humanity. So many things happened that I can't show you all of them. Now let me show you a picture of the Eastern United States.


As you can see, southeastern United States is completely underwater. States like Florida and Louisiana do not exist anymore. The New York Assembly has not been able to find a picture of the rest of the US and the world. The biggest challenge the people of North America will face is the Yellowstone volcano. If it erupts, the first 1000 miles will be utterly destroyed. There will be no life there. The rest of the continent will face the challenge of ash. No good ideas to save the food have been found. Hopefully we will find it soon.


 Welcome to New Hope, New York. This new settlement is in located in New York City or what's left of it. It is located in the borough of Queens. The population is only about 15,000 but this is good progress. The New York State Assembly has called this a refugee zone so people will flock here to survive. Food is grown by private farmers and people build there own things. All transportation and utilities are being provided by the assembly. We also have a strict policy regarding pollution. We can't let global warming continue or more people will lose their lives and this nation will fall apart. We also have an enemy in the region looking for expansion as they have just conquered the nations of Ohio and Virginia Confederacy. They are looking for expansion and influence on this region. They are armed and dangerous. Always have a weapon with you at all times. This pitiful nation is called the Federation of Jersey. When the United States was once combined this state was called New Jersey. And don't think the United States is still around . They are very strong and their main facilities are located in the Cheyenne Mountain Range. To be specific they are located in the old NORAD facility. And I should clear something up with the name United States of America. They are not called that anymore. They are known as the Republic of Washington after George Washington. The United States has just conquered the Great Plains with there technological military forces. There army is million people strong. They control 60 million people. They have also been seen invading the Bear Republic (California) and Texa (Texas and Mexico combined). Our military is 1 million strong. We use old military technology from around the 1980's to 2020 so we are severely out gunned and out numbered. But if we can control the North East we can mount a defense against them. Our total population is 12 million. Other than controlling New York State, we also control Toronto, Niagra Falls and parts of Michigan. Michigan is not unified yet because no body will stand up to the challenge. The world has also changed, but we have no reports coming out of any country other than North America. Oh yeah by the way, Canada has been swallowed up by the Aleutian-Ruse Alliance. It is basically a mix of Alaska and Eastern Russia. Now lets look at some flags and pics. 


The old New York flag is replacing the new one because of the collapse of the United States.


They took the old District of Columbia Flag. Too bad though DC is under water and unhabitable. (In-Game Pics Soon Too Come)(This CJ will be updated irregularly)


Food= Power

 Food now, is the almighty resource everybody fights over. Food can cause the rise and fall of nations. Think of it as the new oil. New York City is one of the most fertile areas around the tri--state area. Manhattan is the most fertile out of all the boroughs. The New York Federation has sent down military regiments to secure the island of Manhattan from the Jersey Confederation. The Assembly has also decided to move all farms to Manhattan instead of keeping it with the population. The southern tip of Manhattan once called Downtown, is now called Oakdale and it harbors a safe haven for farmers to grow there precious crops. The buildings in Manhattan have all been destroyed. The once mighty city of New York has no more memories to be remembered from. I say we should keep those buildings and preserve them, but the assembly said its to get rid of the old and time for the new. Anyway Oakdale also contains a port in which it can transport goods to other trading partners of the Federation. It also has a rail system and it connects to New Eden. New Eden is becoming an economic super city. All of the trading that happens, happens here. New Eden has now a population of 65,000 people! This is very good progress. Soon we will be the biggest economic power in the region and soon the entire continent will be ours. Yes, the continent. The assembly has thought of sending troops to invade what left of San Francisco, California (Bear Republic). Its not owned by any one and it is up for sale. 200 million AD (Albany Dollar) which transfers to 800 million BRD (Bear Republic Dollar). Now lets look at some helicopter pics:


The port of Oakdale.

oakdalesep2803127775454.pngA picture of the entire area.

oakdaleoct5031277754584.pngThe Brooklyn Bridge hasn't been demolished yet... A small but a vital update for you survivors.


 Well I though this area was suppose to be devoid of human life. It seems not. A city calling itself "New Eden" has survived against all odds.They have set up a stable economy. The NYF has set up a city right next to them so we can start trading with them. They have given us tools so we can use the old utilities and road systems to our advantage. The city of New Eden is in process of become a NYF settlement because they do get harassed by local enemies in the area. 

Now lets talk about New Hope. New Hope is a refugee center where people from the entire tri---state area come to live a better life. It is growing fast. It has 11,000 people! New Hope is also become known across the entire  North-East area as a trading area. New Hope is in the process of receiving higher wealth residents. This will help sponsor this area to the rest of the North-East. New Hope marks a new beginning of life in this region. This city will help grow the ruins of NYC into a flourishing metropolis again. This will make us a very important power. We will have more leverage than anybody else.

newyork2050v01127743040.pngNorthern New York City. Its golden days have long past.

newyork2050v01127743039.pngSouth-East New Jeresy and New York border. The settlement to the left is the Jersey Confederation. The right is New Eden and New Hope.


(City Pics coming soon)



 I must report that Yellowstone has became for unstable. It is erupting more and more lava for its magma chamber underground. The captured GPS satellite shows a massive sinking of the ground. This means the lava is ready to erupt as it has no where to move. The inhabitants in that region will have no chance of survival in that area if the volcano explodes. The New York Federation Geo-Eye team has already stated estimates that if the volcano erupted, the entire West Coast of the United States will be crippled and depending on the winds, the ash might land right on top of us. It also told that this ash won't just affect North America, it will affect every single conntinnent on the planet. That means when ash gets absorbed into the atmosphere, it will block the Sun and a new ice age will occur. We are predicting another mass extinction on the planet. We have a small chance of survival. Sky Farms will help us sustain food but what about the ash thats falling like snow. Lots of people will die. The Assembly is looking for some type of bunker where we can save at least some people from the ash. This nation might be destroyed in its infancy. Now lets look at some graphs put togather by Geo-Eye:


This is a picture on the Yellowstone magma chamber. 


According to older volcanos and Yellowstone itself say that the West will not be spared. A graph on the Northeast has still not be made. Only predictions have been made. It all depends on how much ash we get. That all depends on the jet stream. We could get a major ash fall or a minor ash fall. We need help.


 With the result of the Stanton Corporation finding this new mineral, we must expand our commerece so we can grow and obtain more trade with more nations. The new Capital Island is in the progress of being built. We have no idea when it will be finished but hopefully soon. The metropolitan area of New Eden's Landing is also expanding. New freeways have been built to handle the high amount of automobiles. The interstate system has grown and expanded to all the 3 main islands of Acadia. Looks like the giant Jersey force was just a false alarm and looks like they are retreating back to Detroit. Now let us see the new construction. Comments are nessecary to help us build our new so called "toys" properly.

newedenslandingmay27164.pngAs you can see there is much to do.

newedenslandingmay26164.pngA shopping mall is being planned to be built here.


This is the new suburbs to be built in. Please post any of your opinions. Thank You!


 New Eden is the only city in the remnants of New York City to have a working civilization. New Eden was built in 2032 by Mayor Gomar who first instituted that this city will open its hands to survivors. As the years progressed and then  we came in, people started to create all types of functioning utilities such as water and electricity. New Eden currently has a population of 30,000 people. Most of them are now, medium wealth residents because refugees are being moved to some place in the Bronx (The area hasn't been finalized yet). New Eden has a growing business district. This is because New Eden harvests so many crops that it has a surplus of it. They then sell to other nations such as Augusta and the Jersey Confederation (Though people don't like them at all). New Eden has a new idea to create more crops will allowing the city to spread into a metropolis. This idea states that why not move all the farms and crops to one area which provide resources to everybody just like oil used to do. Food is the new oil. Food will cause nations to rise and fall. Food is key to everything. Our scientists have also might have found a way to save our farms. Crypton Industries has made a prototype of what you may call a sky farm. It is a skyscraper structure which would use solar panels on the top to spread light and cause photosynthesis in the plants. Pipes will be drilled underground to bring up water and nutrients. Its inspiration was taken from how a tree gave its leaves food. Thats the main idea to creating this machine. If we create this, we will grow stupendously because we will all have our farms intact. Now lets look at some New Eden Pics:

newedenmay3056127758169.pngThis could someday contain huge skyscrapers. It is growing very very fast.

newedenmay2856127758167v.pngYou can see why they call it "New Eden".

newedenmay2556127758165.pngHelicopter Pic.

newedenjun2256127758186.pngA major avenue connecting New Eden to New Hope.

newedenjun1856127758184.pngSome under developed people.

newedenjun1256127758181.pngA high-tech area.


A minor solar powerplant. 

newedenjun8561277581770.pngWhoo is that an oil tank I see there. Yes you do but it doesn't house oil. It houses algae.

The world is a different place now. Humans can now regenerate themselves from the ashes we call nature. 


 New Eden has fully become a functioning metropolis. A new bus system has been added to the city. The quite haven for refugees has now become an economic power in the entire east coast of the US! New Eden has is also going through an period where big businesses are starting to pop up. The New York Assembly has now power to begin full expansion of its borders. Our military is becoming more stronger because now they have more money to research new types of weaponry. This is a time for legends a time for this nation to leave its mark on history.Our military strategists have been looking into where western Great Lakes are. There we can secure and economic haven in the mid-west. The SkyFarm project is now fully operational. SkyFarm is being built around uptown Manhattan. We have also been looking into making a very big port to handle the number of exports we do. The Assembly has also hacked into the Republic of Washington's old GPS satellite. We have made contact with some Britannians in whats left of the British Isles. We still have to make contact with all the European nations. We can imagine there power hungry problems there. Now lets look at some helicopter pictures of New Eden. 

newedensep1410512778451.pngAcorto Stadium. Here small teams around the area have a knockout championship in this stadium to receive the title as the best soccer team of Eden. 

newedensep1410512778451.pngThe new business district of New Eden.


A beautiful suburb in New Eden.


Another prospering suburb.

newedensep1410512778450.pngA new nuclear powerplant for the masses.

newedensep1410512778450.pngThis is a separate neighborhood inside of New Eden. Its name is Georgian Estates.

newedensep1410512778450m.pngAn old train station we found abandoned. It going through renovation as you can see.

newedensep1410512778449.pngThis will be the new spot for our bustling businesses. A new time for our nation has arrived.


 Hello all my fellow survivors. Here is some sneak peek of the future of the New York Federation.

acadia1278182694.pngWhat does this seem to be :D

newedenslandingjan33012.pngMaybe some type of settlement. Just a quick update to quench your thrist for this CJ. Season 2 officaly begins on Monday, July 5. 

PS: Happy 4th of July my fellow Americans 




? The New York Federation has now completely reformed and regenerated itself. The Assembly has reformed but only temporarily depending on if the bill for making the New York Federation a constitutional monarchy. It still has to be passed by the local repersenitives ,but most likely this vote will pass because the people support it. This means an entirely new way of governing things. One person having control of the people and government is a scary thing but in this time of nature, this could help bolster the country's power. We have also made full contact with the remnants of the European Union. They control all of the British Isles, parts of the Iberian Peninsula and Scandinavia. We have started a trade agreement with them that we ship them agricultural goods and in return we get an abundance of algae products. We have created a small international airport to deal with the transportation of goods. This has helped our economy grow about 57% which means big business can flourish again. We have also started construction on a new downtown. Our main population has reached about 60,000 and is growing substantiality. We have also a piece of bad news we must deal with now. Approximately yesterday at 0700 hrs, a large Jersey Alliance force was seen moving from their new safe haven of Detroit, toward the North near Acadia. The 5th Armored Battilion was asked to scout the area to see the size of this force. Today we have lost contact with 5th Battilion and are fearing the worst. So to coop with that nature, we have made an emergency session which calls for all military forces in the area around Acadia to set up defensive positions. Now let us take a helicopter tour of the new region.

newedenslandingdec11571.pngThe new goverement quarter. The large building to the north is where the assembly is located. These 2 smaller buildings are for different political parties. 

newedenslandingdec41571.pngThis is Interstate-1 highway bridges. It was just made a couple of months ago.

newedenslandingdec61571.pngIf you look down below, you will Interstate-1's biggest interchange so far.

newedenslandingdec81571.pngThis is one of the cut off suburban areas.

newedenslandingdec10157.pngA growing suburban community.

newedenslandingnov19157.pngThis show the entire city. The new name for this city is Humania.

newedenslandingdec11157.pngAnother growing suburban community.

newedenslandingnov21157.pngThis is where the new downtown will be located.

newedenslandingnov22157g.pngBeautiful isn't it. But as you can still see, there is poverty in this city. There is no way to be able to control poverty. We have tried everything. But that is how things must be.



 Well I have to break it to you with some bad news. First things first, refugees are being evacuated from NewHope and NewEden because of the wealth differences. There is a lot of rivarly between low wealth residents and medium to high wealth residents. So the local goverment has decided to move the refugees and the low wealth residents to another part of Long Island. It is possible they will be moved to the bourough of Bronx. Now thats out of the way, our farmers and food supply is going to be dangerously low. The assembly has learned by some allies in the Wyoming area that the Yellowstone Volcano has began erupting lava. That doesn't worry us. The thing the worries us is that if the volcano will explode because it has the world's biggest lava pool in the world. If that exploades, North America, Central America, Europe, and Northern Asia will be covered in ash. The will kill anything living. If you inhale it your lungs will began to burn from the inside out. You will be cooked litteraly. That fears us a lot. Please if you have any ideas on how to nourish food please comment below. Thank You! 

You wanted pictures of NewHope so here you have it ladies and gentlemen:


As you can see, this is a low wealth area. These areas are becoming more abadoned. 

newhopejul1655127755860.pngDon't you just love the smell of hi-tech industry cooking something up new.

newhopejul1555127755858.pngOur ingenious garbage disposal system. We use plasma to vaporize the garbage instantly and the steam the comes from it turns a turbine to create clean energy. 

newhopejul1255127755856.pngSome small farms. Most of the farms are located in NewEden because of the high fertility. 

newhopejul9551277558422.pngA full picture of the town.

newhopejul8551277558409.pngWe use this solar tower for getting energy from the sun. It uses photovoletic cells to gather energy from the sun. That heat creates steam from the water around it and sends it down an underground pipe to a power plant to move the turbines to create electricity.

newhopejul5551277558393.pngThis is the power plant. These solar capturers weren't built by us. They were found here. Either the way they work so we decided to use it.


This is it ladies and gentlemen NewHope. 


The water came, higher than expected. The wave was  1 1/2 miles long. It wiped out everything. There is only about 13,000 people alive . And to even break more breaking new, Yellowstone has erupted. The ash is traveling about 200 miles per hour. It should reach here by tommorow night. More people dead. Here is a map explaining the total wave damage done. 


Red= Fullest extent of water

Yellow= Areas moderately affected

Sad isn't it. Every success story has an end........

newyork2050v01127811142.pngThis is 1 hour after the water hitting the shore. Funny ever success story has an end........... and a new beginning. You are witnessing the future of New York. Welcome to the future.


New Refugee Camp

 The Assembly has decided to move the refugees to upper Manhattan. To tell you the truth, I think its all about protecting the rich aganist Jeresy if they attack. They could use it as a decoy to confuse the enemy where the money is all stached. Oh yeah I almost forgot to tell you what our currrency is named. The name of our currency is the Albany Dollar which was named after our old capital Albany. The Assembly is looking into wether or not to move the capital from Yonkers, New York to New York City. It is a better strategic place to defend a capital. Even in this day and age, finding aircraft is very hard.and finding weapons to fit on it is very hard. Boats can't go far on the rivers because of the flooded areas. It is very hard to navigate around "mushy" sand. New York City is in the perfect  defensive spot in the region. The York Military is moving 5th and 4th regiment down here after a scare that the Jeresy Confederation invaded us. 5th regiment mostly contains miltia and volunteers for a majority of there combat troops. The 5th regiment is an armored division and consists of 4 UH-60 Black Hawk Helicopters, 26 M5 Scabre Tank created in 2022. They have a regiment of a 769 combat soldiers and 61 combat engineers. Now lets look at some helicopter pics:

newyorkrefugeecenterjun.pngThese farms have polluted severly. 

newyorkrefugeecenterjun.pngVery slummy conditions. Dirty Industry makes up the main economy for them.

newyorkrefugeecenterjun.pngThis is so unsanitary. This is a small update for all of you survivors out there. If you have money please do not take the boat to this refugee center. Go to New Eden or New Hope. The Assembly is trying its best to fix this. 


The Big Wave

 All of survivors and citizens of the Tri-State Area....... Something has happened. Everyone must leave all areas south of Oakdale. New York Federation's military will guide you north where there will be save haven. What has happened is not that Yellowstone has erupted, a unstable volcano on the western flank on Africa has just erupted. The 10mile island has become so unstable that half of the island has fallen into the ocean. There is 5mile tsunami heading toward the East Coast of North America. The metropolitan tri-state area of New York City will recieve a wave roughly 1-mile  high. Anyone south of Oakdale will be swept away. The military is building artificial land barries so the water doesn't penetrate all through. Please do not ask any questions proceed immediatly north. Bring only 1baggage of items. Thank You!

newyork2050v01127810901.pngRed=Main Flooding areas

Yellow=Minor Flooding areas

Black=Land Barrier

White=Areas which will be most effected


This is the only company that is allowed to support and help colonize regions by themselves. The rest the Federation controls. In the beginning, when this nation was formed, since there was a lot of land to conquer and the Federation could only do so much. They went to the city of Pandora in the ruins of Boston. There leaders back then had a lot of money but couldn't get a sustaining population to nourish there nation. So what happened is that the Federation said to join them and become a private company that would help expansion of the Federation. They accepted the negotiations but with one condition, they have to have a strong and update private military. This was hesitant at first, but we needed them badly so we also accepted. They have allowed the colonization of the ruins of Toronto and Richmond (which were all destroyed). After the second apocalypse, the company needed to show that they are needed. So there new objective is to colonize the upper part of Minnesota to get a western economy to build up. They have sent 5 armed naval vessels, 35 container vessels which contains a population of 3,000 people. Small update in a sense. Oh yeah by the way, the company is also sending a military envoy to Sardinia in the Mediterranean Sea. They are also hiring. They give good pay.


This is there flag.


 This nation once again, is back on the ground struggling to survive. Some of the survivors from the New York City area, have migrated to the northern Niagara plain (Made after the 2032 pole shift). This region was meant to be an economic center for the Northern Canadian and Michigan areas. The Assembly tried making an interstate rail network to connect to New Eden. This would bolster this nation's wealth and influence on the Northeast. The survivors have named this region, Acadia. This area is relatively flat. This area also supports farming with its fertility. The ash, thankfully, has moved south by the jet stream. We are still getting some type of ash falling on us, but it is safe. Some survivors from the Assembly think that in order for this country to get back on its fee, it must become a constitutional monarchy. People are actually supporting this idea. The New York Federation Military has also been supporting this so there will be no military takeover. We have rallied are military forces thankfully. Our military was hurt by the wave,but has manage to keep itself alive. Residents from all over the Northeast are moving toward where Acadia is. So our population is still pretty large. Now let us look at some pictures of the growing settlement.

newedenslandingjan33012.pngThis shows the entire area so far. It is still growing ,but the rich factor still remains the same depending on which family you live in.

newedenslandingjan93012.pngThis is a picture of Trinity Island. Mostly medium wealth citizens live here.

newedenslandingjan10301.pngA small developing neighborhood. 

newedenslandingjan15301.pngThis is the Cross-Island Bridge which connects the main island to a secondary island.

Thats all for now my fellow survivors. You are right now experiencing history in the making . Welcome to the "Rebirth".


 The bill of becoming a constitutional monarchy has been passed. 78% of repesentatives voted for this nation to become a constitutional monarchy. This is the new flag intended to lead this country:


Now here is a detailed graph which shows how power will be run in a constitutional monarchy:


The new New York Monarchy!

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